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Clownpiece’s Ridiculous Lunatic Adventures (CRLA for short) is a spin-off anime of the Touhou game franchise, produced by ZUN and HotStudio123.


The show follows Clownpiece after the events of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. She has befriended Ellen and Orange, and resides near the Lunar Capital. Clownpiece, Ellen, Orange, Kogasa Tatara, Mima, Shinki, and Kurumi make up the Clownpiece Allegiance, and the seven go around doing a bunch of random stuff. Junko and Hecatia Lapislazuli, meanwhile, try to return Clownpiece to the moon, usually causing Clownpiece to butt smash them into oblivion.

The main villain is the mayor of Schlesinger Media, whose goal is to scare everyone away from school using their satanic screams in Greek Mythology for Students. The Clownpiece Allegiance retaliates by blowing up the DVDs using Orange’s explosives.


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The lunatic fairy of Hell, and the founder of the Clownpiece Allegiance. She always comes up with new plans to conquer Gensokyo, only to be forced to go to Fairy School where Greek Mythology for Students is shown every day. Clownpiece, as a result, focuses most plans on annihilating Schlessinger Media and the school.


The hardworking witch who dreams of love. She is considered the cloud cuckoo lander of the group, for example, mistaking mouth wash for fairy alcohol and singing loud songs about different subjects. She is often seen playing Bowser’s Inside Story and in the pilot raging because of the Sockops taking her “main man”, Mario.


The comic relief of the group, and also the most determined. She is often seen attempting to defeat Reimu and Marisa, and shouts at Ellen over the loud volume of her Bowser’s Inside Story game. She has a hidden Last Word consisting of brutally hitting the target with her baton, and so far has only used it in the pilot.

Kogasa Tatara[]

The umbrella youkai, and a Buddhist. She floats in midair with her umbrella, and the umbrella is used to Tongue K.O the bad guys and bad girls. Whenever Have a Nice Talk comes on in Ellen’s game, she sings her own version of it with rather self-centered lyrics.


The vengeful spirit and the only sane girl in the Clownpiece Allegiance. She is always on the receiving end of accidents, which have hospitalized her on more than one occasion (read: many times!), leading to her phrase: “I HAVE A VENGEANCE FOR THAT LITTLE FAIRY!! I REALLY DO!!”


The creator of the now-destroyed Makai. Shinki has a grudge against Reimu for destroying Makai in Mystic Square, and prefers that the Clownpiece Allegiance target Reimu instead. She is good friends with Orange and tries to set gaming limits for Ellen.


The vampire who guards a blood lake. She drinks out of it for the purpose of purifying herself, and her goal is to destroy the Scarlet Devil Mansion once and for all. She practices by playing Scarlet Weanther Rhapsody 24/7.

Junko and Hecatia[]

Junko is the orange haired spirit of fury, and Hecatia is the redhead who manipulates Planets and Hell. The two are the legal guardians of Clownpiece, and try to get her back on the Moon with them, but are always butt smashed to the high heavens instead. They are the secondary antagonists of the show.

Schlessinger Media[]

The primary antagonist of the show. Clownpiece is forced to watch their shows with satanic female scream SFX at Fairy School, and the Clownpiece Allegiance plot most of their attacks on the company.


Season 1: 2015-2016

Season 2: 2017-2019