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“People think I'm a legendary fighter, matching a Godling, vampires and thousands, but to be honest,

Antonio Dominico.

Real Name

Antonio Dominico.

Current Alias

Task master.


Fiona Belmont.





Magic Form



Mage, Knight, Archer



I'm just good at fighting."



He was the son of a legendary mercenary, William Dominico, not knowing his mother, he grew up like a diamond, needing to be smoothend out, as he was rough. He became a pretty. famous mercenary, with his comrades and lover. But that was until Mordred took them from him. While on his trips, he learned he could copy moves, making his abilities near unbeatable. On his travels he has heard of the Great Fiona Belmont, developed a slight crush, but he has honor to want her to choose. On his travels he actually met Fiona and helped her kill Mordred, the man who killed his comrades and violated his lover in front of him. He found Mordred's son and regretted trying to kill him as an infant. Years passed and he has decided to quit his mercenary life and serve under Fiona Belmont instead.


Antonio is a fairly handsome man. He has shown to have a well built body, as if he were an Asgardian, as if, and short black hair, he also has a scar on his cheek and a light stubble. You can describe him as a typical puckish rogue. He usally wears his mask and armor, but on top of it is a gray caped hood, making him resemble Death.


He is somewhat cocky, arrogant and smug, but he's also compassionate, caring and slightly agressive, he's apparently slightly envious as he sometimes gets jelous of people who get close to Fiona. Though he's a bit of a joker as he keeps on being specific with stuff, sometimes no. He blames himself for anything pretty easily and keeps on making reasons why to blame him. He also regrets many things.



*Skill Replication: He can replicate anyone's skills, fighting styles, spells and mannerisms, the only drawback is that he needs to understand the language for vocal spells to use them, but he doesn't understand the language of magical creatures.

*Superior Strength, Spead, Agility, Senses and Intelligence: He is so far compareable to a demigod, his full potential is unknown, but he has shown many great feats.


*Extremely advanced Battle prowess: Due to his replication, he is basically. an extremely skilled fighter, being able to take on armies, vampires and other unbelievable things almost easily.

*Emotional control: He is apparently a master at controlling his emotions, setting aside personal vendettas, so that he won't harm allies.

*Thievery: He is also a master thief.


*Tears of Hera - A double edged Snake sword, rumored to be forged from the tears of the goddess Hera, after she found out about Zues' multiple affairs. It is Silver in color and is bound to his soul, so if himself or any child he has dies or all die, it will break, but it's an extremely sharp and holy blade, on different dimensional planes it can hurt basically anything, it can turn into a whip like form for longer attack, travel and grabs things.It is but a handle.

*The Wrath of Hercules - A large round shield with a Lion in the center with tusks, four wings, hydra head surrounding it and has an apple in its mouth, said to hold the soul of Hercules, being able to protect against nearly anything and a counterattack from it is just as devestating, being able to throw it from afar, it also has sharp edges around it. It is but a blade.

*The Bulwark of Heroes - An axe mde from the handle and blade, extremely light, can be thrown around like a whip and extremely powerful. It only overheats.

*Claws of Vengeance - Two armblades, which have three blades, like Wolverine, they're ultimately indestructable and light.

*Thanatos' Retribution - A telescopic spear/glaive, capable of pulling souls out to feed it, the more souls, the more powerful it becomes.

*The Bane of Sparta - A bow made from Spartan wood, blessed by Ares, and arrows made out of the blood of Spartan soldiers, it can travel so far and fast not even Persia can expect it coming.

The irony is, that Spartan soldiers don't use bows and arrows.

*Fury and Strife - Two crossbows, which can store many bolts and fire at high speeds.

*A Mortal's Dillema - A set of armor, it is made from hard materials, that every soldier would want, nigg-indestructable of course, strong as Spartan shields and light as a feather, it is unknown how he got this armor.

*A Death God's gift - A mask made by different Death Gods in mythology, when the wearer kills many or dies in an unfair way, it turns him into a powerful warrior, but once he gets out of this trance he faints. It looks like a skull mask, white normally, but black on the round and white at the front when in a trance.