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Dimension Beasts are the main monsters of Jetman. They are formed from ordinary objects implanted with Dimension Bugs, and if the Dimension Bugs survive, the monsters can grow bigger. The size of the monster depends on the size of the object that the bug possesses.

Name Image Possessed object Abilities
Mother Dimension Bug (Jigenmushi-hahaoya)
Mother Dimension Bug
None, was used to create Dimensional Bugs Is able to capture people or animals inside of its body to absorb their energy and use it to create Dimension Bug eggs that can be hatched and used to create Dimension Beasts.
Fighter Dimension (Faita Jigen)
Fighter Dimension
fighter plane captures enemies in its cockpit, flight, missiles, changes into a humanoid form to attack enemies
Faucet Dimension (Jaguchi Jigen)
Faucet Dimension
faucet changes into a faucet to swallow humans, extendable pipe tentacles, manipulates faucets into sucking people inside of them
Road Dimension (Rodo Jigen)
Road Dimension
traffic lights red, yellow, and green beams, manipulation of traffic lights to cause accidents
House Dimension (Hausu Jigen)
House Dimension
hotel mansion creates mouths and tentacles to devour people, attacks with its hammer and sickle
Mirror Dimension (Kagami Jigen)
Mirror Dimension
mirror extendable tentacles, kidnaps people through mirrors and traps them in its body
Diamond Dimension (Daiya Jigen)
Diamond Dimension
diamond shoots beams which induce greed, enhanced durability
Fashion Dimension (Fasshon Jigen)
Fashion Dimension
sewing machine sewing scissors, creates costumes which brainwash people into acting like the character the costume is based on
Noodle Dimension (Nudoru Jigen)
Noodle Dimension
cup ramen creates cup ramen which causes anyone who eats it to become impatient to do things when he plays his flute, ramen noodle tentacles, ingredients bombs, traps enemies in cup ramen containers
Vending Machine Dimension (Jihanki Jigen)
Vending Machine Dimension
vending machine coin shot, empty can missiles, disguises itself as a vending machine and dispenses drinks which reverse people's personalities
Bus Dimension (Basu Jigen)
Bus Dimension
bus disguises itself as a bus and melts passengers if it enters a tunnel, reveals its true form and attacks with eye beams
Camera Dimension (Kamera Jigen)
Camera Dimension
camera shoots lens beams which trap people in a photo album, shoots strobe flash beams, shoots bullets which restrain people in film
Voice Dimension (Boisu Jigen)
Voice Dimension
loudspeaker steals the voices of women to make them sound like men, converts voices into sound waves for use in ultrasonic attacks
Paper Dimension (Kami Jigen)
Paper Dimension
origami uses confetti to bring drawings and photographs to life and attack the city, attacks with paper tape rays and party cracker-like tentacles to attack enemies
Fortuneteller Dimension (Uranai Jigen)
Fortuneteller Dimension
crystal ball predicts bad events which come to life, captures enemies in a magic circle and takes them to another dimension, Grim Reaper summoning, attacks enemies with tarot cards
Vacuum Dimension (Sojiki Jigen)
Vacuum Dimension
vacuum cleaner sucks love from people, attacks by blowing wind from its mouth and whipping enemies with its tentacles
Trash Dimension (Gomi Jigen)
Trash Dimension
trash fixes broken objects with a beam, attacks with rays that change people into skeletons
Teddy Bear Dimension (Tedi-bea Jigen )
Teddy Bear Dimension
Ako's replacement Pooh-tan Doll attacks with its claws, uses a ribbon as a weapon, absorbs hatred and grudges to empower itself
Robo-monster Dimension (Robotto-kaiju Jigen)
Robo-monster Dimension
toy kaiju robot created to seek revenge on all illegal dumpers everywhere, especially the ones who attacked Trash Dimension. Abilities include enhanced strength and durability, extendable claws, and beams from its mouth.
Kite Dimension (Tako Jigen)
Kite Dimension
kite flight, manipulates kites into attacking people and gathering lightning to shoot at them, extendable arms
Measure Dimension (Meja Jigen)
Tape Measure Dimension
tape measure uses tape measure to enlarge objects, attacks enemies with a pickax, shovel, rod, and jackhammer
Dharma Dimension (Daruma Jigen)
Dharma Dimension
Daruma doll transforms objects into Dharma dolls, attacks enemies with its hammer arms, generates Daruma-otoshi stacks to hit pucks at enemies
Flashlight Dimension (Kaiju-dento Jigen)
Flashlight Dimension
flashlight heat beams from the arms, mouth missiles which disable electronics
Garbage Bag Dimension (Gomibukuro Jigen)
Trash Bag Dimension
garbage bag garbage spewing, attracts garbage to himself to eat it and gain strength, covers his fists with garbage to punch enemies
Stun Gun Dimension (Sutangan Jigen)
Stun Gun Dimension
stun gun shoots tasers from its arms at enemies, sucks up electricity to recharge itself
Blackboard Dimension (Kokuban Jigen)
Blackboard Dimension
blackboard makes drawings made of chalk which come to life and attack people, chalk shots, scrapes chalk on his face to emit soundwaves
Hamburger Dimension (Hanbaga Jigen)
Hamburger Dimension
hamburger ketchup and mustard guns, creates hamburgers which make people addicted, hamburger bombs
Trash Bucket Dimension (Baketsu Jigen)
Trash Bucket Dimension
trash can devours food and converts it into balls of garbage he can spew from his mouth, attacks with its claws, blocks attacks with its arms
Police Dimension (Porisu Jigen)
Police Dimension
police car attacks enemies with his shotgun arm and handcuff claw, creates handcuffs which force people to obey his orders, emits badge-shaped projectiles from his hat
Mascot Dimension (Yuru-kyara Jigen)
Mascot Dimension
mascot figurine attacks enemies with punches and kicks, transforms people into whatever object, person, or animal they fear or dislike the most, hypnotizes enemies into loving and fighting for her
Dryer Dimension (Doraiya Jigen)
Dryer Dimension
hairdryer brush machine gun on the right hand, shoots hot air from his head
Bomb Dimension (Bakudan Jigen)
Bomb Dimension
time bomb transforms any object into a bomb that retains its shape, throws grenades,
Dharma Dropper Dimension (Daruma-otoshi Jigen)
Dharma Dropper Dimension
daruma-otoshi toy transforms buildings into Daruma-otoshi games and uses his hammer to knock the pieces down, transforms himself into a Daruma-otoshi toy which separates into pieces and chases after people to make them suffer
Car Wash Dimension (Sensha Jigen)
Car Wash Dimension
car wash disguises himself as a car wash which creates monstrous cars, can attack enemies with the scrubbers on his arms, shoots hot wax and soap from his shoulder-mounted hoses
Confetti Dimension (Kamifubuki Jigen)
Confetti Dimension
confetti and streamers attacks enemies with colored streamers, rides on a motorcycle, transforms his arms into flamethrowers to burn anything to a crisp
Zipper Dimension (Chakku Jigen)
Zipper Dimension
pink zipper-tipped bag shoots buttons which stick people in place, creates zippers which close people's mouths, throws button bombs at enemies, has a large body which repels any attack
Scarecrow Dimension (Kakashi Jigen)
Scarecrow Dimension
scarecrow attacks enemies with his scythe, shoots beams which convert cars and buildings into farmland, emits a fear gas which causes people to hallucinate their biggest fears, causes people to become afraid of certain things
Paper Lantern Dimension (Chouchin Jigen)
Paper Lantern Dimension
paper lantern shoots fire from his lantern, summons the spirits of the undead to attack enemies, creates colored lanterns which float up to enemies and explode, blinds enemies with his brightness
Pajama Dimension (Pajama Jigen)
Pajama Dimension
pajamas sprays a special dust which causes people's worst nightmares to become a reality, throws pillow bombs at enemies, shoots eye beams
Rag Dimension (Boro-gire Jigen)
Rag Dimension
old rags shoots gases which cause people's clothes to turn to rags , extendable rag arms, manipulates rags, wraps enemies in futons
Dosojin Dimension (Dosojin Jigen)
Dosojin Dimension
Dosojin monument uses his stone body to protect himself from attacks, breathes fire from his mouth, can detach his hands from his body for long-range attacks
Face Mask Dimension (Pakku Jigen)
Face Mask DImension
facial mask container emits beams from his forehead, creates facial masks which cause people's faces to disappear, can block the vision of his enemies with facial masks
Microscope Dimension (Kenbikyo Jigen)
Microscope Dimension
microscope uses growth rays to make bacteria and germs grow to a larger size, shoots poison blasts from his arms, shoots beams from the camera on his head,
Iron Array Dimension (Tetsu-arei Jigen)
Iron Array Dimension
Iron Arrays can attack enemies with his arms, shoots beams which cause large dumbbells to be placed on people's backs to weigh them down, manipulates barbells and dumbbells into attacking enemies, blocks attacks with his metallic arms, transforms his arms into hammers to hit enemies
Keyboard Dimension (Kibodo Jigen)
Keyboard Dimension
keyboard causes people to want to fight each other by shooting eye-shaped tattoos on people, can hack or alter reality using various cheat codes, can use his space key to teleport behind enemies, uses his escape button to teleport away, emits beams from the various eyes on his body
Fireplace Dimension (Danro Jigen)
Fireplace Dimension
fireplace shoots fire beams from his candles, attacks with his tree-like lance, shoots ice beams to freeze people's hearts and make them become unkind, uses his tree sword to fly and drill into enemies
Ninja Dimension (Ninja Jigen)
Ninja Dimension
ninja suit attacks enemies with a sword, throws explosive shuriken at enemies, can generate copies of himself for high speed attacks, uses a magical seal to make transformation gear malfunction
Movie Dimension (Eiga Jigen)
Movie Dimension
movie camera traps enemies in different movie genres, creates a magical script which forces people to follow what it says, attacks enemies with a sonic megaphone arm and clapperboard pincer arm
Skeleton Dimension (Gaikotsu Jigen)
Skeleton Dimension
model skeleton attacks enemies with a pair of bone boomerangs, can steal people's spines to make them become cowardly and submissive to his will, throws skull-shaped bombs, can regenerate if his head is intace
Taiyaki Dimension (Taiyaki Jigen)
Taiyaki Dimension
taiyaki machine Processes Varmia soldiers to transform them into copies of any person, attacks enemies with a soldering iron saber and branding iron rod
Cable Dimension (Densen Jigen)
Cable Dimension
cables uses his long rope-like claws to attack enemies, can create more ropes to attack enemies if his arms are cut off, saps energy from machines to empower himself
Mop Dimension (Moppu Jigen)
Mop Dimension
mop and other cleaning utensils is able to use his mop-like tongue to make floors slippery with soap, sprays bubble bombs from his fingers, traps people inside of bubbles, controls the bubbles in order to protect himself with meat shields
Kettle Dimension (Yakan Jigen)
Kettle Dimension
teakettle sprays hot tea from his spout to temporarily paralyze people's movements, transforms into a Tank Kettle form to shoot tea blasts at enemies, wields a rose-like staff as a weapon
Jump Rope Dimension (Nawatobi Jigen)
Jump Rope Dimension
jump rope can create a duplicate of himself to assist him in battle, creates a large electric jump rope to cause mass destruction and chaos, attacks enemies with a set of throwing knives he can move with telekinesis, shoots beams from his hat, can create another duplicate if one is destroyed
Denture Dimension (Ireba Jigen)
Denture Dimension
dentures uses his large jaws to crunch buildings to pieces, has an endless appetite, shoots a boomerang from the crest on his head, summons a knife and fork to use as weapons
Carabiner Dimension (Karabina Jigen)
Carabiner Dimension
carabiner attacks enemies with his pickaxes, creates a drill which sucks energy from the ground to wither plants, can transfer the collected energy to himself to grow more powerful
Battleship Dimension (Gunkan Jigen)
Battleship Dimension
battleship disguises itself as a battleship which locks onto targets and blows them up with its cannon, transforms into its true form to attack enemies with the cannon on his right shoulder and the retractable laser on his left shoulder, uses his eye to lock onto enemies
Motorcycle Dimension (Otobai Jigen)
Motorcycle Dimension
motorcycle is able to move at fast speeds, emits sonic waves from his horn, can create special waves to make people rampage, and can also burst through headphones or earplugs, uses a bat as a weapon
Cook Dimension (Kukku Jigen)
Cook Dimension
tray of cooking utensils shoots electric mayo blasts and pepper smoke from his staff, throws green seaweed bombs which can be detonated remotely, creates super-calorie meals which fatten people instantly
Paint Dimension (Enogu Jigen)
Paint Dimension
paint tubes uses his paintbrush to draw objects which come to life or create monsters to fight for him, drains color from his surroundings to refuel his paint tank, shoots paint blasts at enemies
China Dimenson (Seto Jigen)
China Dimension
chinaware uses his rod to manipulate chinaware into attacking enemies, throws dish-type shuriken at enemies, shoots a beam from is rod to make any object shatter
Pumpkin Dimension (Kabocha Jigen)
Pumpkin Dimension
pumpkin pie creates pies which transform people into pumpkin-headed men, uses his knife and fork arms as weapons, spits pumpkin bombs from his mouth
Monocle Dimension (Katamegane Jigen)
Monocle Dimension
monocle creates goggles which enable people to see other's true intentions and desires, emits fire from his mouth, shoots beams from his eyes to attack enemies
Fur Hat Dimension (Kawa-boshi Jigen)
Fur Hat Dimension
fur hat can attack enemies with his claws, creates up to five heads which latch onto people and transform them into animal-beings under his control
Hatrack Dimension (Boshikake Jigen)
Coatrack Dimension
hatrack attacks enemies with his extendable tentacle arms, captures people inside of his body to transform them into hats
Dyson Dimension (Daison Jigen)
Dyson Dimension
cyclone vacuum uses the vacuum on his right arm to suck up and shoot objects at enemies, can suck up energy from any machine, can transform his left arm into a sword, is able to create multiple tubes to suck up any mess
Fountain Pen Dimension (Mannenhitsu Jigen)
Fountain Pen Dimension
fountain pen shoots ink from his left arm at enemies, shoots Zero-shaped marks to make people fail at everything, sucks in black objects to make more ink, can transform his right arm into a nib-shaped ax
Fishing Rod Dimension (Tsurizao Jigen)
Fishing Rod Dimension
fishing rod attacks enemies with the fishhook on his fishing rod arm, steals people's souls with his fishing rod
Basketball Dimension (Basuketto-boru Jigen)
Basketball Dimension
basketball transforms himself into a giant basketball to bounce into enemies, throws basketball bombs at enemies, generates giant hoops which he can use to dunk fiery basketballs to destroy buildings
Freezer Dimension (Reitoko Jigen)
Freezer Dimension
freezer emits cold winds which slow people's movement and thoughts or stop them completely, attacks enemies by throwing ice bombs, spews nitrogen gas from his mouth to freeze enemies
Soap Dimension (Shabon Jigen)
Soap Dimension
soap bar can slide on the floor and out of the grasp of his enemies due to his soap-covered body, shoots soap suds which dissolve people into bars of soap, creates bubble bombs from his funnel to blow his enemies up
Aerosol Dimension (Earosoru Jigen)
Aerosol Dimension
aerosol spraycan creates spray cans which suck people and spray them out to make them become zombies under his control, sucks enemies within his spray can arm to either capture them or convert them into zombies under his control, sprays whipped cream glue, toxic insecticide, fire-based herbicide, and instant-hardening cement spray at enemies from his head
Router Dimension (Ruta Jigen)
Router Dimension
wireless router can capture people in electric nets which trap people in illusions of their greatest desires and drain their energy, can  regenerate his nets using internet energy, shoots internet wave beams at enemies
Remote Dimension (Rimokon Jigen)
Remote Dimension
tv remote Presses the button on its nose to take control of electronics and people, shoots electricity from his eyes
Range Hood Dimension (Renjihudo Jigen)
Range Hood Dimension
range hood flight, shoots heat beams from his eyes, can suck in and blow away any object or person he chooses
Weeding Machine Dimension (Kusabaraiki Jigen)
Weeding Machine Dimension
weed trimmer can use his saw-like head to cut down trees, throws circular saw-like chakram at enemies
Propane Gas Dimension (Puropengasu Jigen)
Propane Gas Dimension
propane gas tank shoots balls of gas which explode, shoots fire from his arms at enemies, generates fire whips to grab objects or attack enemies
Soldering Iron Dimension (Tsukuhanda-gote Jigen)
Soldering Iron Dimension
soldering iron attacks enemies with metallic ropes, can heat up his ropes to attack enemies, attacks opponents with fire punches
Igloo Dimension (Kamakura Jigen)
Igloo Dimension
igloo attacks enemies with his frozen spike sickle arms, emits frozen snowballs from the igloo on his head, blows beams from is fan-like nose to freeze people in ice
Toy Train Dimension (Omocha-kikansha Jigen)
Toy Train Dimension
toy train is able to shoot barrages of hot coal and water from his mouth, can disguise himself as a normal train to merge with coaches and capture people within cables to empower himself.
