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Season 1[]

(Prolouge) It All Begins: Hanubi accidentally casts a spell that sends the Super Sensors to Busytown where they meet Huckle Cat, Sally Cat, Lowly Worm, and Pig Will and Pig Won't. Then they help the borys get home by helping them brew a portal potion that'll take them home but instead sends them to Greendale and then befriends a half-human, half-witch named Sabrina Spellman and her warlock turned into a cat named Salem. Meanwhile, Wangury discovers that Noonbory and the Super 7 are gone which means he can do all of his silly villainous schemes. But the borys and their new friends come back to stop him just in time and in the end, their worlds collide together.

Danger Rangers Come In!: The Danger Rangers arrive in Cookie Jar TV City and Noonbory meets the leader of the Danger Rangers, Sully Sea Lion, who develops a fast friendship with him and Pongdybory becomes jealous.

Love Bites: Pongdybory has hearts popping out of his head and Salem thinks that itss because of Cozybory. But soon that the hearts are not hearts, but troublesome blood gnats that start to invade the island!

Pongdybory's Embarrassing Love Letter: The Pig Twins find Pongdybory's love letter for Cozybory and they spill the beans which hurts Pongdy's feeling. Now they must find him and apologize before the secret spreads.

The Missing Wedding Rings Mystery: It's Mr.Grunkle and Aunt Flory's wedding day but before they get married, the wedding rings have disappeared and Huckle and Noonbory, along with their friends must find them before the wedding's off.

Piggy Love: Pig Will and Pig Won't both devolpe a crush on Sally after giving her back her handkerchief and fight for her attention Which drives her crazy and starts spending her time hiding from them. But with Huckle, Noonbory, and Sabrina's help, they end the crush once and for all.

Blushy Bory: Wangury and Gem make fun of Noonbory's blushing face and do some other things to embarrass him but luckily, his friends are their to help him.

Sky Fly Buddies: Noonbory and Lukybory argue about who's flying machine is the best so they compete in a race in the sky. But the race leads them to trouble.

Hanky Panky Trouble: The girl borys learn an unusual flirting that's got the boy borys picking up dropped hankies for them. But this gets too far when Pongdy and Noon get into a fight.

Totoitis: Totobory gets a case of Witchitis after refusing to get a shot and much get vaccine before his Hypo-Germia ruins the picnic.

(A Movie Special) Borys in A Winter Wonderland: The Borys venture into a storybook world where they meet an ice princess that is in need of they're help into defeating her younger sister the Fire Princess and save her kingdom from melting away by using magical instruments.

Misty Star!: The Super Sensors deal with a new villain; Misty Star who loves to cast love spells on people for fun and her dark pixie friend. To make matters worse is that she casts her love spell on Noonbory and makes him fall in love with Jetybory. Now his friends must find a counter spell to free Noonbory and stop Misty Star.

Lunabory's Magical Handkerchief: Misty Star is back to cause some mischief and she creates a magical hanky that turns Lunabory into a girly and flirty bory and Totobory into a love strucked pet.

Lukybory and the Super 7: Lukybory decides to use the magic necklaces from Sabrina to switch lives with Noonbory so he can become a Super Bory. But soon realizes that things aren't the same anymore and must unite his and Noonbory's necklaces to get his old life back.

The Ring of Anger: Noonbory buys amysterous ring that turns him into a raging monster that has an uncontrollable anger and Huckle and Sabrina must find a way to get the ring off his finger.

Vampbory!: After getting bitten by a vampire, Noonbory only has 12 days to find an antidote before he transforms into one. But he won't do it alone!

Sabrina's Farewell: After Sabrina accidentally saved everyone's lives, Sabrina gets annoyed by all the gifts and praises and runs away to the Forest to start a new life but then misses her friends. Meanwhile, Noonbory decides to bring her back by reversing the spell for her but makes things worse.

The Kingdom of the Frosty Mountains: Lunabory finds a beautiful frosted perfume bottle that holds a secret; it holds a kingdom where she befriends five ballerinas in training, Jessica Juniper, Crystal Coldwater, Laura Bella, Valentina de la Frou, and Ursula of the Boughs.

A Valentine's Day Carol: It's Valentine's Day but Noonbory isn't in the mood for any lovey dovey stuff and is too busy on his own things. Until, the ghosts of the Valentine's Day Past, Present, and Future come to show him the true meaning of Valentine's Day.

(A Hour Special) Noonbory in Neverland: Noonbory grows tired of being ignored and runs away to a wonderous land called Neverland and meets Peter Pan and the Never Fairies. But then he realizes that he misses his old friends back home and decides to go back.

The Magic of Bella Sara: While in the Crystal Forest, Lunabory finds a secret door that leads her to the magical North of North, home to all horses and other magical creatures. There, she befriends the goddess of horses, Sara, and her horse Bella. But when Gem discovers Luna's secret, she hired a construction team to tear down the Crystal Forest to find the door and Lunabory must stop her with Bella and Sara's gifts.

Borys in Dreamland: Noonbory and the Borys find themselves in a luminous world called Dreamland and meets Princess Calissa and her guardian angels.

Return of the Naughty Noonbory: The Naughty Noonbory (now known as Noongury) has returned and this time he has dark magic that can take down Noonbory for good. But once again, Noonbory and his friends turn him back into a rock.

Bad Huckle: Dozeygury creates a bad Huckle just like he creates a bad Noonbory so he can cause trouble in Cookie Jar TV City. Now Huckle must clear his name with his friends help.

Love Sick Gury: Wangury gets a case of love sickness and falls in love with Cozybory. Now with Noonbory and the Super Borys' help, Taegury and Mungury will do anything to cure their boss.

Warriors In Trouble: Noonbory and Totobory discovers that the warriors' Forest is in trouble because some monsters are planning to make construction there and build a mall. Soon they realize that this might be the work of Gem Stone and they must protect their cat friends before they have to move somewhere else again.

Noonbory and the Winddancers: Hanubai gives Noonbory an old book to read after seeing him look bored. Then later, Noonbory dreams about four horse with shimmering wings and coats named Kona, Brisa, Sumatra, and Sirocco. Together, they have daring adventures and go through obstacles.

Kurukuru Princess Lunabory: Lunabory enters an ice skating contest to win a chance to hang out with her heroes, the Kurukuru Princesses in Japan.

Fairest In Japan: Lunabory has won a trip to Japan to ice skate with the Kurukuru Princesses, but things won't be the same there if she leaves. So her friends decide to come with her.

Cozybory's Peace Panic: After growing tired of Squeeky and SAVO not getting along, Cozybory decides to help them get along and not have Squeeky keep throwing stinky cheese at SAVO's screen.

Season 2[]

Reaper Madness: Based on the same name of the segment from Treehouse of Horror 14 from the Simpsons, Sabrina becomes a new Grim Reaper.

The Zombies are Coming! (Part 1):

The Zombies are Coming! (Part 2):