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Everyone who has the "power" Can overcome these fears...
Concerto Waltz
Format Music, Magical, Showbiz, School.
Created by Brilliant
No. of episodes 12
Run time 20-24 Mins. Final Episode 40 Mins.
Rated TV-G
First aired September 30, 2013
Last aired December 12, 2013

Concerto Waltz was a 12-Episode Original Anime, written, produced and directed by Brilliant, its a Reverse Harem, but with the difference that the Protagonist will end with one at the end of this series, its main Genre is Music.


Jenny Wright is a girl who lives a very simple, humble life, she lives with her mother Belinda at a little house with her Younger brother Arthur. Jenny and Arthur's Father is actually the lead Vocalist of the "Crimson Feathers", and Jenny wants to be a Dancer, however, the challenge isn't easy, but she's somewhat helped by 6 of the most popular people in her School (Primera School) to improve her emotions and dancing.

A Fairy named Adrienne will help Jenny to beat her fear to live audiences as well.



  • Jennifer "Jenny" Wright: Jenny is a young, blonde haired and blue-eyed girl and the main heroine of Concerto Waltz, she, due to living a life apart of other people, she's shy but enthusiastic girl that tries her best in doing her dances better. She's 15 years old.
  • Adrienne: A Fairy with a strong sense of justice and is an Aloof Dark Haired Girl, she's cruel and strict towards Jenny for her bad dancing. She's at least 1000 years old as she thinks. Due to her actions, she's considered an "Anti-Villain".

The Six Magicians/Azure Love[]

  • Erik Armstrong: He's the first boy that Jenny meets in the School, sociable, passionate and cheerful, also known for having "The magic Nails" due to his skill with the Electric Guitar.
  • William Spencer: He's the second boy that Jenny has met, he's rich and is wanted by every girl, however, he's rather antisocial and brooding. But his talent with the Violin is "magnific".
  • Wade Jackson: He's the Third and oldest boy that Jenny has met, he works in a Theater as an Actor, he's a charmer and likes tap dancing, but his real aptitude is with the Drums.
  • Robert Delaney: He's the Fourth boy that Jenny has met, he likes videogames and is a geek, loves glasses, thinks that everyone could beat its fears. His instrument is the Piano.
  • Lucas Gonzalez: He's the Fifth and foreign boy that Jenny has met, He loves Dancing a lot and likes all kinds of Music. He resembles Jenny and Arthur's father a lot. He's a Singer.
  • Johnny Zabel: He's the Sixth and youngest boy that Jenny has met, He's a little spoiled, but is otherwise a nice dude, he's the only son of a Composer. His instrument is the Bass.

Other Characters[]

  • Arthur Wright: He's Jenny's Younger brother, enthusiastic like her, however, instead of the music, he prefers doing Spanish Interpretation, he's only 12 years old.
  • Belinda Jefferson: She's Jenny's and Arthur's Mother and Wife of the Legendary Terrence Wright, she instead of the fame, prefers living a humble life without spotlights.
  • Mei "May" Suzuki: She's another foreigner student and Jenny's Best friend, she is easily scared of ghost stories.
  • Apollo: He's a fellow fairy and companion of Adrienne.
  • Nathan Wilson: He's the School's Teacher and He knows about the Fairies. But he knows about the Legendary "Crimson Feathers" too, he was a fan of them.

Crimson Feathers (Final Bosses of the Anime)[]

  • Terrence Wright: Jenny's father and the Lead Singer of Crimson Feathers, he's in the outside a Cold and brooding man who cares about himself only, however this is a "Façade" as his real personality is friendly and caring.
  • Abner Charles: Guitarist of Crimson Feathers, he's believed to be the father of Johnny Zabel.
  • Bob Strauss: Drummer of Crimson Feathers
  • Darius Klein: Bassist of Crimson Feathers
  • Lady Diana Andrews: She's the Composer of Crimson Feathers, who's also a Dancer and Jenny's Secondary teacher.


  1. Crimson Feathers - Start
  2. Azure Love
  3. Lesson 1
  4. Driving the Fate (May's Episode)
  5. Divine Flesh
  6. Cold and Ruthless (Rosamund's Episode)
  7. What a Heavy Day
  8. Karma (Karma's Episode)
  9. The Teachers' Secret (Nathan's Episode)
  10. Vision of the Dancer
  11. Azure Love vs. Crimson Feathers Final
  12. Cross Line (Crimson Feathers Flashback Episode)