Viking Dimension (Baikingu Jigen)
Viking Dimension
viking boat ride uses an electric hammer as a weapon, traps enemies within his boat-shaped body to swirl them around and make them dizzy,  is able to capture people within electric nets, and then teleport them to an arena where they are made to fight each other, with the loser being sent into the sun in a barrel.
Quiz Dimension (Kuizu Jigen)
Quiz Dimension
quiz game shoots beams which cover people in top hats to make them become part of his quiz show, detonates the top hats if people get his questions wrong, powers himself up with O-shaped marks, blocks attacks with X-shaped marks
Ribbon Dimension (Ribon Jigen)
Ribbon Dimension
ribbon attacks enemies with a pair of ribbon whips, creates present boxes which transform into killer Jack-in-the-boxes
Dummy Dimension (Dami Jigen)
Dummy Dimension
crash-test dummy absorbs kinetic energy and releases it as a shock wave which can destroy buildings and harm people, can disguise himself as any form he chooses, shoots lasers from his eyes
Tollgate Dimension (Ryokinsho Jigen)
Tollgate Dimension
tollgate Attacks enemies with his extendable arms, extends miniature tentacles to steal vehicles and drain their energy, disguises himself as a tollgate which causes any car which goes trough it to be transformed into gold coins to feed himself
Car Carrier Dimension (Ka-kyaria Jigen)
Car Carrier Dimension
car carrier can change into a truck-like form to destroy cars, is armed with a spiked circular saw on his right arm
Balloon Animal Dimension (Fusen-ju Jigen)
Balloon Animal Dimension
balloon animal uses his mouth to blow up balloon swords he can use as weapons, can create living balloon animals to attack enemies, creates balloon bombs which float into enemies and explode
Tip Saw Dimension (Chippuso Jigen)
Tipsaw Dimension
miter saw transforms people into hunks of wood to split them in two with his miter saw head, attacks enemies with the retractable saws on is fingers
Fondue Dimension (Fondeyu Jigen)
Fondue Dimension
chocolate fountain uses his strawberry-tipped sticks to fling molten chocolate at enemies, uses his sticks cover people in chocolate before eating them, attacks enemies with his strawberry-tipped sticks
Bubble Wrap Dimension (Puchipuchi Jigen)
Bubble Wrap Dimension
bubble wrap captures enemies in rolls of bubble wrap, pops himself to release sound waves, attacks by changing into a roll of bubble wrap and ramming into enemies
Steamer Dimension (Seiro jigen)
Steamer Dimension
vegetable steamer shoots meat buns which cause anyone who eats them to emit steam from their mouths and noses and rampage because of the pain, emits steam balls from his head, shoots meat bun bombs at enemies
Tuning Fork Dimension (Onsa Jigen)
Tuning Fork Dimension
tuning fork uses his hammer to make instruments resonate loud sound waves which reflect off of metal objects, attacks enemies with a metallic hammer that can change into a tuning fork which shoots sonic waves after he taps it on the ground, is able to create large metallic speakers to his his hammer on to create blasts of sound which destroy buildings
Drug Dimension (Yakubutsu Jigen)
Drug Dimension
pill bottle attacks enemies with blue ice pill bombs, red fire pill bombs, and yellow electric pill bombs, creates a special drug disguised as candy which he sells to people to get them addicted
Check Dimension (Kogitte Jigen)
Check Dimension
New Year's check attacks enemies with coin bombs and dollar stack bricks, creates Poverty Checks which steal away people's money, change their appearance into beggars, and transform their houses into slums
Shear Dimension (Kibasami Jigen)
Shear Dimension
pruning shears can transform his arms into pruning shears, can make people shorter by cutting them with his shears, shoots shear blades at enemies
Lawnmower Dimension (Shibakariki Jigen)
Lawnmower Dimension
lawn mower creates circular saw shuriken that can cut through any material, has a chest-mounted gun which shoots seeds at enemies, transforms into a lawn mower that rampages through the city and devours grass, shoots special seeds which grow into more grass for him to eat
Barometer Dimension (Kiatsukei Jigen)
Barometer Dimension
barometer is able to fly in the air and create super-cells which shoot lightning at buildings or people to disintegrate them, shoots lightning to home in on enemies and electrocute them, generates a  flying lightning sword to attack enemies
Floodlight Dimension (Dokouki Jigen)
Floodlight Dimension
floodlight shoots light beams from his palms, uses the light on his chest to freeze people in place, combines three beams from his palms and chest to make people disappear and become energy for his own body
Yarn Dimension (Keito Jigen)
Yarn Dimension
yarn balls emits yarn from her arms to cover objects in yarn, creates yarn whips from her arms, attacks enemies with yarn ball bombs which transform into electric nets
Whack-a-mole Dimension (Mogura-tataki Jigen)
Whack-a-mole Dimension
whack-a-mole machine whacks enemies with his hammer, uses his hammer to create holes to place humans in for his own whack-a-mole game, creates seismic waves with his hammer
Satnav Dimension (Kanabi jigen)
Satnav Dimension
satnav attacks enemies with various map symbols, transmits a special wave from his antenna which makes cars run amok and make loud honking noises to scare people
Hook Dimension (Hukku Jigen)
Hook Dimension
coathook uses his extendable hook-like arms as flails, can steal any object by extending his arms, creates energy hook boomerangs
Crowbar Dimension (Tettei Jigen)
Crowbar Dimension
crowbar is able to use his arms to pry open any object, can create crowbars which fly after people in order to hit and torment them, attacks enemies with his crowbar-like arms
Cage Dimension (Kago-jigen)
Cage Dimension
cage can extend his fists to capture enemies and place them within his cage-like body to be drained of their souls, can summon floating cages which teleport people inside of his body, shoots lasers from his eyes
Veggie Dimension (Yasai Jigen)
Veggie Dimension
vegetables throws tomato bombs, shoots exploding beet slices from his belly, throws bean bombs, opens his midsection to reveal a banana peel liquid sprayer to make enemies slip
Trunk Dimension(Toranku Jigen)
Trunk Dimension
wooden trunk traps enemies in a fantasy wonderland inside of his trunk-like body to drain them of their boredom, attacks with a brainwashing spell, a pain spell, and an instant disintegration spell
Ceiling Fan Dimension (Tenjosen Jigen)
Ceiling Fan Dimension
ceiling fan flies in the air with the fan on his head, sprays a dust which causes food to become covered in mold, is able to devour food at a rapid pace, attacks enemies with corkscrew punches
Water Flosser Dimension (Mizu-furossa Jigen)
Torpedo Dimension
water flosser hypnotizes people into loving any object, shoots light beams from his right arm, attacks enemies with the machine guns on his chest, targets opponents with his eye before shooting water torpedoes from his right arm
Piano Dimension (Piano Jigen)
Piano Dimension
piano plays the keys on his body to make a "Dimension Symphony" which shows people illusions of natural disasters to make them explode, attacks enemies with note bombs from his staff, creates a magic spell from his staff to make pianos play his "Dimension Symphony" and spread it everywhere
Bass Drum Dimension (Oodaiko Jigen)
Bass Drum Dimension
bass drum summons a pair of drumsticks in order to drum his face and emit sonic waves, uses his drum-like face to capture enemies and trap them in its body to force them to dance, shoots beams from his face, absorbs and redirects attacks through is face
Treasure Dimension (Takara Jigen)
Treasure Dimension
treasure chest makes the sound of jingling coins to delude people into digging for treasure in inconvenient places, throws gold coin bombs at enemies, creates golden bars which enlarge themselves and crush people into the strata, can use a pickax and a golden shield as weapons
Water Tower Dimension
Water Tower Dimension
water tower Hydrokinesis, water absorption, whirlpool shot, water manipulation
Toy Dimension (Omocha Jigen)
Toy Dimension-0
discarded toys shoots beams which manipulate toys, attacks enemies with its arms, jack-in-the box which hits enemies
Cap Dimension (Kyappu Jigen)
Cap Dimension
cap throws caps on people to control them, enhanced jumping and agility, springy arms and legs
Scroll Dimension (Makimono Jigen)
Scroll Dimension
scroll attacks enemies with its extendable arms, changes people into scrolls to use their abilities for itself
Marionette Dimension (Marionetto Jigen )
Marionette Dimension
marionette manipulates people and objects with its strings, attacks enemies with its wooden sword,
Mobile Dimension (Mobiru Jigen)
Mobile Dimension
mobile shoots a beam at babies in order to make them emit ultrasonic cries, spins his mobile-like hat to attack enemies, punches enemies with his extendable arms
Lighter Dimension (Raita Jigen)
Lighter Dimension
lighter shoots fire from his fingers, shoots fireballs from its head, transforms into a lighter, throws lighter bombs
Puppet Dimension (Papetto Jigen)
Puppet Dimension
puppet manipulates all living things, can regenerate itself if one of its puppets is intact, disguises himself as a puppet shot to lure people and turn them into hand puppets
Woodcarving Dimension (Kibori jigen)
Woodcarving Dimension
wooden bear carving throws salmon boomerangs at enemies, shoots beams from his eyes which change people into wood, emits splinters from his arms
Siren Dimension (Sairen Jigen)
Siren Dimension
siren emits loud noises to cause objects to explode and make people attack each other, uses a pair of fire brands as weapons, shoots red light beams to freeze opponents in place
Croquette Dimension (Korokke Jigen)
Croquette Dimension
croquettes attacks enemies with his hammer arms, shoots beams which change any object into a croquette gate-ball in order to use his hammer arms to hit them into buildings.
Parfait Dimension (Pafe Jigen)
Parfait Dimension
parfait uses his fork as a weapon, shoots beams which transform objects into pudding, spits pudding from his mouth
Spaghetti Dimension (Supagetti Jigen)
Spaghetti Dimension
spaghetti attacks enemies with spaghetti strands, uses spaghetti whips to change people into spaghetti-men under his control, shoots beams from his fork tusks.
