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Crossdressed Lover is an upcoming animation series based on the comic created and produced by PrettyYandere690.


Julio is a college graduate/cross dresser who's moving in to an apartment with his sister in the USA. But Roxanne comes along, Julio begins to develop a crush on her.


  • Julio is a young man who likes to cross dress as a woman and nickname himself  "Julie". Born on March 17th, 2031. n 2053, he is moving into his own house where he meets Roxanne and falls in love with her.
  • Lindo is Julio’s twin sister who currently lives in the same apartment as him.
  • Roxanne is a young woman who is the roommate of Julio and his sister in their apartment. But she doesn't know that Julio has a crush on her yet She studied on how to speak different languages in college, and graduated with all A's and B's.

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