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"Anyone who trashes my ride, their ass is mine!"

- Bryce Connors


While the new governemnt organizations were finding ways to make super soldiers, they encountered an old project, known as PROJECT: RAVEN. They discovered it was an attempt to clone the hero known as The Crow, but there were alot of failed clones, but one was left in storage, not even developed. They decided to add a few more Supplements like: Capt. America, Blackidow and Thor's DNA, The infinity formula (makes you live forever and triggers at your twenties) and Extremis. When this soldier was made, he was a baby, and given to The Connors, he was raised and held only useful memories of the three DNA samples. This child was their blessing, a kid they could only have if they made a deal with the Devil. They gave him the name Bryce, he always had a talent for impressing people. At his teens he had the inconsistent urge to suddenly save people, sometimes it got a girl to like him, sometimes it would earn him a slap to the face. But at the moment he turned twenty four his life changed forever, he gained powers just as he was about to graduate college, he hid them away, but was scared, as new laws prohibited people like him running around. But as unfamiliar memories were affecting him. Through this he found an old HQ that belonged to heroes, making some armor for himself, getting some weapons and mastering his abilities, he gave himself the name, Raven. He has been hiding for sixty six years and still doesn't know what's going on.

*Insert reason for joining organization here, coming soon*

Powers/Abilities []

His powers stem from his ancestry to The Crow, having all of his powers, and they slowly grow stronger, unlocking all the stages since he gained them. But his physical abilites, which are also progressing, give him the strength to lift 60-69 tons. He also has hardened skin, bones, muscles and organs allowing him to endure pretty horrifying stuff. He can approximately run 60+mph. He also has a medium-level healing factor. Also his five senses have been enhanced to an intense degree. He is essentially a very powerful humanoid making him a very serious challenge. But what's scary, is he's still progressively becoming stronger. While traveling he enhanced his arms and legs with carbon muscle nano tubes, making his strength extremely superior, his speed unbelievable and he's hard to kill. He even got a strength enhancing exoskeleton installed on his ribs, arms, legs, chest and back, increasing everything.

He is familar at using Shorinji Karate, Kickboxing, Combat Sambo, Swordsmanship, Marksmanship, Gun Fu, Professional Wrestling, Judo, Ninjitsu and Okichitaw. With all the fighting styles he knows, he likes mixing them with weapons, the exception being Professional wrestling, Combat Sambo, mostly and Shorinji Karate. Gun Fu basically makes him use any gun while performing moves of his fighting styles that he learned. He makes excellent combinations with his fighting styles to follow up attacks in cass he was alone.


He wears a helmet/mask, Elbow pads, shoulder pads, arm guards, thigh guards, knee pads and shin guards all made out of Nigh indestructable materials. The Gloves, undershirt, pants and boots are made out of a material which can regenerate itself and absorb energy.

He wields two pistols called the Revengeance Served. They are dual semi-auto pistols which resemble a hybrid of a FN Five-seven, D.Eagle, Glock 31, Mateba Unica Auto-Revolver and an AMT Hard Baller with ejectors facing their respective sides and have an underbarrel which shoots tazer rounds, the gun itself, has twenty rounds for both and has laser and tactical sight, which basically makes it one of the best handguns, having the firepower of a D.Eagle and the speed of the latters and rounds which are the perfect size for dispensing justice.

He also uses two submachineguns, which can tear through titanium like a baby against christmas wrap.

He also has an 1887 shotgun and a lever action rifle, both modified and upgraded and suited for one handed use.

He also has a double-edged sword made of Antartic Vibranium, which allows him to cut anything by focusing the vibration frequencies it has. He has tested it on a shield and some other hard materials, and it is the truth he can cut through anything. He also has different weapons which he has options to use.

He also has a very modified motorcycle, whcih can reach high speeds quickly and can even take an rpg, without any serious damage. It also keeps other weapons.

Appearance []

He has Prominent Grey eyes. When using power at a normal withstandable rate Sky blue, when at full power (the other five stages) the Whites turn pure black and his iris' outline turns Dark purple and the rest turns Bright Red. Depending on a stage his pupils are inside a different symbol. Stage one, none. Stage two, a bright red cross outlined with Dark purple. Stage three a bright red atom outlined with dark purple. Stage four, his pupil is surrounded by a shuriken like symbol colered Dark purple outlined with Broght red. Stage Five, his pupil is surrounded by Bright Red rings outlined with Dark Purple. Stage six, his pupil is shaped like the earth except the ocean is Bright Red and the countries are Dark Purple. He has black messy hair with pointy Bangs, that split at the end. He's ambidexterous, has spatulate hands, his feet are a normal arch, his build is slightly above Mesomorph, he has a normal small nose and a masculine mouth. He has light tanned skin. He usually wears a tight black shirt, a trenchcoat, black gloves without knuckles and finally cargo pants with combat boots, with shades, at hot days he replaces the trench coat with a leather jacket. As a vigillante He wears a black helmet mask with a crow skull painted on that doesn't cover his hair and black body armor with white and red accents, arm guards, bicep guards, shoulder pads, thigh guards, elbow pads, knee pads and shin guards, he also wears black cargo pants with ammo belts, holsters, scabards and ports for his weapons around him. The amor has a crow on it with its skull showing, On top of all of them he wears a trench coat. The mask has night vision, thermal and sonar. His armor has a map, a communicator, etc. The costume somewhat resembles Play Arts Kai Deathstroke, wearing a trench coat, sometimes a black leather jacket with a bit of dark blue accents and has yellow stripes and a red X on the back.


He is somewhat Cocky, Arrogant, fun, understanding and kind among friends, strangers just prideful, when angered he can act fearful, some people say he's actually smart, some say plain stupid, others say crazy, he is also a wild card and does stuff his own way, the reason for this is he wants to be remembered and important. He has slight anger issues, but controls them, but he also gets violent when injured badly.