Fried Egg Dimension (Medamayaki Jigen)
Fried Egg Dimension
fried egg shoots beams from his eyes which turn anything into fried eggs, attacks with his knife and fork, emits egg whites to make people slip
Sneaker Dimension (Sunika Jigen)
Sneaker Dimension
shoes shoots beams which encase people in shoes which force people to dance, enhanced kicking, attacks enemies with its high heel arms
Washer Dimension (Sentakki Jigen)
Washer Dimension
washing machine shoots whirlpools from his mouth, attacks opponents by shooting laundry blasts from his arms, captures enemies within his body to drown them in water
Humidifier Dimension (Kashikki Jigen)
Humidifier Dimension
humidifier sprays a special mist from his head to give people colds, manipulates water, attacks by throwing water balls at enemies
Donut Dimension (Donatsu Jigen)
Donut Dimension
donuts Glazed Donut Capture Rings, Cream Donut Bombs, Powdered Donut Smoke Bombs, Donut Hole Bullets, Plain Donut Portals
Sushi Dimension (Sushi Jigen)
Sushi Dimension
sushi-making equipment creates sushi which makes people sick, attacks with his knife, throws rice balls from his head which explode, manipulation of sushi
Pizza Kiln Dimension (Piza-kama Jigen)
Pizza Kiln Dimension
pizza kiln creates pizzas which cause addiction, attacks enemies with his shovel, spews fire from his mouth, materializes burning pizza wheels which he can throw at enemies using his pizza shovel
Block Dimension (Burokku Jigen)
Block Dimension
cinderblocks stone manipulation, transforms stones into cinder blocks with a beam, enhanced strength and durability
Barrel Dimension (Taru Jigen)
Barrel Dimension
barrels shoots tartar sauce blasts from his arms, emits a beam which transforms enemies into pickled vegetables and can also be used to emit electricity
Screw Dimension (Nejire Jigen)
Screw Dimension
screws uses his arms to generate tornadoes, shoots screws into objects and people to utterly twist them out of shape, shoots screws at enemies
Robot Dimension (Robotto Jigen)
Robot Dimension
tinplate robot shoots sparks from its chest which start fires, manipulates tinplate toys, attacks with its pincers, shoots beams from its eyes
Washbasin Dimension (Senmenki Jigen)
Washbasin Dimension
washbasin makes washbasins fall on buildings, objects, and people, transforms into a washbasin to crush enemies, attacks with beams from its washbasin arms
Chocolate Dimension (Chokoreto Jigen)
Chocolate Dimension
chocolate candies throws chocolate candy bombs, shoots beams which turn anything into chocolate, manipulation of chocolate
Glasses Dimension (Megane Jigen)
Glasses Dimension
glasses creates glasses which cause people to hallucinate their worst fears, dodges any and all attacks, shoots light beams from its body, throws lens discs at enemies
Mike Dimension (Maiku Jigen)
Mike Dimension
microphone manipulation of sounds, attacks enemies with sound waves from its speakers, claps its arms together to generate sound waves
Tree Dimension (Jumoku Jigen)
Tree Dimension
tree creates seeds which bring logs, trees, tree stumps, bushes, branches, vines, and other plants to life to attack people, attacks enemies with its extendable tree branch arms, roots itself in place to prevent itself from being knocked down, attacks with leaf barrages from its arms
Stove Dimension (Sutobu Jigen)
Stove Dimension
stove shoots coals from its belly which burn people, spews fire and smoke from its spout-like mouth, fire punches
Iron Dimension (Airon Jigen)
Iron Dimension
steam iron transforms into a large iron to flatten anything in its way, burns enemies with its iron arms, shoots hot steam blasts
Spray Dimension (Supure Jigen)
Spray Dimension
color spray sprays a mist from his arms which causes the appearance of objects and people to become altered, emits a beam from the spray nozzle on his head, shoots color paint blasts from his arms
Planetarium Dimension (Puranetariumu Jigen)
Planetarium Dimension
planetarium generates sentient constellations to attack enemies, shoots star-shaped beams from his arms, hits enemies with a spin jump, lures enemies to his planetarium with circles of stars
Dam Dimension (Damu Jigen)
Dam Dimension
dam leaks sludge into rivers, generates stone walls to block attacks, enhanced sumo proficiency
Golf Dimension (Gorufu Jigen)
Golf Dimension
golf bag attacks with a pair of golf clubs, creates golf ball bombs which he can whack into buildings or enemies
Carpenter Dimension (Daiku Jigen)
Carpenter Dimension
carpentry tools attacks with a hammer and saw, manipulates carpentry tools into attacking enemies, shoots metal blades from its mouth
Hanger Dimension (Hanga Jigen)
Hanger Dimension
hanger attacks with its extendable arms, shoots beams which transform people into clothes which he can control, throws a pair of hangers at enemies
Triangle Dimension (Sankaku Jigen)
Triangle Dimension
triangle ruler creates triangle-shaped portals which lead to another dimension, generates a triangle-shaped shield, throws triangular discs at enemies
Traffic Cone Dimension (Sankaku-kon Jigen)
Traffic Cone Dimension
traffic cone attacks enemies with its drill-like arms, creates traffic cones which can be used to cause car crashes, creates four traffic cones on a certain square mile of ground to create mountains or sinkholes
Street Sign Dimension (Hyoshigi Jigen)
Street Sign Dimension
street sign is able to disguise himself as a traffic light, erases people's memories with his green light, causes explosions with is red light, slows the movements of his enemies with his yellow light, attacks opponents with a pair of road sign-tipped rods
Radio Wave Dimension (Denpa Jigen)
Radio Wave Dimension
radio wave tower emits broadcasts which cause anyone who watches them to gain a centipede-shaped mark and rampage across the city to commit violent crimes, attacks enemies with electric pulses, uses his antennae to detect enemies by radar
Pepper Grinder Dimension (Kosho-hiki Jigen)
Pepper Grinder Dimension
pepper grinder shoots peppercorn bullets from his arms, creates sneeze powder made of pepper to make people sneeze uncontrollably
Gum Dimension (Gamu Jigen)
Gum Dimension
gum pack attacks enemies with a rod he can summon, blows exploding gum bubbles at enemies, creates small gum packs which snap shut like mousetraps on people's fingers if they pick them up.
Water Pipe Dimension (Mizu-giseru Jigen)
Water-pipe Dimension
hookah emits a hallucinatory smoke from his nozzle-like arm, uses his nozzle arm to entangle enemies, sucks up his water to blow letter-like smoke characters at enemies
Slate Dimension (Sekiban Jigen)
Slate Dimension
writing slate attacks enemies with his retractable claws, scratches his writing slate body to emit sonic waves which hurt people's ears.
School Dimension (Gakko Jigen)
School Dimension
school animates everything inside of its body to frighten enemies, shoots beams from his clock face at enemies, summons a rod which he can use to hit enemies
Ballot Box Dimension (Tohyobako Jigen)
Ballot Box Dimension
ballot box throws ballot card-like shuriken at enemies, shakes people's hands to control their minds and make them susceptible to his suggestions, emits ballot cards from his arms to stuff ballot boxes
Lint Roller Dimension (Korokoro Jigen)
Lint Roller Dimension
lint roller uses the lint roller on his right arm to gather enough materials to form large dust balls which engulf buildings, uses his lint roller legs to run quickly, shoots lint balls from his left arm
Coffee Cup Dimension (Kohi-kappu Jigen)
Coffee Cup Dimension
coffee cup attacks enemies by spinning into them, spews hot coffee from his hands, attacks enemies with a teabag flail
Salad Dimension (Sarada Jigen)
Salad Dimension
salad bowl summons a salad fork and salad spoon to attack enemies, manipulation of vegetables, throws vegetable bombs at enemies
Sports Dimension (Supotsu Jigen)
Sports Dimension
sports equipment attacks enemies with his bat, manipulation of sports equipment, attacks with various ball bombs
Cello Dimension (Chero Jigen)
Cello Dimension
cello summons a bow to play himself in order to emit sonic waves which destroy buildings and hurt people's ears, uses a bow as a sword, emits string tentacles from his body
Water Bucket Dimension (Mizu-oke Jigen)
Water Bucket Dimension
water bucket uses his rag-tipped staff to cover any object or person in dirty water, pours out filthy water from his head to attack enemies, manipulation of dirty water
Clothespin Dimension (Sentaku-basami Jigen)
Clothespin Dimension
clothespins bites enemies with his clothespin-tipped arms, attacks enemies by spinning around, can regenerate himself if one of his heads is intact
Sponge Dimension (Suponji Jigen)
Sponge Dimension
sponge creates sponge bombs which absorb liquids, and then throw them at people or buildings, spongy body to block attacks, abrasive mode which enhances his strength, rubs his body to create suds which make people slip
Potter's Wheel Dimension (Rokuro Jigen)
Potter's Wheel Dimension
potter's wheel attacks enemies with weapons he makes out of clay, creates clay pots which he can throw at enemies
Surprise Box Dimension (Bikkuri-bako Jigen)
Surprise Box Dimension
jack-in-the-box uses his spring-like head to head-butt enemies, uses his party cracker cannon to blast enemies, shoots beams which cause any door or drawer which is opened to create a scary jack-in-the-box head which attacks and frightens people
Figure Dimension (Figyua Jigen)
Figure Dimension
figure shelf transforms people into figures to place on his shelf-like body, manipulates figures to attack enemies, throws bomb balls at enemies
Calendar Dimension (Karenda Jigen)
Calendar Dimension
calendar uses his pencil to make every day a Monday, summons and manipulates calendars to attack enemies, projects numbers which he can shoot at opponents
Charcoal Dimension (Sumibi Jigen)
Charcoal Dimension
charcoal shoots charcoal blast to set everything on fire, creates blue will-o-wisps which fly onto people and burn them, creates red will-o-wisps which set any object on fire
Chimney Dimension (Entotsu Jigen)
Chimney Dimension
chimney attacks enemies with his cane, emits toxic smoke from his chimney to choke enemies, creates rat-based smoke constructs to attack enemies
Knit Doll Dimension (Ami-ningyo Jigen)
Knit Doll Dimension
knitted doll throws yarn ball bombs at enemies, has a bullet-proof yarn body, creates yarn-like lumps in the ground to knock over enemies and make people bounce up and down helplessly
Scuba Dimension (Sukyuba Jigen)
Scuba Dimension
diving suit can swim through the air, emits energy waves which cause decompression sickness to those they hit, can summon a harpoon he can use to attack enemies
Decal Dimension (Dekaru Jigen)
Decal Dimension
decal plaque is able to use his panel to smear any person or object into paint, attacks enemies with paint bombs
Army Knife Dimension (Jutoku-naifu Jigen)
Army Knife Dimension
army knife is an expert at building and breaking things, has many tools in his arms, including saws, hammers, metal pincers, circular saws, and machine guns
Syrup Dimension (Shiroppu Jigen)
Syrup Dimension
syrup bottle syrup manipulation, shoots syrup blobs from his head, summons a pair of syrup bottles to use as weapons
Ferris Wheel Dimension (Kanransha Jigen)
Ferris Wheel Dimension
ferris wheel turns into a spiked wheel to attack enemies, throws spiked discs, disguises itself as a ferris wheel which displays people's worst fears
Hourglass Dimension (Sunadokei Jigen)
Hourglass Dimension
hourgless uses a trowel and bucket as weapons, transforms entire buildings and towns into sand, sprays sand from his mouth, tunnels under the sand to ambush enemies
Antenna Dimension (Antena Jigen)
Antenna Dimension
satellite antenna creation and manipulation of tv programs, shoots parabola beams from his arms, traps enemies within tv programs
Needle Dimension (Hari Jigen)
Needle Jigen
medical equipment cart injects people with a virus which increases their intelligence with the cost of them turning into soldiers under its control, attacks with needle shots and pill bombs, emits large missiles from the needle on its back
Dagger Dimension (Kogatana Jigen)
Dagger Dimension
dagger attacks by changing his arms into daggers, summons a living dragon tattoo to breathe fire at enemies, brainwashes people into becoming criminals under his control
Convenience Dimension (Konbini Jigen)
Convenience Dimension
barcode scanner scans people to transform them into food, shoots convenience store products from his belly, emits light beams from his arms
Speaker Dimension (Supika Jigen)
Speaker Dimension
speaker emits sonic waves from his body, absorbs beautiful sounds in order to empower his abilities, sonar detection, sound barrier creation
Telephone Pole Dimension (Denchu Jigen)
Telephone Pole Dimension
telephone pole uses his fluorescent light staff to absorb electricity and energy-based attacks, can drain power from entire cities, absorbs and shoots energy at enemies, uses his light staff as a meleeweapon
Truck Dimension (Torakku Jigen)
Truck Dimension
truck can change himself into a truck to run people over, shoots arrow-shaped missiles, breathes fire from his mouth
Pressure Cooker Dimension (Atsuryoku-nabe Jigen)
Pressure Cooker Dimension
pressure cooker attacks enemies with fiery punches from his oven mitts, creates domes of pressure to flatten people, emits microwave beams which heat molecules and make anything become hot
X-ray Dimension (Rentogen Jigen)
X-ray Dimension
x-ray machine shoots lightning which transforms people into skeletons, emits x-ray lightning from his eyes, blows wind from the fans on his shoulders
Stationery Dimension (Bunbogu Jigen)
Stationery Dimension
stationery attacks enemies with a protractor shield and cutter knife sword, emits eye beams which manipulate stationery and school supplies, enhanced speed and agility
Tunnel Dimension (Tonneru Jigen)
Tunnel Dimension
tunnel traps cars within a Mobius strip tunnel, attacks enemies by shooting trains from the tunnel on his body, creation of tunnels he can enter to transport himself to other places
Wrecking Ball Dimension (Tekkyu Jigen)
Bilboquet Dimension
wrecking ball attacks enemies with the wrecking ball on his head, can revive himself as long as his head is intact
Wall Clock Dimension (Kabedokei jigen)
Alarm Clock Dimension
wall clock sonic ring which causes people to rampage, attacks by shooting needles from its clock hands, shoots beams which create time portals in order to summon beings from different time periods to fight for it
Fossil Dimension (Kaseki Jigen)
Fossil Dimension
fossil shoots a mouth beam to fossilize people, can tunnel underground, shoots a special spray from his right arm to dissolve walls and harm enemies
Dress Dimension (Doresu Jigen)
Dress Dimension
dress uses her blue bracelet to absorb age energy, uses her red bracelet to shoot age-based energy beams at enemies
Tablecloth Dimension (Teburukurosu Jigen)
Tablecloth Dimension
tablecloth creates sheets which possess people and give them enhanced abilities based on their flaws in order to use them to collect energy from people to feed himself, attacks enemies by manipulating sheets, shoots balls of energy at enemies
Gashapon Dimension (Gashapon Jigen)
Gashapon Dimension
capsule machine disoenses crystal balls which have hypnotic rays that reverse people's consciousness to a happy past, throws capsules to capture people, summons any object he needs from the slot on his body
