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Claire Forestier / Mew Plum
 Kanji クレア・フォレスティエ / ミュウプラム
 Romaji Kurea Foresutie / Myuu Puramu
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Age 14
 Hair Color Black (Civilian)
Purple (Mew Plum)
 Eye Color Green
• Debuts•
 Anime Global Mew Mew: Going Worldwide!

Claire Forestier is one of the main protagonists of Global Mew Mew: Going Worldwide!. She is infused with the DNA of an okapi and her Mew form is Mew Plum.

Claire is 14 years old and lives in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Claire is a friendly girl who is very open, kind, and affectionate with her friends. She always tries to help them, even if they're too stubborn to ask for help or insist they don't even need it. She always puts others before herself, but has a passion that can not be put out easily and as a result can be a bit stubborn. She can also be sometimes prudish and narrow-minded, and wants to be the one to take charge every once in a while. She often has a tendency to forget to practice what she tries to preach.



Mew Plum[]

Mew Mark[]

Claire's Mew Mark is located above her navel.


Claire's DNA is infused with an okapi. As Mew Plum, she is able to see in many different directions at once, camouflage with her surroundings, charge in a linear direction with superhuman speed and strength, break through solid matter, and use energy to power a strike. Her skin becomes tougher when she's transformed, which makes it resistant to attacks, harm, or pain.


Claire activates her Mew Pendant by giving it her DNA with a kiss, and then saying "Mew Mew Plum, Metamorphose!"

Weapons and Attacks[]


Mew Plum's main weapon is the Plum Club.


Mew Plum's main finishing attack is "Ribbon Plum Slam!".




Claire is the French form of "Clara".

Forestier is the French cognate of "Forester"


  • Her native languages are both French and Swahili.
  • She shares her Japanese voice actress with Ciel Kirahoshi/Cure Parfait from KiraKira Pretty Cure a la Mode.
  • She shares her English voice actress with Jasper from Steven Universe and Teela from the 2021 reboot of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.