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Devilish Academy is a hellish academic training school in Hell for devils-in-training from Hell and Earth. Unlike Angelic Academy, there are no rules so everyone gets to do whatever they want. Satan, the principal of the school doesn't mind it at all. It is Angelic Academy's rival.


  • Hate-ology
  • Enmity-ology
  • Fear-ology
  • Anger-ology
  • Despair-ology
  • Argue-ology
  • Hurt-ology
  • Racket-ology
  • Darkness-ology (Crystal Discharging Class)
  • Sex-ology
  • Physical Devil-cation
  • Porn-ology
  • Bat and Menacing Animal Un-Training and Careless
  • Misery-ology
  • Distract-ology
  • Forget-ology
  • Prayer Ignoring Class
  • Lie-ology
  • Devilish Arts & Crazy Crafts
  • Corrupt-ology
  • War-ology
  • Nightmare-ology
  • Waste-ology
  • Cruel-ology
  • Insane-ology
  • Violence-ology
  • Jealous-ology
  • History of the Seven Deadly Sins
  • Legends of the Natural Disasters Class
  • Witchcraft History Class
  • Hell-onomics
  • Cursing and Swearing Class
  • Anger Dis-management Class


Professor Dislike-Teaches Hate-ology

Professor Loner-Teaches Enmity-ology

Professor Coward-Teaches Fear-ology

Professor Hothead-Teaches Anger-ology

Professor Useless-Teaches Despair-ology

Professor Bigmouth-Teaches Argue-ology

Professor Bruise-Teaches Hurt-ology

Professor Noisemaker-Teaches Racket-ology

Professor Blackheart-Teaches Darkness-ology (Crystal Discharging Class)

Professor Cum-Teaches Sex-ology

Professor Lazybones-Teaches Physical Devil-cation

Professor Penis-Teaches Porn-ology

Professor Sharpfangs- Teaches Bat and Menacing Animal Untraining and Careless

Professor Raincloud-Teaches Misery-ology

Professor What?-Teaches Distract-ology

Professor Who?-Teaches Forget-ology

Professor No Ears-Teaches Prayer Ignoring Class

Professor No Tell-Teaches Lie-ology

Professor Sticks and Stones-Teaches Devilish Arts and Crazy Crafts

Professor Jackhammer-Teaches Corrupt-ology

Professor Shotgun-Teaches War-ology

Professor Darkeyes-Teaches Nightmare-ology

Professor Rottington-Teaches Waste-ology

Professor I-Don't-Care!-Teaches Cruel-ology

Professor Shatterbrain-Teaches Insane-ology

Professor Bloodknife-Teaches Violence-ology

Professor Green Eyed Monster-Teaches Jealous-ology

Professor Envy-Teaches History of the Seven Deadly Sins

Professor Hurricane Irene-Teaches Legends of the Natural Disasters Class

Professor Helling-Teaches Hell-onomics

Professor Fowlmouth-Teaches Cursing and Swearing Class


Satan,the principal of Devilish Academy

Vice Principal the Angel of Darkness

Secretary Lust

Treasurer Greed


Breakfast: Hot Hell Pancakes, Tongues for Bacon and Eyeballs for Eggs, Hot Butter Animal Hearts, Uncooked Egg Omelette

Lunch: Hot Dog Penises, Brain Hamburgers, Human Arms and Legs, Soul Soup, Home Cooked Bat Wings, Semen Salad, Human Head Halves, Human Hearts, Spider Web Spaghetti, Cannibal Casserole

Dinner: Penis Sausages, Road Kill Surprise, Blackcloud Casserole, Cannibal Specials, Vessel Spaghetti, Overcooked Steak

Dessert: Cum Cupcakes, Cum Cakes, Blood-Red Velvet Cakes, Chocolate Pudding of Corruption, Vomit Pudding, Poison Jell-O, Violence Vanilla Ice Cream, Spider Cob Cream Puffs

Sides: Eyeball Candy, Human Insides, Human Tongue Chips, Animal Guts

Drinks: Tears of Sadness, Human Blood, Animal Blood, Milkshakes with extra cum, Semen Smoothes, Toxic Waste, Black Tartar, Human Vomit, Brain Juice, Satan's Slurpee