Winch Dimension (Uinchi Jigen)
Winch Dimension
winch uses his cable-like arms to attack enemies, grabs people to bind and shock them
Gong Dimension (Dora Jigen)
Gong Dimension
gong can turn himself invisible via sunlight, uses his eyes to analyze people's memories, rings his body to make people lose their memories, attacks enemies with his hammer arm
Plumbing Dimension (Haikan Jigen
Plumbing Dimension
pipes shoots beams from his eyes, emits pipes from his arms which suck up people's important items inside of his body, can tunnel under the ground and pop up for attacks, can use his arms to create large pipes which lock onto people and shoot bullets
Theodolite Dimension (Keiigi Jigen)
Theodolite Dimension
theodolite attacks enemies with a laser from his head, uses a jackhammer spear and theodolite blaster as weapons, uses his head laser to alter the size of any object
Shot Dimension (Hogan Jigen)
Shot Dimension
cannonball creates bombs he can plant in the town and set off remotely, transforms his arms into cannons which shoot cannonball bombs at enemies
Dynamite Dimension (Dainamaito Jigen)
Dynamite Dimension
TNT Plunger and dynamite sticks throws exploding dynamite sticks at enemies, sets up dynamite sticks and uses the plunger on his leg to detonate them, can transform his arms into machine guns
Gear Dimension (Haguruma Jigen)
Gear Dimension
gears places gears on objects to bring them out of control, attacks enemies with his wrench arm and screwdriver sword, can shoot a barrage of gears from his belly
Manhole Dimension (Manhoru Jigen)
Manhole Dimension
manhole can disguise himself as a manhole, causes people who fall into him to be transported to other places, throws manholes at enemies
Spray Bottle Dimension (Kirifuki jigen)
Spray Bottle Dimension
spray bottle wields a two-ended stick as a weapon, spprays an acid mist from his mouth to dissolve buildings and people
Poly Tank Dimension (Poritanku Jigen)
Poly Tank Dimension
poly gas tank sprays oil from his right arm, ignites the oil with the flamethrower on his left arm, combines the oil and fire he shoots to create a larger fire attack
Generator Dimension (Hatsudenki Jigen)
Generator Dimension
generator emits electricity from his right claw, turns his crank to create lightning clouds to strike enemies
Heat Gun Dimension (Hitogan Jigen)
Heat Gun Dimension
heat gun radiates heatwaves from his head to make every burn, emits heat beams from his arms which cause anything to become exactly 50 degrees, uses a pair of swords as weapons
Straw Dimension (Sutoro Jigen)
Straw Dimension
straw shoots straws onto people and makes them breathe toxic gas out of them, can suck up drinks to create smoke, explosive bubbles, or capsules which envelop enemies inside of them
Cross Dimension (Juji Jigen)
Cross Dimension
wooden cross is able to emit tendrils to suck up energy from sheep and other livestock to empower himself, uses telekinetic powers to push or pull objects, generates large energy beams from his head
Stopwatch Dimension (Sutoppu-uotchi Jigen)
Stopwatch Dimension
stopwatch can  trap people in hamster wheels to make them exercise, uses red cards and yellow cards to either temporarily stop opponents or slow them down, shoots a large beam to stop enemies from moving
Nanobot Dimension (Nanorobo Jigen)
Nanobot Dimension
nanobot shoots blot shots which cover enemies in expanding spheres made of ink, spits index cards from his mouth, can absorb information quickly,  is so smart he can predict enemy plans before they are executed, and can even detect opponents if they attack him
Chess Dimension (Chesu Jigen)
Chess Dimension
chess piece shoots beams which transform people into chess pieces and brainwashes them into trying to kill each other, shoots chess pieces from his palms, can spin around at high speeds, transforms into a chess piece to crush enemies
Lance Dimension (Ransu Jigen)
Lance Dimension
lance attacks enemies with his large lance, can send his sentient lance to fly into and stab enemies, knights people to bring them under his control
Formalin Dimension (Fomarin Jigen)
Formalin Dimension
specimen jar attacks enemies with the forceps on his left arm, shoots lightning from his eyes, generates a trio of balls made of fire, ice, and electricity to attack enemies, traps enemies in jars to steal their abilities
Detergent Dimension (Senzai Jigen)
Detergent Dimension
detergent attacks enemies with his poles, shoots acidic detergent which dissolves enemies, emits acid bubbles from his poles
Candle Lighter Dimension (Tenkabo Jigen)
Candle Lighter Dimension
candle lighter is able to use the candle lighter on his left arm to make people feel like their bodies are burning, dry up rivers, and wilt plants, emits fireballs from his candle lighter arms
Plasma Ball Dimension (Purazuma-boru Jigen)
Plasma Ball Dimension
plasma ball emits electricity from his arms, can create electric tentacles in order to grab objects, electrocute enemies, or manipulate enemies into attacking for him
Resin Dimension (Jushi Jigen)
Resin Dimension
resin bottle shoots globs of sticky resin at enemies, can create a special resin to animate toys to follow his commands, generates a large resin ball from both of his arms to shoot at enemies
Conga Dimension (Konga Jigen)
Conga Dimension
conga drums plays his drums to make people form a conga line behind him before shooting beams to transform them into toys, attacks enemies with a trio of drum rockets that can reattach to his body, can throw spherical bombs at enemies
Pump Dimension (Ponpu Jigen)
Pump Dimension
hand pump can shoot high-pressure water blasts at enemies, sucks up water from various sources with the water vacuum on his right arm, can throw his handle like a boomerang
Firecracker Dimension (Bakuchiku Jigen)
Firecracker Dimension
firecrackers can shoot bombs which attach fuses to any object to make it fly off into space and explode like fireworks,  can shoot fireworks at enemies, uses an electric fuse whip to attack enemies
Rugby Dimension (Ragubi Jigen)
Rugby Dimension
rugby ball has enhanced speed and durability, can tackle enemies, creates rugby ball bombs which explode if they hit objects or hit goals
Arcade Dimension (Akedo Jigen)
Arcade Dimension
arcade machine shoots beams from his eyes which transform people into pixels which he can eat up, changes into a rainbow-like form to travel, attacks enemies with its four arms
Mummy Dimension (Miira Jigen)
Mummy Dimension
mummy in a display case creates bandages from his body which come to life and steal people's souls, attacks enemies by whipping with his bandages and shooting fire, generates walls made of his bandages to deflect attacks, shoots fire-shaped energy balls at enemies
Radar Dimension (Reda Jigen)
Radar Dimension
radar detector is able to take control of any kind of aircraft to attack enemies, emits beams from his screen, is able to detect enemies via radar
Prosthesis Dimension (Gishi Jigen)
Prosthetic Limb Dimension
prosthetic leg enhanced jumping, enhanced kicking, can cause seismic waves by jumping, shoots beams from his eyes which turn people's limbs into sticks
Mining Dimension (Saikutsu Jigen)
Mining Dimension
miner's headlamp throws pickaxes at his enemies, can shoot beams from his headlamp, tunnels underground to cause cave-ins
Lace Dimension (Moru Jigen)
Pipe Cleaner Dimension
pipe cleaner uses his pipe cleaner arms to capture people and devour them, attacks enemies with pipe cleaner-like tendrils
Nightlight Dimension (Joyato Jigen)
Nightlight Dimension
nightlight shoots light beams from his arms, drains light from any source to absorb it in his body, releases the captured light as darkness to make any person unable to see
Millstone Dimension (Ishiusu Jigen)
Millstone Dimension
millstone attacks enemies with his four blades, can spin his arms at fast speeds to grind buildings to a pulp
Garlic Dimension (Ninniku Jigen)
Garlic Dimension
garlic emits garlic breath at enemies, throws onion bombs, shoots nose hair-like missiles at enemies
Funnel Dimension (Jogo Jigen)
Funnel Dimension
funnel shoots a special sand which causes pits to form, sucks up sand to shoot at enemies, uses a broom to shoot sand at enemies
Shield Dimension (Tate Jigen)
Shield Dimension
shield shield-like body which deflects attacks, throws shield-like discs at enemies, shoots a beam from his eyes
Alarm Clock Dimension (Mezamashi Jigen)
Alarm Clock Dimension
alarm clock rings his bells to create sonic waves, creates alarm clocks which generate waves that make people's perception of time become faster, emits a sonic ring to disorient enemies
Vacuum Pack Dimension (Shinku-pakku Jigen)
Vacuum-pack Dimension
vacuum-packer creation of tornadoes, shoots water from his kettle to vacuum-dry people, traps enemies in vacuum pack bags
Pancake Dimension (Hottokeki Jigen)
Pancake Dimension
pancakes sprays syrup from his mouth, attacks enemies with his fork, flattens his body to hide from enemies or ambush them, creates hotcakes which make people become on fire
Yo-yo Dimension (Yoyo Jigen)
Yo-yo Dimension
yo-yo attacks enemies with razor-tipped Yo-yos, spins around to attack with yo-yo toys, uses Yo-yo bolas to wrap enemies
Hanger Dimension (Hanga Jigen)
Hanger Dimension-0
coat hanger extendable body, creates hangers which suspend people by the hooks and then place them on racks, shoots coat hooks from his mouth, throws hanger boomerangs
Gate Dimension (Monban Jigen)
Gate Dimension
gate attacks enemies with his axes, sucks in enemies and traps them in a dimension to be drained of their souls, creates gates which teleport himself and others to different places
Stair Dimension (Kaidan Jigen)
Stair Dimension
stairs uses his magnifying glass to create and manipulate stairs, shoots stair steps at enemies, shoots eye beams at enemies
Casette Dimension (Kasetto Jigen)
Casette Dimension
cassette tape transforms into a cassette to jump into boomboxes and use them as sound-emitting machines of destruction, attacks enemies with cassette tape
Waterwheel Dimension (Suisha Jigen)
Waterwheel Dimension
waterwheel generates water puddles which cause anything to sink, water manipulation, wave creation, waterwheel manipulation
Locker Dimension (Rokka Jigen)
Locker Dimension
locker creates lockers which trap people inside and make them become bullies under his control, attacks enemies with a set of chains, throws lock bombs at enemies
Chair Dimension (Isu Jigen)
Chair Dimension
chair can disguise himself as a chair, absorbs people who sit on him into his body, can extend his limbs to capture people, emits electricity from his arms
Mannequin Dimension (Manekin Jigen)
Mannequin Dimension
mannequin can disguise himself as an ordinary mannequin, is able to transform people into copies of himself, emits soothing vibrations and pheromones to put others at ease, shoots acid from his arms, can regenerate himself through his wig if he is destroyed
Tar Dimension (Charu Jigen)
Tar Dimension
bucket of tar creates sticky tar footprints which stop the movements of his enemies, is able to devour people with his teeth and transform them into tar pellets, throws globs of tar at enemies
Contact Dimension (Kontakuto Jigen)
Contact Dimension
contacts shoots beams from his eye, can manipulate people in order to see the world through their eyes, absorbs people's souls with the second eye on his chest
Easy Chair Dimension (Anrakuisu Jigen)
Easy Chair Dimension
armchair eats any kind of material in order to convert it into rock-shaped cannonballs which it shoots from its mouth, produces smaller "children" which devour objects at a rapid pace, sucks objects into its mouth at a rapid pace
Beer Stein Dimension (Birujokki Jigen)
Beer Stein Dimension
beer stein creates bubble-like eyes which give people pleasant hallucinations and cause withdrawal symptoms if they look away, causes people to fall asleep if his powers are reflected by a mirror, uses its floating bubble eyes to drain people's energy, creates floating eyes which shoot lasers
Poultry Dimension (Toriniku Jigen)
Polutry Dimension
fried turkey animates Thanksgiving food to attack people, sprays stuffing from his mouth, is able to fly in the air
Black Belt Dimension (Kuro-obi Jigen)
Black Belt Dimension
black belt Enhanced karate fighting skills, flexible body, extends a pair of black belts to drain people's strength, sonic clap
Sludge Dimension (Hedoro Jigen)
Sludge Dimension
sewage tank throws balls of sludge to change everything into muddy puddles, can manipulate sludge and throw it at enemies, can emit odorous blasts to knock enemies out
Slushie Dimension (Surasshu Jigen)
Slushie Dimension
slushie cup has extendable arms, can emit bolts of electricity from his head that can give people ice cream headaches and destroy objects, can absorb energy and shoot it back at enemies
Boulder Dimension (Tenseki Jigen)
Boulder Dimension
boulder has enhanced strength, throws rocks at enemies, shoots beams which turn people into stone
Trophy Dimension (Torofi Jigen)
Trophy Dimension
trophy has enhanced strength and durability, can disguise himself as a large statue and manipulate an entire shopping mall into creating vampire mannequins, escalator and elevator traps, imps which dwell in clothing displays, and video games which disintegrate people
Bumper Car Dimension (Banpaka Jigen)
Bumper Car Dimension
bumper car has enhanced speed and agility, uses his large body to wreck buildings and gather energy for himself, is able to use his arms to punch any object to pieces, can disassemble himself to cause earthquakes
Gunman Dimension (Ganman Jigen)
Gunman Dimension
sheriff doll enhanced marksmanship, emits a musical "Zip Beam" to change people into toys, detachable hand which can be used for capturing enemies or climbing to higher places.
Drain Dimension (Doren Jigen)
Drain Dimension
drain cover can suck up entire cities in his body, creates smaller versions of himself to drain people of their kindness and make them cruel
Loofah Dimension (Hechima Jigen)
Loofah Dimension
loofah squeezes himself to emit an acid that can dissolve through anything, can use his arms to absorb water to change into acid he can use, has enhanced strength and durability
Scissor Shovel Dimension (Hasami-shaberuka Jigen)
Scissor Excavator Dimension
scissor-tipped excavator is able to swap people's heads around, shoots a beam from his head to attack enemies, has enhanced strength and durability
Limbo Dimension (Rinbo Jigen)
Limbo Dimension
limbo set electric limbo wire creation, attacks enemies with electric wires, can merge into one being and split into three
Trash Can Dimension (Gomibako Jigen)
Trash Can Dimension
Trash Can Minions
recycling trash can Attacks enemies by spewing garbage, attacks with a rubbish blaster and wheel, animates trash cans to spew garbage everywhere
Bikini Dimension (Bikini Jigen)
Trunks Dimension
bikini Shoots water beams from his head which remove people's clothes and replace them with blue energy splotches, teleportation, water-spraying
Sunflower Dimension (Himawari Jigen)
Sunflower Dimension
sunflower gains energy from the sun, attacks enemies with solar beams from its face and sunflower seeds from the arms
Sarcophagus Dimension (Sekken Jigen)
Sarcophagus Dimension
sarcophagus Animation of stone gargoyles, attacks enemies with petrification beams, extendable mummy bandage tentacles.
