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Fiona Belmont


Knightess of Rhithymna
The Descendant








City of Rhithymna


Knight, Wizard

"Refuse to lose. Refuse to be defeated. Refuse to have regrets!"



Fiona is the descendant of a line of women who gave their bodies a gift to the Goddess of victory Andraste, to guide them in battle and ensure their survival in the dark times of war. Fiona hosted the Goddess when she was no more than three months old, and from a young age she was taught the arts of combat and swordplay, as a Godling, she needs only minimal training to defeat a thousand man in battle.

As she grew older, Fiona was always on the front lines in every battle, seen more blood and death than any soldier. Due to her upbringing, she was raised to never retreat, although her death will result in the banishing of the Goddess. Her purpose is to purge the Earth from demons, in any form they may be, and protect Rhithymna from the dangers to come.


Fiona is very sly and perceptive. She understands the greater good of the world and is willing to give up her life for freedom. She can be pert and difficult at times and is an expert at deception. She is described as sarcastic and snarky when she's not having a "victor's breakdown". She is very gutsy when it comes to showing her dislike of demons. Impatient and cruel at times, she can be rather vicious toward others both verbally and physically, seeing too much on the battlefield changed her views on life.


Fiona is described as having wide-set amber eyes and long, brown, spiky hair. She is mentioned to have enough physical strength to rip a tree from the ground and throw it nearly a mile away. She is fairly tall, standing at five foot eight, she has a very noticeable brawn to her body, such as strong arms and visible abs. She is also described by many as a very beautiful woman, her beauty is such, that she drew attention even when trying not to do so.



  • Weapon Conjuration: She can conjure and use any weapon, though she prefers to use her sword and spear. Some weapons she summon are weightless and ethereal, only her preferred and owned weapons take a physical form, although all others have the same effect as a real weapon.
  • Summoning Magic: Fiona can create magic portals to call upon monsters and minions from the most treacherous plains of Hythe, it can range from raising zombies, calling spirits, or summoning creatures such as giants, dragons and trolls to fight by her side.
  • Songs of War: The hosts of Andraste can make a sharp ultrasonic whistle-like sound that can temporarily stun her opponents, making them to clutch their ears in confusion, it can shatter souls and conquer the bravest of hearts. Fiona's voice might sound angelic to some, but demonic or unearthly to others.


  • Prowess in Battle: As the host of Andraste, Fiona is a fierce warrior, and a master of both armed and hand-to-hand combat, which is one of the reasons why she starts her own fights. Fiona's fighting skills are literally unmatched by any man or woman alive.
  • Holy Blessings: She can manipulate and modify her personal anatomy, as well as restore the injuries to near-instantaneous health. With this ability Fiona can always rejuvenate and keep her body at a healthy state, age doesn't effect her at all, granting her longevity and near immortality.


  • Betrayer: Fiona's spear, she can channel lightning through it, striking whomever she aims it at. It can also be used as a regular spear and was often her weapon of choice along with her shield, Aegis, that was made after her father's shield, forming a very formidable duo. She named the weapon the Betrayer, as it changed hands across centuries.
  • Riptide: Also known as Anaklusmos, is a double-edged sword, it's made out of Celestial Bronze a material that is only effective on gods, demigods, Titans, Giants, demons, elves and monsters. It does not affect mortals, as it just passes through them harmlessly. The sword is a medium length xiphos.
  • Artemis' Bow: The silver bow vanish when it's not needed and reappear once it's. it's also magically strong and springy, unbreakable by any mortal means. It kills painlessly, like the soft rays of the moon. The arrows are imbued with magic, one shot, one hit, and everything is done, no matter how powerful a monster, man or demon is.
  • Aegis: The shield was used by the gods as a way to scare anyone that looked at it, as Medusa was able to turn anyone that looked at her to stone. Because of this, the shield would radiate fear. Anyone who fails and strikes the shield, instantly turns into a statue of stone.
  • Stygian Iron Armor: An armor worn by Fiona in battle, it was a gift from her mother. Stygian Iron is capable of absorbing or destroying the very essence of monsters and injuring gods, titans, demigods, and giants. This armor doesn't seem to have effect on demons since Stygian Iron is demonic in nature, judging that this metal is forged in demon blood.

"Fiona's mother, Brunhilde, wearing the Stygian Iron Armor."


  • Fiona's mother, as all her ancestors, were the original hostesses of Andraste.
  • Fiona's father, however, was a Demon Hunter, who married Brunhilde for the sole purpose of raising the ultimate Demon Huntress.
  • As a child, Fiona was tested by giving her a ribbon and throwing her into a pit of wolves. The ribbon survives. The wolves do not.
  • A male warrior cannot host Andraste, as the Goddess demand only female warriors.
  • Fiona is a highly skilled healer, and learned to use magic to support her healing abilities.
  • Fiona has an adopted son, Tunsten Darkthrop, a cursed child kindred by a powerful vampire, Mordred Darkthrop. Fiona slayed him, and toke his son to raise him in the ways of light.