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Cookie Jar TV; The Animated Series is a crossover animation show created by MaeManuel1. The episode stars Noonbory from Noonbory and the Super 7, Huckle Cat from Busytown Mysteries, Sabrina Spellman from Sabrina The Animated Series, and of course Sully Sea Lion from the Danger Rangers for whom we call the Cookie Jar TV Quartets and all of their friends. Their mission is to protect all worlds from their old enemies including Satan by using their magic powers from their own gems of light and bring peace and harmony between God's miracles and magic while they deal with problems of their own.

Main Characters[]

Noonbory: Noonbory is the main character of Noonbory and the Super 7 and Cookie Jar TV; The Animated Series. He is both the leader of the Super 7 and the Cookie Jar TV Quartets. When there is problems, his Common Sense can bring out the solutions. He is also known to be the second son of God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, and the younger brother of St.Michael. He may have strong feelings for Jetybory. His sense is Common Sense.

Gem: A green-cross shaped emerald on his rosary.

Powers: Can transform into a guardian angel, a god, a spirit of the four seasons, or a fairy and can see and hear angels or devils that are invisible to the human eye. He can also travel into different magical worlds along with his friends and can even transform into a human boy, a human girl, or a warrior cat with his DNA cross amulet. Noonbory also has healing powers that can even heal the worse injuries. But his most dangerous power is Satan's Anger which turns Noonbory into a vicious monster.

Weapon(s): The Cross of Courage, which can turn into a sword, a boomerang, a spear, and can blast magic out of it's center gem.

Sully Sea Lion: Sully is the team leader of the Danger Rangers. He is a spokes-sea lion and is safety driven, smart and funny. He often tells jokes and is a bit of a showoff. He is the action hero. Kitty often is the one to have the last laugh, when he shows off or tells jokes or tries to be a smart Alec. He is the best friend and the ally of Noonbory and always has to sacrifice himself to save him, which Noonbory ends up saving him too.

Gem: A blue lightning bolt-shaped gem dangling from his blue ribbon necklace.

Powers: Can throw orbs of blue electric power, zap opponents by touching them, and he can summon giant blue electrical arms that can reach far away. He also has super speed and like Noonbory, Sully has an uncontrollable power that turns him into a power-sucking monster.

Weapon(s): A lightning bolt-shaped quiver that can shoot blue lightning bolts.

Sabrina Spellman:Sabrina is a half witch–half mortal that won't become magically empowered until she's sixteen, but she is able to borrow spells from her aunts Hilda and Zelda using a magical "Spooky Jar", which she often does. However, she usually finds that her meddling turns situations from bad to worse. Her friend Chloe is aware of Sabrina's magic but Harvey Kinkle, another friend and her romantic interest, isn't. She is secretly in love with Harvey and wants one day to marry him. When she casts a spell the magic produced is pink and yellow.

Gem: A pink heart-shaped amethyst that hangs from her bracelet.

Powers: Can bring plants to life, read others' minds, and can sense magic if it's nearby. She can also purify people or animals and can free someone from a trance.

Weapon(s): A Heart Staff, which can also turn into a flying broomstick.

Huckle Cat: Huckle Cat is Busytown's greatest mystery solver and a very smart guesser. Like Sully, he doesn't believe in magic and anything supernatural. Until after he gains his magical powers, Noonbory and Sabrina helps him have faith in magic.

Gem: An orange star-shaped gem on his ring.

Powers: Can grant wishes, has physic vision, track down hidden footprints or trails, reveal villains from their disguises, and can blast a bursting energy of starlight that sends opponents flying.

Weapon(s): His star ring

Major Characters[]

Jetybory:Jetybory is a 10 year old magenta bory who is the smallest Bory, next to Mamby. She also can easily lose her temper and be rather tomboyish, stubborn and extremely bossy all the time, but deep down, she still has a good heart. Jetybory can hear things and fly with her ear-like ponytails. She also like to play with Dot, and hang out with Noonbory and the others. She may have strong feelings for him and so may he.