Wet Wipe Dimension (Nuru-tisshu Jigen)
Wet Wipe Dimension
wet wipes is able to use wet wipes to absorb any large mess within his body to empower himself, can shoot beams which cause anything to turn into liquids which he can wipe up, can throw wet wipe bombs at enemies
Coral Dimension (Sango Jigen)
Coral Dimension
coral shoots coral from its arms at enemies, emits sand dollars from its mouth, creates crabs made of coral which latch onto people and slowly change them into human coral
Inari Dimension (Inari Jigen)
Inari Dimension
Inari statue telepathy, telekinesis, uses magic to change people into kittens, puppies. and bunnies, grabs objects with her tail, self-levitation
Pizza Dimension (Piza Jigen)
Pizza Dimension
pizza carton creates living pizzas to attack enemies, summons pizzas which split apart and fly into enemies, can throw pepperoni shuriken at enemies
Airbrush Dimension (Eaburashi Jigen)
Airbrush Dimension
airbrush shoots colored paint from his hoses which cause anything to become thick and explode in a burst of paint, shoots enemies with a beam from his mask
Time Recorder Dimension (Taimurekoda Jigen)
Time Recorder Dimension
time recorder uses his staff to shoot fire, creates "pink slips" which teleport people outside and cause them to rampage, can transform his arms into claws covered with fire to attack enemies
Pickle Dimension (Tsukemono Jigen)
Pickle Dimension
pickle barrel can throw pickled cucumber shuriken, uses pickle stones to transform people into pickles he can eat, attacks enemies with a pair of wooden hammers
Iron Fence Dimension (Tessaku Jigen)
Iron Fence Dimension
iron gate uses a gate-like trident as a weapon, creates floating gate-like barriers which he can use to smash enemies, block entrances, or protect himself from attacks
Makeup Brush Dimension (Kesho-burashi Jigen)
Makeup Brush Dimension
makeup brush uses a makeup gun to change people into children, uses a pair of makeup brush swords as weapons
Plate Dimension (Sara Jigen)
Plate Dimension
plate, cup, and fork attacks enemies with his fork, shoots knives at enemies, throws plate shuriken, creates duplicates made of glass which shatter when hit
Textbook Dimension (Kyokasho Jigen)
Textbook Dimension
textbook issues questions to people and transports them to another dimension if they get the questions wrong, can capture enemies inside of Giant X's , manipulates textbooks into attacking enemies
Kimono Dimension (Kimono Jigen)
Kimono Dimension
kimono is able to manipulate any kind of cloth and wrap it around enemies, can wrap a cloth-like rope around enemies to spin them like a top, steals the weapons of his opponents using a cloth whip
Unicycle Dimension (Ichirinsha Jigen)
Unicycle Dimension
unicycle manipulates bicycle tires, has enhanced speed, can summon a unicycle and ride it while juggling bombs at enemies
Game Dimension (Gemu Jigen)
Game Dimension
portable game console can fuse real life with video games to summon video game enemies to attack people, uses his wrist-mounted controller to input cheat codes to give himself various abilities
Plush Dimension (Nuigurumi jigen)
Plush Dimension
plush toy can use her stick to change people into plush toys, can attack enemies with martial arts, throws plush grenades at enemies
Analog TV Dimension (Anarogu-terebi Jigen)
Analog TV Dimension
analog tv projects copies of various ninjas, dinosaurs, missiles, ghosts, and UFOs into the real world to attack enemies, emits electricity from his arms
Stockpot Dimension (Zundonabe Jigen)
Stockpot Dimension
stockpot causes any and all food he touches to become terrible, throws globs of bad food at enemies, emits toxic stench gas to overwhelm any opponent
Pop-up Book Dimension (Shikake-ehon Jigen)
Pop-up Book Dimension
pop-up book can shoot bullets from his face, creates page-like walls to protect himself, uses various magic spells to attack enemies, is able to confine enemies inside of another dimension to rescue a princess from a dragon, and cause anyone who loses or quits to be trapped in pop-up books forever
Tuxedo Dimension (Takishido Jigen)
Tuxedo Dimension
tuxedo has an extremely flexible and stretchy body, is able to wave his hand in front of people's faces to implant suggestions that they will unwittingly follow
China Doll Dimension (Jikiningyo Jigen)
China Doll Dimension
porcelain Doll can use her magic wand to change people into porcelain dolls and return them to normal, can summon shards of porcelain that can be launched like missiles, can create a porcelain shield to block attacks
Pine Tree Dimension (Matsu Jigen)
Pine Tree Dimension
pine tree sprays a poison from his mouth which makes plants wither, rivers dry up, and people to get a high fever, is armed with a branch-like sword, can spray fog balls from his mouth
Bouquet Dimension (Hanataba Jigen)
Bouquet Dimension
flower bouquet releases hornets which sting people and causes them to rampage, attacks enemies with vine-shaped tentacles
Scarf Dimension (Sukafu Jigen)
Scarf Dimension
scarf can transform himself into a scarf to feed on people's love, attacks enemies with his spear, can transform his lower body into a scarf and attack with string shots from his mouth
Curtain Dimenson (Maku Jigen)
Curtain Dimension
stage curtains uses his machine gun to blow up people and buildings, can evade any kind of attack using his curtain-like body, can transform his machine gun into a bazooka which fires missiles
Glass Dimension (Garasu Jigen)
Glass Dimension
glass shard is armed with a pair of swords, shoots glass shards from his whole body, has enhanced swordsmanship abilities
Pepper Dimension (Piman Jigen)
Pepper Dimension
green pepper wields a pair of giant vegetable knives as weapons. emits explosions from his sword, can disguise himself as any person in order to cause trouble
Slide Dimension (Suberi-dai Jigen)
Slide Dimension
slide sprays water from his nose, attacks enemies with an electric shock from his cane, can disguise himself as a slide, shoots beams which cause people to fall down constantly, attacks and lifts enemies with his trunk
Sutra Dimension (Kyokan Jigen)
Sutra Dimension
unread sutras attacks enemies by ringing his bell to create sonic waves, challenges people to tongue twister contests and wraps them in unread sutra scrolls if they lose, manipulates sutra scrolls to attack opponents
Singing Bowl Dimension (Kane Jigen)
Singing Bowl Dimension
singing bowl rings his bell-like hat to create sonic waves, places singing bowls on people's heads to ring them and daze them, uses his rod as a weapon
Fly-whisk Dimension (Hossu Jigen)
Fly-whisk Dimension
fly-whisk attacks enemies with mosquitoes which cause people to itch immensely, can summon a pair of fly-whisks he can use as weapons, can dance to attract mosquitoes to his side
Folding Fan Dimension (Ogi Jigen)
Folding Fan Dimension
folding fan uses a pair of fans to conjure illusions of Yokai, can create large winds to knock people over, flies in the air with his ears, can disguise himself as a folding fan
Casserole Dimension (Donabe Jigen)
Casserole Dimension
mystery potluck casserole uses his sword as a weapon, hands out pots of stew to make people sick, traps enemies within casserole bowls
Yakisoba Dimension (Yakisoba Jigen)
Yakisoba Dimension
yakisoba box attacks enemies with a chopstick staff, emits noodle tentacles from his mouth to wrap enemies, sells bowls of soba which transform people into noodle men under his control.
Kabuki Dimension (Kabuki Jigen)
Kabuki Dimension
kabuki doll attacks enemies with his long tongue, possesses people to enhance their talents, attacks enemies with his umbrella, emits cherry blossom storms to attack opponents
Candlestick Dimension (Shokudai Jigen)
Candle Dimension
candlestick wields a fire lance and a candle lighter as weapons, creates flames which put people to sleep and place them in their worst nightmares to murder them for real,
Security Camera Dimension (Kanshi-kamera Jigen)
Security Camera Dimension
security camera can  project fake walls by linking up to surveillance systems, traps enemies within cages, creates steel walls to protect himself, can shoot lasers from the cameras on his arms
Tuba Dimension (Chuba Jigen)
Tuba Dimension
tuba emits missiles from his right arm, shoots a sonic wave which can destroy buildings and hurt people's ears
Box-cutter Dimension (Katta-naifu Jigen)
Boxcutter Dimension
cutter knife attacks enemies with the knives on his wrists, can cut apart any relationship with his wrist-mounted knives, can create portals to transport himself by slashing through any space
Overhead Dimension (Toeiki Jigen)
Overhead Dimension
overhead projector is able to create a special movie which sprays gas at people to make them older, attacks enemies by realizing any object or special effect into reality, projects various scenes such as westerns, football movies, and samurai drama to entrap enemies
Mini 4WD Dimension (Mini 4WD Jigen)
Mini 4WD Dimension
mini 4WD attacks enemies with his cutter wheel boomerang arms, shoots missiles from his belly, emits destruction beams and barriers from his head
Ladder Dimension (Hashigo Jigen)
Ladder Dimension
ladder can extend the ladder on his back to create portals for people to climb into, can change his arms into hooks, can remove his ladder and throw it at enemies, can generate ladders from the ground to block attacks, emits beams from his eyes
Corn Dimension (Tomorokoshi Jigen)
Corn Dimension
corn stalk attacks enemies with his flamethrower, uses his flamethrower to make corn become popcorn, shoots popcorn blasts from his flamethrower
Nutmeg Dimension (Mesu Jigen)
Nutmeg Dimension
nutmeg attacks enemies with his mace, sprays a liquid from his mace to irritate people's eyes
Cherry Blossom Dimension (Sakura Jigen)
Cherry Blossom Dimension
cherry blossoms creates and manipulates cherry blossoms, can plant cherry blossom bud bombs which explode in a burst of pollen, is able to shoot cherry blossom blizzards at enemies
Tesla Dimension (Tesura Jigen)
Tesla Dimension
tesla coils emits electricity from his arms to move objects and shock people, can emit electrical energy shocks from his head to disable electronics, is able to create swords made of electrical energy to attack enemies
Roomba Dimension (Rumuba Jigen)
Roomba Dimension
robot vacuum creates a signal to manipulate robot vacuums and turn them into mobile lasers, attacks with a retractable smokescreen shooter on his right arm and a retractable gun on his left arm, slides on his feet to spin into enemies
Dump Trick Dimension (Danpu Jigen)
Dumptruck Maiden
dump truck dumps garbage on the road with her dump truck hopper, throws garbage balls at enemies, shoots missiles from her mouth
Spark Plug Dimension (Tenkasen Jigen)
Sparkplug Dimension
spark plug can insert electricity into vehicles to make them explode, creates balls of electricity he can shoot at enemies, fires multiple sparks of energy to immobilize opponents
Shuttle Dimension (Shattoru Jigen)
Shuttle Dimension
space shuttle space shuttle missiles, fan-like face which emits strong winds, creates smaller copies of itself to attack enemies
Tapioca Dimension (Tapioka Jigen)
Tapioca Dimension
tapioca drink shoots tapioca balls which make people fat, manipulates tapioca-based products, throws tapioca bombs
Forklift Dimension (Fokurifuto Jigen)
Forklift Dimension
forklift transforms into a forklift-like form to attack enemies, manipulates forklifts into running amok, grabs and throws objects with his forklift form
Headphone Dimension (Heddohon Jigen)
Headphone Dimension
headphones shoots energy beams from his jack arms, emits sonic waves from his headphone ears, shoots  beams from his eyes to silence any sound
Biplane Dimension (Fukuyoki Jigen)
Biplane Dimension
toy biplane is able to fly through the air, drops bombs on buildings, shoots projectiles from his wing-mounted guns
Toothpick Dimension (Tsumayoji Jigen)
Tothpick Dimension
toothpicks throws toothpicks at enemies to make people become stiff so he can eat them, summons a pair of toothpick rods to attack enemies, spews toothpicks from his mouth
Serve Machine Dimension (Sabumashin Jigen)
Serve Machine Dimension
volleyball serve machine spits exploding volleyballs from his mouth, can spike his exploding volleyballs into opponents, is able to use the second face on his back to revive himself if he is beaten
Lollipop Dimension (Roripoppu Jigen)
Lollipop Dimension
lollipop wields a lollipop-shaped rod as a weapon, can create bombs which he can fuse to lollipops in order to cause anyone who licks them to have a bomb implanted on their tongues, can remotely detonate the bombs with his staff unless people do as he says
Air Pump Dimension (Kuki-ire Jigen)
Air Pump Dimension
air pump can  inflate anything like a balloon and pop it with needles hidden in his arms, traps enemies in balloons, shoots balloon bombs at enemies
Muscle Car Dimenson (Massaruka Jigen)
Muscle Car Dimension
muscle car can transform himself into a muscle car to ram enemies, has enhanced strength and durability, uses his gun to drain strength from any person
Calendar Dimension (Karenda Jigen)
Calendar Dimension
calendar attacks enemies with a Cherry Blossom Blizzard, a Winter ice Beam, and a Sunrise Flame Blast, can alter all calendars to remove all holidays, summer vacations, and other special occasions, shoots beams from his arms at enemies
Teacher Dimension (Kyoshi Jigen)
Teacher Dimension
graduation cap can disguise himself as a normal graduation cap which causes anyone who wears it to act like a monstrous teacher, attacks enemies with a whip, throws chalks and chalkboard erasers at enemies
Sandwich Dimension (Sandoitchi Jigen)
Sandwich Dimension
sandwich can create and animate smaller sandwiches to eat people and transfer their energy to them, attacks enemies with bologna-type shuriken, a baguette club, and moldy sandwich bombs that emit toxic fumes
Pea Dimension (Mame Jigen)
Pea Dimension
pea stalk can shoot peas from his arms, creates vines which grow around the city, uses a large vine to make a prison to trap people
Toadstool Dimension (Dokukinoko Jigen)
Toadstool Dimension
toadstool shoots beams from his forehead, attacks enemies with an electromagnetic vine whip, can use various mushrooms to give himself various abilities
CD Player Dimension (CD Pureya Jigen)
CD Player Dimension
cd player can capture individual musicians within disks and store their data to create special CDs to brainwash people, can create special sonic CDs which emit loud sound waves that harm people, attacks enemies with his chakram
Spoon Dimension (Supun Jigen)
Spoon Dimension
