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Digimon Adventures Of T.K. & Kari (デジモンアドベンチャー:武人と光 Digimon Adventure: Takeru and Hikari) is a TV series starring the younger T.K. and Kari from "Digimon Adventure 01" made by Digimation, with Toei Animation helping out on the show's designs.

Unlike Digimon Adventure 01 witch was more on action, this anime is more similar to Dragon Tales and Digimon Adventure 02, where the main characters use their Digivices to teleport into the Digital World in their computers. Throughout the series, the characters help out on Digimon characters with problems they have, or they go on miss adventures with their Digimon friends. They also meet a new friend from the real world Zoe Orimoto, along with her Digimon from the Digital World Bokomon and Neemon (all from Digimon Frontier).

Both the japanese and english dub versions use some of the original voice cast from the original shows, along with some new voice actors.


TV Broadcast[]

The anime was aired on Fuji TV. An english dub of the anime was later made which was included on the Sentai For Kids streaming service.