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Cobalt the Bat is a parody of Sonic the hedgehog that only lasted 8 volumes. It was first published in 2008.


This manga series follows the adventures of Cobalt, an overly hip bat that vigorously speaks slang who has a sarcastic comment or pun for almost every situation. Despite his apparent self-centered and bragging nature, he goes out of his way to help nice people because "it's the right thing to do." He likes rock music, which he often listens to on his headphones he always wears, and his favorite food is pizza hamburgers, which are hamburgers with pizza slices for the buns. His favorite pastimes are skating and playing the guitar. Cobalt's best friend is Slappy the Beaver, a naive beaver boy who is given to hero-worship and envy towards Cobalt. Among their social circle is Brash, a muscular but dimwitted mole, Cherry Pink, a perky, loving bat girl who is infatuated with Cobalt, a disgruntled but lonely squirrel named Evelyn, a secondary love interest for Cobalt (despite her appearing before Cherry), a sexy sparrow named Diana and an emo bat named Cloud; a potential rival for Cobalt. A later character added in volume 5 was a young Japanese weasel named Hana, who is overly polite and often throws tea parties, even during battles. Their common enemy is Dr. Exweizee, who inexplicably hates nature and is against everything Cobalt stands for. Token human friends of Cobalt are twins Alex and Sandy Runbanks, who are helpful, though Cobalt sometimes dismisses them.


  1. Slap Happy Fun - Dr. Exweizee captures Cobalt's best friend Slappy.
  2. Brash Decision - Exweizee recruits Brash the Mole by deceptive means, then after he and Cobalt fight, they become friends after Brash finds himself duped by the scientist.
  3. Tickled Pink - Cobalt saves Cherry Pink from Dr. Exweizee, and the girl develops a crush on the hero bordering on stalker-ish afterwards.
  4. The Frame-Up - Exweizee recruits Cloud and Diana in a crime spree and wants to frame Cobalt and confident he'd succeed because to him "all bats look the same".
  5. Tea For Eight - Exweizee captures both Slappy and Hana's mom this time. Hana agrees to join the rest of the heroes to save them both.
  6. The Shipping Wars - Several characters are paired up with each other, including the prospect of a human girlfriend for Cobalt.
  7. Flanderization - Everyone's personalities get exaggerated and some change for the worst.
  8. A New Gimmick - The gang try to find out what their next gimmick will be.


Gen's Furry Doll Maker renderings (drawings coming soon).


  • The English dub animation had a Canadian voice cast. It was aired on the Right Stuff Network.
  • Cherry's name was originally Kelly, but due to a similar looking character created by someone on DeviantArt with the same name was discovered, the former's was changed.