spoon is able to radiate energy fields which cause people's personalities to become reversed, attacks with a pair of spoon boomerangs, creates special magnetic death rings to prepare for battle
Food Box Dimension (Juubako Jigen)
Food Box Dimension
food box can create copies of people from various foodstuffs to deceive people, shoots missiles from his shoulders, attacks enemies with a pair of blade-shaped guns
Go Board Dimension (Goban Jigen)
Go Board Dimension
go board throws go stone bombs at his enemies, creates grids which cause go stones to fall on buildings, can shoot go stones from his palms
Tangerine Dimension (Mikan Jigen)
Tangerine Dimension
tangerine flight, shoots oranges into people's mouths to make them become lazy, shoots orange bombs
Teakettle Dimension (Chagama Jigen)
Teakettle Dimension
teakettle uses his rag to erase words, wipes people's mouths so that they only talk about being speechless, sprays word-erasing fluid from his backside
Adhesive Jigen (Setchaku-zai Jigen)
Adhesive Dimension
glue bottle sprays glue from his arms which stick anything together and cannot be removed unless he is defeated, attacks enemies with glue bullets from his arms
Propeller Fan Dimension (Puropera-fan Jigen)
Propeller Fan Dimension
propeller fan has enhanced speed, destroys vehicles to gain speed for himself, has enhanced swordsmanship
Safari Dimension (Safari Jigen)
Safari Dimension
safari jeep shoots blasts from his rifle arms, can capture enemies and animals inside of electric nets and floating cages
Laser Tag Dimension (Reza-taggu Jigen)
Laser Tag Dimension
laser tag equipment creates cross-hairs on any person to shoot lasers at them, has a pair of shoulder-mounted laser beams, shoots lasers which stop anything they hit from moving
Stock Ticker Dimension (Sutokku-chikka Jigen)
Stock Ticker Dimension
ticker-tape machine can print out any information he desires, can give out misinformation about people to falsely arrest them, uses a ticker tape lasso as a weapon, wraps enemies in red tape
Hair Curler Dimension (Hea-airon jigen0
Hair Curler Dimension
hair curler can use her hair curler arm to curl people into rolls, attacks enemies by shooting heat beams from her left arm, pinches enemies with her curler arm to burn them
Adze Dimension (Chona Jigen)
Adze Dimension
adze has enhanced speed and agility, can shoot beams which change people into wooden pillars which he can carve with his adze-tipped arms into statues, shoots splinter barrages and pointed log missiles from his mouth
Compass Dimension (Rashinban Jigen)
Compass Dimension
compass emits electromagnetic powder which causes machines to malfunction, shoots beams from his eyes which cause any enemy or object he hits to work in the opposite way, attacks enemies with his magnet arm and lodestone blaster
Ant Farm Dimension (Arigoya Jigen)
Ant Farm Dimension
ant farm shoots fire ants from his nose to burn enemies, can throw fire gas bombs at enemies, manipulates ants into attacking enemies, sucks ants into his body to create more fire ants
Curling Dimension (Karingu Jigen)
Curling Dimension
curling stone transforms into a curling stone to roll into enemies, creates curling stone bombs he can push at enemies, can combine up to three curling stone bombs into a larger bomb to destroy buildings, attacks enemies with his broom arm
Kaleidoscope Dimension (Mangekyo Jigen)
Kaleidoscope Dimension
kaleidoscope creation and manipulation of illusions, shoots light beams from his eye, attacks with his sword
Pillar Dimension (Hashira Jigen)
Pillar Dimension
pillar has extendable arms, shoots fire from his torch-like hands, can stomp the ground in order to create pillars which make things go high up into the air, emits corrosive gas from his mouth, stomps the ground to create Earthquakes
Masage Dimension (Massaji Jigen)
Massage Dimension
back massager attacks enemies by hitting them with his big arms, can vibrate structures to make them fall down, has enhanced speed, agility, and strength, can shoot eye beams which cause people pain
Flowerpot Dimension (Uekibachi Jigen)
Flowerpot Dimension
flower pot attacks enemies with his extendable vines, shoots seed bullets from his mouth, can create a pollen which brings plants to life to attack people, throws razor leaves at enemies
Cube Dimension (Kyubu Jigen)
Cube Dimension
puzzle cube is able to separate his body and change it into different forms, transforms people into puzzle cubes which can't be turned back unless someone solves them or he is beaten, can attack enemies with a pair of detachable fists, shoots beams from his eyes
PET Bottle Dimension (Petto-botoru Jigen)
PET Bottle Dimension
Plastic soda bottle creates bottles of soda which transform people into copies of previously-defeated Dimension Beasts, shoots carbonated bubble blasts from the bottle on his right arm
Pinball Dimension (Pinboru Jigen)
Pinball Dimension
pinball table traps enemies inside of his body to be chased by demonic pin balls, throws pinball bombs at enemies, can change his arms into pinball flippers to attack and flip enemies over
Laser Light Dimension (Reza-raito Jigen)
Laser Light Dimension
light show lasers can shoot laser blasts from her wrists at enemies, can steal people's souls by creating mesmerizing light shows
Lip Balm Dimension (Rippukuriu Jigen)
Lip Balm Dimension
lip balm shoots fire from his mouth to melt ice cream, shoots heat beams from his arms which cause people's lips to become chapped, throws lip balm bombs
Canteen Dimension (Suito Jigen)
Canteen Dimension
canteen throws exploding bubbles which cause people to speak gibberish nonstop, shoots bubble blasts from his arms
Electromagnet Dimension (Denjishaku Jigen)
Electromagnet Dimension
electromagnet attracts cars from anywhere to his junkyard, uses his claw to place cars in the crusher, attacks enemies with his extendable claw, uses his magnet arm to attract scrap and shoot it at enemies
Tower Crane Dimension (Tawa-kuren Jigen)
Tower Crane Dimension
tower crane can hover in the air, has extendable claws on his arms and a hook-claw on his head, can hover in the air to grab enemies and objects and drop them anywhere he wants
Caltrop Dimension (Makibishi Jigen)
Caltrop Dimension
caltrops throws caltrop balls which pop car tires, can change into a spiked ball to roll into enemies
Cutlet Dimension (Katsuretsu Jigen)
Cutlet Dimension
cutlets is able to create smaller versions of himself which jump onto people's heads and make them want to eat nothing but meat, is able to throw cutlet shuriken at enemies
Turnip Dimension (Kabu Jigen)
Turnip Dimension
turnip is able to breathe fireballs from his mouth, swallows candy to fuel himself, throws fireball candy at enemies
Watermelon Dimension (Suika Jigen)
Watermelon Dimension
watermelon attacks enemies with a pair of sticks, shoots beams which change people into watermelons he can smash with his sticks
Tube Bender Dimension (Chubu-benda Jigen)
Tube Bender Dimension
tube bender absorbs objects within one arm and converts them into energy which he can shoot from the other, can bend any substance into any shape, attacks enemies with his arms
Metronome Dimension (Metoronomu Jigen)
Metronome Dimension
metronome waves the pointer on his right arm to emit a tick-tock sound to lure people, uses his right arm-mounted pointer as a sword, transfixes people with a light from its eyes, uses a hypnotic suggestion to get people to accept defeat, uses the pointer on his right arm to transform people into musical notes which he can devour
Map Dimension (Chizu Jigen)
Map Dimension
map shoots beams which cause people to become disoriented, emits arrow tentacles to attack enemies, shoots arrows from his mouth, generates map-based labyrinths to trap people
Parking Meter Dimension (Pakingumeta Jigen)
Parking Meter Dimension
parking meter is able to attack with his parking sign, creates parking tickets which he can place on cars to cover them in chains, attacks enemies by shooting coins from his slot, uses his extendable left arm to capture enemies
Wig Dimension (Katsura Jigen)
Wig Dimension
wig places a hair ointment on bald statues as well as bald people to get them to grow long hair which covers their bodies, attacks enemies by extending tentacles from his hair and shooting needles from his arms
Beach Ball Dimension (Bichiboru Jigen)
Beach Ball Dimension
beach ball throws beach balls filled with nitroglycerin at people, can change herself into a beach ball to bounce into enemies
Plumb Bob Dimension (Sagifuri Jigen)
Plumb Bob Dimension
plumb bob is able to fly in the air and land inside of molten metal vats to bathe himself and cover his body with metal, can throw blobs of molten metal, crushes enemies with his large weight
Sandbag Dimension (Sandobaggu Jigen)
Sandbag Dimension
sandbag has enhanced boxing skills, uses his rocket fists to hit enemies and shut down any machine
Platter Dimension (Ozara Jigen)
Platter Dimension
serving platter can transform his arms into knives, forks, or spoons, shoots beams to change people into food and devour them, slices enemies with his knife arms, shoots tines from his fork arms, hits enemies with his spoon arms
Billiards Dimension (Biriyado Jigen)
Billiards Dimension
billiards table is able to capture people within Billiard Balls and then use his cue ball to shoot them inside of various holes,  can attack with his pool cue and shoot various billiard bomb attacks at enemies
Bonfire Dimension (Takibi Jigen)
Bonfire Dimension
bonfire is able to shoot beams which change people's legs into sticks, can wrap enemies in wooden peels to burn them, throws firewood bombs, breathes fire from his mouth
Rocking Horse Dimension (Mokuba Jigen)
Rocking Horse Dimension
rocking horse is able to use his lasso to bring objects to life and make them gallop like horses in order to make them his steeds, uses a lasso as a weapon, shoots splinters from his mouth
Soccer Goal Dimension (Sakkagoru Jigen)
Soccer Goal Dimension
soccer goal can kick Soccer Bombs to destroy buildings, uses red and yellow cards to stop or slow down enemies, transforms into a soccer ball to run over opponents, teleports people to a soccer field to play against his team of Vyram soldiers
Desk Chair Dimension (Waku-chea Jigen)
Desk Chair Dimension
desk chair can teleport people to an office in another dimension where they are made to work overtime, uses his blasters to make people's chairs spin if they goof off, spins himself around while shooting projectiles from his blasters
Pie Dimension (Pai Jigen)
Pie Dimension
pie throws terrible-tasting pies at rapid speed onto people and buildings, wields a spoon-shaped rod as a weapon
Music Player Dimension (Ongaku-pureya Jigen)
Music Player Dimension
MP3 player emits sonic waves from his headphone-like eyes, attacks enemies with ball of sound, anticipates and avoids attacks, hits enemies with his extendable earbud arms
Stock Car Dimension (Sutokku-ka Jigen)
Bumper Car Dimension
stock car attacks enemies with an electronic whip, attaches special nodes to vehicles to make them bump and crash into each other, uses his bumper car-like lower body to ram into enemies
Xylophone Dimension (Mokkin Jigen)
Xylophone Dimension
xylophone places  people on large xylophones which he hits with his hammers to make people walk sideways, attacks enemies with his arms, shoots xylophone key missiles from his chest
Bandage Dimension (Hotai Jigen)
Bandage Dimension
bandages can attack enemies by whipping them with bandages, wraps people in bandages to transform them into mini-mummies which fire dark energy beams, bite enemies, and use their gaze to induce weakness in others
Plunger Dimension (Rabakappu Jigen))
Plunger Dimension
plunger suck up people's souls by attaching them to people's faces and unclogging them, attacks enemies with sucker punches, summons plungers which he can shoot at enemies
Laptop Dimension (Noto-pasokon Jigen)
Laptop Dimension
laptop has enhanced hacking skills, shoots beams of binary data at enemies, presses the reset button on his palm to make any being lose their power or revert back to their normal form
Plank Dimension (Ita Jigen)
Plank Dimension
wooden plank attacks enemies with karate chops, shoots splinters from his fingers which change people into wood, can change his arms into wooden tentacles to whip or capture enemies
Eye Drop Dimension (Megusuri Jigen)
Eye Drop Dimension
eye drops sprays eye drop blasts at people, generates feelings of sadness by causing people to remember their saddest memories
Hole Punch Dimension (Panchi Jigen)
Hole Punch Dimension
hole punch has enhanced strength and durability, can punch holes in any object, attacks enemies with his hammer arms
Fireworks Dimension (Hanabi Jigen)
Fireworks Dimension
fireworks bomb flight, fireworks consumption, transforms into a smaller form, self-detonation and regeneration, shoots fireworks from his mouth.
Tractor Dimension (Torakuta Jigen)
Tractor Dimension
tractor is able to change himself into a tractor, shoots bags of fertilizer from its mouth, emits chaff and fire from its smokestack, shoots hay bales from its arms, emits corn bombs from its fingers.
Vise Dimension (Manriki Jigen)
Vise Dimension
vise crushes any object or enemy with his vise-like claws, summons vises which latch onto people's heads, turns the handle on his chin to tighten or loosen the vises
Globe Dimension (Chikyugi Jigen)
Globe Dimension
globe shoots  beams which cause any object to orbit around them, can make people and objects orbit around herself, revolves enemies to throw them into walls, shoots energy beams from her head, spins her spherical arms to hit enemies
Footstool Dimension (Ashinose Jigen)
Footstool Dimension
footstool uses his spear to inject a poison into people which stuns their body and transforms them into living furniture, attacks  enemies with his hammer and spear
Credit Card Dimension (Kinko-kado Jigen)
Credit Card Dimension
credit card uses credit cards to hack into banks to make ATMs shoot out cash, throws credit card shuriken, uses credit cards to gather information to analyze and use for battle
Tubular Bell Dimension (Chubura-beru Jigen)
Tubular Bell Dimension
tubular bells attacks with his mallet-like arms, shoots beams from his eyes, can ring the bells on his body to gradually irritate people's ears and make them paranoid about everything
Doormat Dimension (Kutsufuki Jigen)
Doormat Dimension-0
doormat can slide on his belly to hit enemies, attacks with his extendable arms,  is able to create doormats which make people fall off of them and then absorb their energy, gradually flattening them.
