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Cosmo Zenobia
 Kanji コスモゼノビア
 Romaji Kosumo Zenobia
• Characteristics•
 Race Almorian
 Hair Color Green
 Eye Color Green
• Personal Status•
 Relative(s) Elettra Zenobia (sister)
• Debuts•
 Anime Star Bomber Pretty Cure
Alien Squad

Cosmo Zenobia is one of the main mascots of Star Bomber Pretty Cure and a recurring character in Alien Squad. She is an alien from the planet Almoria who came to Earth with her older sister Elettra and their friend Kaybon Crull.




Cosmo is an energetic and kind-hearted girl who is also a bit of a scatterbrain. She is very friendly and likes to assist others. Due to being fairly new to the planet Earth, she is shown as having very little knowledge of it. Things such as swings, doorbells, cicadas, and air conditioners all fascinate and confuse her, although she is not perturbed by her ignorance. She occasionally mispronounces new Earth words due to not hearing them on her home planet and creates neologisms and often repeats, in incongruous ways, phrases spoken by older characters around her. It is nearly impossible for her to get angry as she sees the good in everyone she meets. She also has a huge green thumb and wants to help protect the environment. She loves life, nature, and growth, which makes her a genuine eco-kid.


Powers and Abilities[]

  • Mind reading
  • Making things float
  • Shrinking and growth
  • Telekinetic powers





  • Her character and design were based on Cosmo the Seedrian from Sonic the Hedgehog, Francine Nebulon from Lloyd in Space, Mallow from Pokemon, Nao Midorikawa/Cure March from Smile Pretty Cure, Jenny Wakeman from My Life as a Teenage Robot, Moona from Blue’s Clues/Blue's Room, Charlotte and Vendetta from Making Fiends, Kooni from Kuromi's Pretty Journey, Patty O'Green from Rainbow Brite, and Yotsuba Koiwai from Yotsuba&!.
  • Cosmo's Almorian name is Xiamara.
  • She is the only Almorian who keeps her real surname instead of changing it to fit in with Earthlings.
  • She sees Kaybon as a cool older brother-like figure.
  • She is a very talented artist, and her drawings are able to predict the future.
  • She enjoys baking.
  • She doesn't like strawberries or moose.
  • Her favorite foods are cup noodles, curry, and cupcakes.
  • Unlike other Almorians, she is able to eat ice cream because its cold texture doesn't hurt her teeth.
  • She has a pet frog.
  • She is skilled at swimming and claims she can hold her breath underwater for nine hours.
  • She can withstand so much physical abuse that it contradicts the laws of physics.
  • Due to being a young child, her tail is yellow instead of green like Kaybon's and Elettra's are.