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Crystal Moon: Galaxy's Equinox
Rated G
Animation Studio Toei Animation
English Network TV Asahi (Japan)
Cartoon Network (United States)

Crystal Moon: Galaxy's Equinox (クリスタルムーン: 銀河の春分点 Kurisutaru Mūn: Ginga no Shunbun-ten?) is a fantasy-adventure-comedy anime series produced by Toei Animation.


The series follows a group of 12 girls who possess extraordinary powers tied to the mystical Crystal Moon. These girls, including Hilda, Gretchen, Pauline, Fiona, Sarah, Krystal, Mary, Janet, Delia, Chloe, Elizabeth, and Audrey, embark on a mission to protect the Crystal Moon from falling into the hands of an ancient evil force.

As the series unfolds, the girls discover that the Crystal Moon holds the balance of power in the galaxy, and its equilibrium influences the harmony of all worlds. The ancient evil force, led by the malevolent sorcerer Malachi, seeks to harness the Crystal Moon's energy for his malevolent ambitions, which could lead to chaos and destruction.

Guided by the wise and enigmatic Moon Oracle, the girls must navigate treacherous realms, overcome formidable challenges, and unlock the full potential of their powers. Each girl's unique abilities, derived from specific birthstones and the Crystal Moon's energy, play a crucial role in their quest to safeguard the galaxy.

Throughout their journey, the girls unravel the mysteries of the Crystal Moon and its connection to the equinox, a celestial event that holds the key to restoring balance. As the story unfolds, the girls discover the true power of friendship, teamwork, and the importance of preserving dreams and imagination.

As the series reaches its climax, the girls face their greatest challenge yet: a climactic showdown with Malachi and his dark minions. With the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance, they must summon all their courage, harness the power of the Crystal Moon, and unite their strengths to save the universe from impending doom.

The series blends elements of fantasy, adventure, and magical girl themes, drawing inspiration from various sources. While paying homage to classic animated films like Destination Moon, Fantasia, Anastasia, Felix The Cat: The Movie, and video games such as Pac-Man World and Rayman 2: The Great Escape, "Crystal Moon: Galaxy's Equinox" creates a unique and enchanting universe of its own.


Main Characters[]

  • Hilda (Birthstone: Garnet - January): Hilda possesses the power of strength and resilience. She is determined, courageous, and skilled in physical combat. Her abilities include enhanced strength, endurance, and the ability to create protective barriers.
  • Gretchen (Birthstone: Amethyst - February): Gretchen is highly intuitive and possesses psychic abilities. She can read minds, predict future events, and communicate with spirits. Her powers of telepathy and precognition are essential in navigating challenges and uncovering secrets.
  • Pauline (Birthstone: Aquamarine - March): Pauline is connected to the element of water. She can manipulate water and ice, creating powerful water-based attacks and forming defensive barriers. Her abilities also enable her to breathe underwater and navigate aquatic environments.
  • Fiona (Birthstone: Diamond - April): Fiona embodies the power of light and purity. She can generate and manipulate light energy, creating blinding bursts, illusions, and healing energies. Her abilities are often used to guide and inspire her allies.
  • Sarah (Birthstone: Emerald - May): Sarah has control over plant life and nature. She can communicate with animals, manipulate plants, and heal using herbal remedies. Her connection to nature grants her heightened senses and the ability to harness the energy of the earth.
  • Krystal (Birthstone: Pearl/Alexandrite - June): Krystal possesses the power of transformation. She can shape-shift into various forms and adapt to different environments. Her abilities allow her to blend in, gather information, and surprise enemies with her unpredictable nature.
  • Mary (Birthstone: Ruby - July): Mary wields the power of fire. She can create and control flames, projecting fireballs, and generating intense heat. Her abilities are useful for offense, defense, and providing warmth in cold environments.
  • Janet (Birthstone: Peridot - August): Janet is attuned to the element of electricity. She can generate and manipulate electrical energy, creating lightning-based attacks and powering technological devices. Her abilities also grant her agility and speed.
  • Delia (Birthstone: Sapphire - September): Delia possesses the power of telekinesis. She can move objects with her mind, levitate, and create force fields. Her abilities are instrumental in manipulating the environment, solving puzzles, and defending against attacks.
  • Chloe (Birthstone: Opal - October): Chloe is connected to the realm of dreams and illusions. She can enter people's dreams, manipulate perceptions, and create illusions. Her abilities allow her to uncover hidden truths and confuse her opponents.
  • Elizabeth (Birthstone: Citrine - November): Elizabeth wields the power of sound and music. She can produce sonic waves, create powerful sound-based attacks, and manipulate sound waves for communication and navigation.
  • Audrey (Birthstone: Blue Topaz - December): Audrey possesses the power of time manipulation. She can slow down or speed up time, granting her enhanced reflexes and the ability to manipulate temporal events.


Supporting Characters[]

Minor Characters[]


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