Wrap Dimension (Rappu Jigen)
Wrap Dimension
plastic wrap traps enemies in aluminum foil and plastic wrap, attacks enemies by shooting electric sparks, uses aluminum foil as a whip
Defibrillator Dimension (Josaidoki Jigen)
Defibrillator Dimension
defibrillator shoots electric balls from her fists at enemies, shoots electricity from her pads at enemies,  can rub her pads together, and then yell "Clear!" causing a lightning bolt to appear over the heads of her target and shock them
Barricade Dimension (Barikedo Jigen)
Barricade Dimension
barricade emits shockwaves by clapping his hands, has enhanced strength and durability, creates mini-cone drones which create protective barriers
Clarinet Dimension (Kurarinetto Jigen)
Clarinet Dimension
clarinet creates clarinets which emit sonic blasts to annoy people, shoots sonic waves from his mouth, emits beams from his eyes
Chandelier Dimension (Shanderia Jigen)
Chandelier Dimension
clarinet is able to emit floating fireballs which lure people and sap their energy, shoots beams from his eyes, shoots wax which encases people
Hat Rack Dimension (Boshikake Jigen)
Hat Rack Dimension
hat rack can replicate the attire of any person, creates hats which swallow people and transfer energy to him, emits splinters from his mouth to shoot at enemies
Cymbal Dimension (Shinbaru Jigen)
Cymbal Dimension
cymbals taps his cymbals to create sonic waves to give people insomnia, shoots cymbal discs from his mouth, creates cymbal-shaped portals which he can use to transport himself and redirect projectiles
Guitar Dimension
Guitar Dimension
guitar strums his guitar body to emit static electricity which makes people fight each other, can shoot electric beams from his arms at enemies, emits string-like tentacles from his body
Kettledrum Dimension (Chinpani Jigen)
Kettledrum Dimension
timpani plays his drum-like head to generate clouds of lightning, shoots lightning from his drumsticks, uses his drumsticks as laser guns
Sock Dimension (Kutsushita Jigen)
Sock Dimension
socks attacks enemies with his tentacle arms, throws sock-shaped stink bombs, shoots sock barrages from his mouth
Whoopee Cushion Dimension (Buubuu-kusshon Jigen)
Whoopee Cushion Dimension
whoopee dimension can devour any object and transform it into a slime he can shoot from his tail to destroy objects, shoots toxic gas from his mouth to suffocate enemies
Trampoline Dimension (Toranpurin Jigen)
Trampoline Dimension
trampoline transforms people into trampolines for him to bounce on, can change the ground into a very bouncy material by jumping up and down
Prod Dimension (Tsukibo Jigen)
Prod Dimension
cattle prod uses his electric prod to make people fight each other, shoots electricity from his prod, creates floating metal spheres to shock enemies
Potato Chip Dimension (Potechi Jigen)
Potato Chip Dimension
potato chip bag shoots exploding potato crisps at enemies, devours potato chips to empower himself, throws exploding potato chip bags
Mayo Dimension (Mayo Jigen)
Mayo Dimension
mayo bottle shoots mayo blasts which dissolve any object, emits streams of mayo to attack enemies
Bookshelf Dimension (Hondana Jigen)
Bookshelf Dimension
bookshelf is able to shoot book missiles from his shelf, can create copies of literature villains to attack enemies, brings books to life to attack enemies

Bio-dimensional Beasts[]

Bio-dimensional Beasts are created from Dimensional Bugs filled with dna from animals, so that the resulting beings have object and animal motifs.

Name Image possessed object/animal dna Powers
Light Armadillo (Raito-arumajiro)
Light Armadillo
Armadillo/stadium lights curls into its shell to attack enemies, shoots light beams to bring people's shadows to life
Timespace Mammoth (Jiku-manmosu)
Timespace Mammoth
mammoth/timepieces shoots beams to send people to the stone age, uses a hammer as a weapon,
Armor Snake (Yoroi-hebi)
Armor Snake
samurai helmet/snake detaches itself and latches to people in order to control them, attacks enemies with swords, emits bullets from its right arm, extendable tongue
Adhesive Cockroach (Nenchaku-gokiburi)
Adhesive Cockroach
cockroach/glue bottles sprays sticky glue from its mouth, shoots fire from its sprayer arm, enhanced speed and durability
Poison Gas Rat (Dokugasu-nezumi)
Poison Gas Rat
toxic waste drums/rat sprays toxic gas which melts weapons and blinds people
Ant Bazooka (Ari-bazuka)
Ant Bazooka
ant/bazooka changes into ant swarms which make people become ant-men which devour everything, shoots missiles from his bazooka
Torpedo Piranha (Gyorai-pirania)
Torpedo Piranha
piranha/torpedoes shoots torpedoes from its belly and miniature missiles from its mouth
Laser Lizard (Reza-tokage)
Laser Lizard
lizard/laser pointer shoots various lasers from its belly and eyes
Hammer Chameleon (Hanma-kamereon)
Hammer Chameleon
hammer/chameleon invisibility, extendable hammer and pliers
Sniper Cat (Sunaipa-neko)
Sniper Cat
sniper rifle/cat enhanced speed and marksmanship, shoots bullets which change people into scupltures
Meteor BEM (Inseki-bemu)
Meteor BEM
meteor/Alien shoots anti-Birdonic energy, destructive rays from its crater and eyes, shoots fire
Drill Leech (Hiru-doriru)
Leech Drill
drill/leech shrinks itself inside of people's bodies and controls them, foam beams, drill arms
Matryoshka Red Deer (Matorioshika-akashika)
Matryoshka Red Deer
red deer/Russian nesting dolls is able to duplicate himself to overwhelm enemies, is armed with a pair of antler swords which shoot lightning at enemies,
Clay Doll Earthworm (Dogu-mimizu)
Clay Doll Earthworm
clay doll/earthworm extendable head and tentacles, enhanced digging, creates tunnels underground in order to swallow people and houses, shoots nets from his arms, fires beams from his head, disguises himself as a Dogu Doll
Dango Caterpillar (Dango Imomushi)
Dango Caterpillar
dango/caterpillar rolls his arms to transform people into balls of Dango, attacks enemies with a dango stick sword, transforms himself into a Dango ball to roll into enemies
Straw Hat Woolly Bear (Minokasa Kemushi)
Straw Hat Bagworm
straw hat/woolly bear throws his hat in the air to attack enemies with its tendrils, creates straw hats which cause people to think they're still in the Edo era, shoots needles from his arms
Ghost Tulip (Yurei-churippu)
Ghost Tulip
tulip/Stupa marker shoots Hitodama at enemies, attacks enemies with a Stupa sword, turns intangible to avoid attacks, turns any person he touches into a ghost
Poetry Bookworm (Fubun-shimi)
Poetry Bookworm
silverfish/poetry book reads terrible poetry which hurts people's ears and drives them insane, attacks enemies with his bookmark sword, manipulates pages and books to attack enemies, consumes books to make himself smarter
Treadmill Aphid (Toreddomiru-aburamushi)
Treadmill Aphid
treadmill/aphid has enhanced speed and agility, has to devour food in order to keep himself moving, shoots beams from his eyes at enemies
Booster Cable Fruit Bat (Busutakeburu-Ookomori)
Booster Cable Fruit Bat
fruit bat/jumper cables attacks enemies with his extendable booster cable arms, can sap electricity from machines and shoot it at enemies
Telephone Goat (Denwa Yagi)
Telephone Goat
telephone/goat wields a hammer and axe as weapons, shoots beams from his horns to disrupt telephone lines, can bring telephones to life to devour people and empower himself, is able to use the dial on his chest to summon Vyram Soldiers
Blowgun Scorpion (Fukiya Sasori)
Blowgun Scorpion
blowgun/scorpion shoots poison darts which cause people to rust, can shoot beams from his head, attacks enemies with light bullets from his tail
Safe Raven (Kinko-shicho)
Safe Raven
raven/safe creates a pair of drills from his arms to crack safes, can store any object within the safe on his chest, can use his cloak to dodge the attacks of his enemies
Steam Crow (Kemuri Karasu)
Steam Crow
factory drainpipe/crow shoots steam from his arms to rust any metal, devours metal to empower himself, blows smoke from his mouth to hide himself
Streamer Carp (Nobori-koi)
Streamer Koi
koi streamer/carp attacks enemies with his sword, shoots a white mist which teleports people to a distant island where they are forced to become foot soldiers under his control, can turn his lower body into a koi streamer, can create a red mist which can make people stay in his dimension forever
Net Spotted Octopus (Ami-Hyomendako)
Net Spotted Ocopus
hunting net/blue-ringed octopus creates electric nets to capture enemies, wields a machete and a bowgun/bear trap as a weapon, has enhanced hunting and combat abilities
Pharaoh Gold-bug (Farao-koganemushi)
Pharaoh Goldbug
scarabaeid beetle/sarcophagus emits a special dust that turns anything into gold, wraps enemies in golden wrappers to mummify them, devours dusgold to empower himself
Armor Helmet Penguin (Katchu-pengin)
Armor Helmet Penguin
suit of western armor/penguin attacks enemies with his sword, can jump to high heights, transforms his arms into blades to attack enemies
Bowl Goldfish (Hachi-kingyou)
Bowl Goldfish
goldfish/glass goldfish bowl uses his scoop to capture people and transform them into goldfish that he places within bowls, absorbs moisture from the air to shoot water from his mouth, generates fishbowl barriers to protect himself from attacks
Pinecone Chipmunk (Matsukaki-shimarisu)
Pinecone Chipmunk
chipmunk/pinecone has enhanced speed and agility, wields a pine needle-shooting hammer as a weapon, shoots pine cones from his arms, can create a field of energy to make himself invisible
Spoon Swallow (Supun-tsubame)
Spoon Swallow
swallow/spoon attacks enemies with his spoon, emits beams from his head which revert people to children, can fly in the air, uses his spoon to force-feed people various mushy foods
Plush Goblin Shark (Nuigurumi-mitsukuzame)
Plush Goblin Shark
goblin shark/plush toy creates plush toy sharks which warp people to different places, attacks enemies with his lance, shoots fireballs from his mouth
Aerobic Chick (Aero-hiyoko)
Aerobic Chick
Aerobic step platform/chick brainwashes people into doing endless aerobics, attacks enemies with aerobic dance movements, shoots light bullets from his eyes
Tiara Peacock (Chiara-kujaku)
Tiara Peacock
tiara/peacock uses her sword to change the gender of any person, shoots a beam which causes people to trip and fall, has enhanced swordsmanship skills
Nail Woodpecker (Kugi-Kitsutsuki)
Nail Woodpecker
woodpecker/nail-filled plank shoots red nails from his right shoulder to make people become more clumsy, is armed with a sword, shoots feather nails from his left shoulder, absorbs anger from people to change it into bombs
Pendulum Mountain Tapir (Furiko-yamabaku)
Pendulum Mountain Tapir
mountain tapir/hypnotist's pendulum wields a pendulum rod which hypnotizes people into a deep sleep which they never wake up from in order to steal their energy, emits beams from his eyes, creates a string from his right shoulder to whip enemies
Switch Manta Ray (Suitchi-manta)
Switch Manta Rey
manta ray/light switch emits lightning from his horns, shoots beams to switch people's minds, creates light switches which cause people's minds to become switched, can fly in the air, emits ball lightning from his mouth
Bomber Kingfisher (Bonba-kawazemi)
Bomber Kingfisher
kingfisher/bomber is able to turn his body into a missile, throws blue bomb spheres at enemies, has enhanced speed
Tempura Shrimp (Tenpura-ebi)
Tempura Shrimp
tempura platter/shrimp is able to shoot beams from his fan to make people levitate, shoots missiles and incendiary oil from his fan, can use his fan as a jetpack in order to fly in the air and shoot tempura missiles
Sushi Salmon (Sushi Sake)
Sushi Salmon
sushi roll/salmon is able to find chicken sellers all over Japan, summons salmon-based sushi which force-feeds itself into people's mouth, teleports via explosion, wields a fishing rod which can also be used as a guitar which conjures illusions of salmon recipes to confuse enemies
Rake Alley Cat (Kumade-noraneko)
Rake Alley Cat
rake/alley cat can split his two arms into four, emits a loud sonic sound which manipulates cats into attacking people, creates fire from his arms to shoot at enemies, scratches enemies with his claws
Sailing Ship Sea Cow (Hansen-kaigyu)
Sailing Ship Sea Cow
sea cow/sailing ship attacks enemies with the rudder blades on his arms, generates fog to hide himself from enemies, attacks enemies with energy slashes, shoots beams which increase people's worries and fears
Excavator Mole Cricket (Shaberu-ka Kera)
Excavator Mole Cricket
excavator/mole cricket attacks enemies with his excavator arms, shoots beams which split people into their good and bad personalities
Emerald Kiwi (Suikyoku-kiwi)
Emerald Kiwi
kiwi/emerald bracelet deflects any attack from his enemies, uses a corkscrew sword as an enemy, shoots yellow energy blasts from his left arm, creates pendants that make people lucky, but then encase them in emeralds when their luck runs out
Concrete Mixer Conch (Konkurito-mikisa Makigai)
Concrete Mixer Conch
conch/concrete mixer uses a trowel as a weapon, can shoot sticky cement from his left arm, transforms anything into stone statues
Forceps Coelacanth (Kanshi Shirakansu)
Forceps Coelacanth
forceps/coelacanth shoots beams to steal calcium from any source and empower himself, captures people's energy in the form of a bone to make people lazy and literally boneless.
