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Daxter V. Armstrong is the character of Persona Dance Crew. He's an special ed's aid for Shin and a choreographer.


The Beginning Arc[]

Daxter met Shin when he first joined up in World Dance Academy. His job is to keep on eye on him by the academy's rule. One day later at lunch, Shin wanted to use the bathroom. But, leads for the big kids bullying him as he met Kura.

Daxter really wanted him to be more social so, he decided to break some academy's law to do it. In Chapter 5, Shin gains tons of new friends. Philip told him about his hidden maturity. So in the night, Daxter asked Shin about his feelings in order to search his maturity. However on that same night, there was a fire. Daxter saw Shin entering the burning house and freaked out.


Daxter potrays as a kind and protective man. He's very friendly to everyone and doesn't want someone to ruined a person's life like Shin.


Daxter's nationality is German-British.

In The Beginning Arc, Daxter has orange short, spiky hair.


Worldwide Dance Academy[]