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Digimon Legends is the eighth anime series based on the Digimon franchise. Unlike previous Digimon series, which were branded as seasons, Legends is a reboot featuring the original cast from Digimon Adventure, albeit with a more science fiction-oriented plot and greater focus on the real world.

Legends takes places in a parallel universe in the year 2016, where a group of teenagers stumble upon artificial lifeforms known as Digimon. However, they discover that evil ones have been trying to take over the Digital World and the real world as well. Together, they form a group known as the DigiDestined and try to fight them off. Little do they know that an even greater evil is at hand.


Taking place in an alternate reality, a teenage boy named Tai Kamiya stumbles upon mysterious creatures known as Digimon. However, he along his friends end up getting trapped in an alternate dimension called the Digital World.