Lunabory: Lunabory is a 8-year old, one of the Super 7, her super sense is the ability of sight she can see far distances with her super senses usually when the situation calls for it like when they need to find the gury that is usually causing trouble for the episode. she usually says " Seeing is believing" as her catchphrase when she uses her powers. One time she used her powers to help win a game, but in the end she learned her lesson of cheating. She can see Dozegury when he is invisible.

Cozybory: Cozybory is a 9 year old cozy little bory. She has the ability to feel things far away or near her and when she is not with the other Super Sensers, she like to paint pictures or do other feminine things. She can be a bit flirtatious, even to her secret crush, Pongdybory, but still prefers to be a nice girl.

Pongdybory: Pongdybory is one of the super 7. He is 7 years old. He has the Super Sense of smell, and is able to smell things from far away. When he uses this power, two pink snout like markings on his face glow.

Totobory: Totobory is one of the Super 7. He is 8 years old. His Super Sense is taste. He can use his leaves to taste things without actually eating the food. His leaves also act like tentacles that allow him to pick things that are either far away or high up.

Lukybory: Lukybory is the 8-year old seventh unofficial member of the Super 7. He represents uncommon sense and he tends to make the sitiuation unitentionally worse as he is the only other member who doesn't have a supersense other than Noonbory. Sometimes he provides the answer to the sitiuation. Ironically, Lukybory doesn't have any powers, unlike his little sister Kikibory who has the ability to emit super sound.

Kikibory: Kikibory is Lukybory's sister who has a super shriek. She once abused this power, however.

Mamby: Mamby is Noonbory's sidekick. He is the smallest of the Borys. He is also the only Bory who can't talk, but he can whistle. He also has the ability to shapeshift. His arms can appear and disappear into his body if needed.

Sally Cat: Huckle's younger sibling.

Lowly Worm: Huckle's best friend/pet. He often stays with the Cats as a house guest.

The Pig Twins: Pig Will is the pig with pointy ears and wears a green shirt while Pig Won't has droopy ears and wears a red shirt. Like most brothers, they sometimes argue a lot and disagrees with each other which the gang doesn't mind sometimes. They always get themselves into crazy situations and that ends up helping Huckle solve his mysteries.

Hilda Hippo: A hippo who is Sally's best friend and sometimes goes out with the gang to solve any mysteries.

Salem: Salem Saberhagen is a supporting character turned into a cat but by the Witch's council due to some trouble he got himself in. He now resides in Greendale with the Spellman family. When Sabrina has a problem and wants to fix it with magic, Salem often encourages her, or even supplies her with a magical object to help her fix her problem, which usually gets worse. For example, in "Anywhere But Here," Salem gave Sabrina the watch that she uses to fast-forward herself to adulthood. In "No Time To Be A Hero," he gives her an hourglass that allows her to go back in time.

Kitty Cat: Kitty is the brains of the team and the second leader. She is cool, smart, and adventourous.Kitty is the brains of the Operations. She is also very talented as seen in "Where The Fun Never Stops" (she can pick up a phone with her tail.) She is a professional in home safety and hates cheating. Before becoming a Danger Ranger she worked for Global Pol. She is a close friend to Sully, but she may have strong feelings for him and so may he. The pair are best friends but not lovers.

Squeeky Mouse: Squeaky is a mouse and member of the Danger Rangers. This pint-sized hero loves cheese and is often sarcastic. He may be the smallest Danger Ranger, but he is also the loudest. Good things come in small packages.

Burble Bear: Burble is a polar bear and member of the Danger Rangers. He is the heart and soul, power house and practical joker of the group. He can be serious. Burble is the Recreational Safety Ranger.

Burt Turtle: Burt is a turtle and member of the Danger Rangers. He is the inventor of the team. Burt is very creative and is the part-genius Personal Safety Expert. He is  the smarty-pants.

Gabriela Hummingbird (GB): Gabriela is a red bird and member of the Danger Rangers. Gabriela is the Task Master. She is a highly skilled Chief of Operations and Head Safety Trainer.

Fall Bot: Fallbot is a robot that gets his name from falling down and being clumsy. He is a good friend of Sully and Burt. He is an over-eager young robot who wants to be a Danger Ranger more than anything, but first he must know the safety rules. Fallbot is the rambunctious robot.


Wangury: A pirate-frog villain