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Crystal Light, Release! (クリスタルライト、リリース!?) is the main transformation phrase of Magia Galaxia, used by the main characters to transform into their respective Magia Warrior alter egos. The Crystal Brooches are required to activate the transformation.

List of Sequences and First Appearances[]

  • Episode 01 - Gingamaru Seika to Magia Galaxia
  • Episode 02 - Ameno Izumi to Magia Marina
  • Episode 03 - Seika and Izumi to Magia Galaxia and Marina; Kohikaze Sora to Magia Breeze
  • Episode 04 - Seika, Izumi and Sora to Magia Galaxia, Marina and Breeze; Mitsuyoshi Akari to Magia Lustre
  • Episode 05 - Seika, Izumi, Sora and Akari to Magia Galaxia, Marina, Breeze and Lustre

Sequence Description[]

Seika to Magia Galaxia[]

Izumi to Magia Marina[]

Sora to Magia Breeze[]

Akari to Magia Lustre[]