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Cooking Sarah(烹飪莎拉 Pēngrèn shā lā) is a Chinese animation series where Sarah cooks with humanoid fruits.

Main characters

Sarah Blondie(莎拉Blondie) is a 4-year old girl who learned how to cook when she was three and has a crush on her butler.

Samuel Jones(塞繆爾瓊斯) is Sarah's butler and he doesn't have a crush on her.

Orange(橙子) is a female humanoid orange who loves telling puns.

Strawberry(草莓) is a male humanoid strawberry who is the shortest child despite him being the same age as Orange.

Lime(青檸) is a female humanoid lime who gets angry when she's called cute just like Strawberry does.

Grapefruit(葡萄柚) is a male-humanoid grapefruit who brags about having a girlfriend.

Lemon(檸檬) is a male-humanoid lemon who sleeps a lot.


Toon Boom - Storyboards , Animatic , Coloring , Effects

Paint Tool Sai - Scanned Animation Drawings

Audacity - Recording , Voice Editing

Hit film express - Compositing