Metal Detection Frogfish (Kinzoku-tanchi Kaeruanko)
Metal Detector Frogfish
metal detector can generate signal pulses in order to detect metals, can shoot powerful electric rays from his eyes
Megaphone Sardine (Megahon Iwashi)
Megaphone Sardine
sardine/megaphone is able to emit sonic waves from his mouths, emits advertisement waves to brainwash people into believing his propaganda, uses a megaphone bazooka as a weapon
Tonfa Black Ant (Tonfa Kuro-ari)
Tonfa Black Ant
black ant/tonfa wields a pair of tonfa as weapons, can redirect attacks and cloak himself using his tonfas,
Power Tap House Centipede (Dengen-tappu Gejigeji)
Power Strip House Centipede
house centipede/power strip is able to shoot electricity from his arms, can transport himself through any outlet, attacks enemies by stretching his arms to shock them
Rubber Boat Dumbo Octopus (Gomuboto Juumonjidako)
Rubber Boat Dumbo Octopus
rubber boat/Dumbo Octopus creates special waves which cause people to become trapped in illusions of their most hated or feared things, uses an oar as a weapon, throws breakwater bombs, can transform his lower body into a rubber boat and paddle at fast speeds in the water
Instant Camera Flying Fish (Insutantokamera Tobiuo)
Instant Camera Flying Fish
instant camera/flying flsh has enhanced speed and agility, uses the instant camera on his chest to record the attacks of his enemies, shoots flashes which set everything on fire
Firing Cowrie (Hassha-takarakai)
Missile Launcher Cowrie
cowrie/missile launcher can absorb any attack and bounce it back by turning his body amorphous, shoots missiles from his abdomen, emits rockets from his shoulders
Bleach Jaguar (Hyohakuzai-jaga)
Bleach Jaguar
jaguar/bottles of bleach spews liquid from his mouth which drains anything of color, attacks enemies with his claws, shoots bleach beams from his eyes
Bombshell Matamata (Bakuretsudan Matamata)
Bombshell Matamata
bombshell/matamata attacks enemies with his claws, makes loud bullet and tank noises to give people PTSD, shoots bullet sparks from his shell
Parka Eel (Paka-unagi)
Parker Eel
parka/electric eel attacks enemies with the claw on his left arm, shoots electric spikes from the eel on his right arm to make them become hoodlums under his control, wraps enemies in his electric eel arm to shock them
Umbrella Frog (Amegasa-gaeru)
Umbrella Frog
umbrella/frog changes people into frogs with tadpole bombs, creates rain to flood the street, shoots water from his mouth
Bottle Smilodon (Bin-kenshiko)
Bottle Tiger
Saber-toothed tiger/beer bottle attacks with its claws, drinks alcohol to breathe fire, shoots bombs from the turrets on his back
Tire Indian Elephant (Taiya-Indozo)
Tire Elephant
elephant/tires changes himself into a tire to wreck buildings and run vehicles over, throws tires at enemies, can steal people's souls by running them over,
Violin Cricket (Baiorin-korogi)
Violin Cricket
violin/cricket emits music which sends people to sleep, sends out ultrasonic waves by playing his violin-like body, uses his bow as a sword
Fanny Pack Capybara (Fanipakku-kapibara)
Fanny Pack Capybara
fanny pack/capybara devours people to change them into school equipment, spews school stationery from his mouth, can take out a pair of ruler swords to attack enemies
Sonar Lamprey (Sona-Yatsumeunagi)
Sonar Lamprey
sonar detector/lamprey attacks enemies with a pair of sonar blasters, can detect enemies with sonar, is able to jam any kind of radar system, shoots sonar into the water to make fish go crazy and attack people
Tuba Skunk (Chuba-sukanku)
Tuba Skunk
tuba/skunk eats trash in order to empower itself, shoots noxious gases and sound waves from its mouth, emits disintegration gas from its tail
Quilt Silkworm (Fusuma-sanji)
Quilt Silkworm
silkworm/old quilt transforms its arms into scissors, creates clothes which cause people to become stronger and violent when worn, attacks enemies with silk sprays
Rock Crusher Wild Dog (Seiganki Rikaon)
Rock Crusher Wild Dog
African Wild Dog/rock crusher attacks enemies with its chainsaw and pickax arms, shoots beams which turn anything into gold, feeds on the greed of people to empower himself, disguises himself as a "Maneki-inu" statue.
ATM Spectacled Bear (ATM Meganekuma)
ATM Spectacled Bear
spectacled bear/ATM creates coin-shaped wigs which induce greed, attacks enemies with giant coins, shoots coins from his arms at enemies
Plaque Housefly (Ema Iebae)
Plaque Housefly
housefly/votive plaque causes any wish written on his Ema tablets to be fulfilled in a ridiculous or outrageous way, can regenerate his tablets if they are used, causes damage to the wish granter if an enemy hits him while the wish is granted, creates bunches of flies to attack enemies, uses his right arm as a machine gun
Vacuum Car Donkey (Bakyumu-ka Roba)
Vacuum Car Donkey
sewer vacuum truck/donkey sucks up manure and shoots it from his nose, sucks up people's youth, can suck up and blow out objects with his arms
Incinerator Flower Chafer (Shokyakuro Hanamuguri)
Incinerator Flower Chafer
incinerator/flower chafer devours flowers and other objects to change them into a toxic smoke inside of his body, shoots fireballs from his belt at enemies, has enhanced strength and durability
Teakettle Red Panda (Chagama-Ressapanda)
Teakettle Red Panda
red panda/teakettle emits a toxic smoke which kills off any animal, can wield a pair of swords as a weapon, transforms into a barrage of metal orbs to hit enemies, emits energy blasts from his eyes, can become a flying teakettle equipped with missiles
Bathing-suit Swimming Sea Cucumber (Mizugi-yumenamako)
Bathing Suit Swimming Sea Cucumber
swimming sea cucumber-swimsuit is able to create floating purses which steal money from people, creates dream-like illusions to hide himself and distract people, has a retractable hand in his mouth which he can use to punch enemies
Wooden Block Wombatt (Tsumiki Uonbatto)
Wooden Block Wombat
wooden building blocks/wombat shoots beams which transform any person into a cube which is immobile but conscious, can transform his arms into cube-shaped hammers to hit enemies
Gas Cylinder Tuna (Gasubonbe Maguro)
Gas Cylinder Tuna
tuna/gas cylinder uses a flag-like ace to cut through anything, is equipped with sushi-shaped gas bombs which he can press and roll into enemies to release a stench gas which can make any object stinky and knock his enemies out
Tackle Black Rhino (Takkuru Kurosai)
Tackle Black Rhino
black rhino/football helmet is able to rush into buildings to wreck them, can suck enemies inside of his nose to store them inside of his body, emits lightning from his horn, has a sword which can shoot lightning blasts
Pearl Abalone (Shinju Awabi)
Pearl Abalone
abalone/pearl necklace uses a clam-shaped shield as a weapon, can shoot ball-shaped energy balls from his shield, can emit a purple light from her face to hypnotize people into becoming slaves to their own desires and attack each other
Rain Umbrella Box Jellyfish (Amegasa Hakokurage)
Rain Umbrella Box Jellyfish
box jellyfish/umbrella is armed with a bone-like spear,creates rain clouds to make people feel depressed, can fly in the air by opening his umbrella-like head
Leather Jacket Electric Ray (Reza-jaketto Shibire-ei)
Limousine Torpedo Ray
electric ray/leather jacket captures enemies in balls of weightless energy, uses telekinetic powers to animate plush toys and vehicles to attack enemies, creates telekinetic shields to block attacks
Bamboo flute Whip Scorpion (Shakuhachi Sasorimodoki)
Bamboo Flute Whip Scorpion
whip scorpion/bamboo flute can play music from his tail to create killer bamboo stalks which suck energy from humans, attacks enemies with his claws, shoots bamboo shoot bombs from his mouth
Cotton Sheep (Wata-hitsuji)
Cotton Sheep
sheep/cotton ball emits sound waves from the speaker on his right shoulder, emits waves of wool which transform into sheep minions that attack enemies while shouting wild conspiracy theories, can relay orders to his sheep to attack enemies or entrap them within wool, throws cotton ball bombs at enemies
Pocket Watch Brittle Star (Kaichudokei Kumohitode)
Pocketwatch Brittle Star
brittle star/pocket watch is able to shoot beams of time from his tentacles which age people to dust, can function as a time bomb yo send people into the past, is able to reassemble himself if destroyed
Broccoli Brain Coral (Burokkori Nosango)
Broccoli Brain Coral
brain coral/broccoli emits green energy clouds which make people forget about anything, uses a giant fork as a grabbing tool and a weapon, attacks enemies with his tentacles
Action Figure Giant Salamander (Akushonfigyua Hanzaki )
Action Figure Giant Salamander
salamander/action figure can split himself into many smaller versions of himself to destroy children's most prized possessions and cause havoc, can reform himself into a larger monster who attacks enemies with his "Karate Chop Action"
Tanker Truck Carrion Beetle (Tanka-rori Shidemushi)
Tanker Truck Carrion Beetle
tanker truck/carrion beetle sucks in rubbish and garbage to empower himself, can smash the ground to wreck buildings, sucks up energy from the Earth to spew balls of trash at enemies
Nuclear Reactor Glow-worm (Genshiro Tsuchibotaru)
Nuclear Reactor Glowworm
nuclear reactor/glow-worm absorbs radiation energy and turns it into a light which weakens people, emits radiation beams at enemies, emits electromagnetic pulses to destroy machines. shoots radioactive energy balls at enemies
Flypaper Thorned Ant (Haetorigami Toge-ari)
Flypaper Thorned Ant
thorny ant/flypaper attacks enemies with his extendable spines, emits flypaper from his mouth to wrap enemies, has extendable claws, slices enemies with his mandibles
Boxing Beach Flea (Bokushingu Hamatobimushi)
Boxing Beach Flea
beach flea/boxing glove has enhanced strength and durability, shoots lasers from his wrists, emits a beam from his eye, launches a barrage of missiles from his torso and arms, has a net cannon
Rake Chinook Salmon (Kumade Masunozake)
Rake Chinook Salmon
chinook salmon/Rake uses a large rake as a weapon, attacks by scratching enemies with its claws, teddy bear soldier creation, enhanced strength and durability
Cloth Wrapper Possum (Furoshiki-fukuronezumi)
Cloth Wrapper Opossum
opossum/cloth wrapper shoots a beam from is left arm which traps people inside of sacks, can use his left arm as a vacuum for sucking up cash and shooting objects at enemies, throws golden coin bombs at enemies
Magnet Boar (Magunetto-inojishi)
Magnet Boar
magnets/wild boar emits electromagnetic fields to disrupt machinery and wreck all forms of land transport, enhanced speed
Projector Scallop (Purojekuta Ogikai)
Projector Scallop
home projector/scallop head fireball cannon, barb swords, fog creation, illusion generation
Water Gun Vampire Squid (Mizudeppo-komoridako)
Water Gun Vampire Squid
vampire squid/water gun pressurized water bullets, sleep bullets, moisture absorption
Ship Ghost Crab (Hansen Sunakani)
Ship Ghost Crab
ghost crab/old sailing ship sand cannon bow, energy missile launchers, tunneling, net and hook arms, net cannon
Saber Mountain Zebra (Saberu Yamashimauma)
Saber Mountain Zebra
saber/mountain zebra enhanced swordsmanship and speed, red lightning blasts, shock-wave creation, flips a coin to make people fight each other with weapons
Post Goat (Posuto-yagi)
Post Goat
postbox/goat delivers letters which curse people with bad luck unless they deliver it to others, attacks with letter shuriken, eats paper to empower himself
Extinguisher Salamander (Shokaki-sanshouo)
Extinguisher Salamander
salamander/ fire extinguisher shoots foam from his right arm which demotivates people, shoots acidic foam from his left arm.
DVD Horsefly (DVD Abu)
DVD Horsefly
dvd player/horsefly flight, hypnosis, possesses people through tvs, x-ray vision, absorbs enemies inside of his screen, shoots beams which create duplicates of himself
Baler Crayfish (Bera-zarigani)
Baler Crayfish
hay baler/crayfish attacks with its claws, shoots hay needles, crunches objects and turns them into hay bales
Taiko Tanuki
Taiko Tanuki
drum and cymbals/tanuki transforms objects into monsters to scare people, shoots blue fireballs, uses its cymbal-like hat as a boomerang
Can Fly (Kan-bae)
Can Fly
empty cans/fly eats rubbish to empower itself, shoots trash from its arms
Speaker Cicada (Supika-semi)
Speaker Cicada
cicada/speaker emits sonic waves from his chest, attacks enemies with a sword and a grapple, creates miniature copies of himself which grow into adults and spread sonic waves to destroy buildings.
Engine Cheetah (Enjin-chita)
Engine Cheetah
cheetah/car engine enhanced speed and agility, transforms into an engine to take control of cars, spark plug bombs
Gatling Bear (Gatoringu-kuma)
Gatling Bear
gatling gun/bear attacks enemies with its gatling gum arm, enhanced strength and durability
Rocket Panda (Roketto-panda)
Rocket Panda'
model rocket ship/panda flight, rocket punches, bamboo shoot-type missiles
Chainsaw Mantis (Chenso-kamakiri)
Chainsaw Mantis
chainsaw/praying mantis cuts down trees with its chainsaw arms, creates shadow-based copies of itself, shoots circular saws from its belly
Hand Mirror Raccoon (Tekagami-araiguma)
Hand Mirror Raccoon
raccoon/hand mirror tail flutter, tail whack, changes into anything she sees.
Tape Snail (Tepu-katatsumuri)
Tape Snail
duct tape/snail wraps people in tape to change them into mummies under its control, attacks enemies with its tape-like tongue
Burner Weevil (Bana-Somushi)
Burner Weevil
burner/weevil shoots pesticide from his mouth which changes people into insects, shoots fireballs from his mouth, shoots fire bullets from his fingers
Helicopter Dragonfly (Herikoputa-tonbo)
Helicopter Dragonfly
dragonfly/helicopter flight, enhanced speed and agility, extendable arms, spins very fast
Anchor Octopus (Ikari-dako)
Anchor Octopus
anchor/octopus uses an anchor flail as a weapon, releases star-shaped anchor bombs which cause ships to sink and explode
Purse Frog (Gamaguchi-gaeru)
Purse Frog
coin purse/frog enhanced jumping, shoots coins from his mouth to make people become greedy for their own desires, throws coin bombs
Steering Wheel Horseshoe Crab (Handora Kabutogani)
Steering Wheel Horseshoe Crab
horseshoe crab/steering wheel can disguise himself as a steering wheel, can crawl on ceilings, can shoot lasers from his arms, is able to take off steering wheels and take control of vehicles, latches onto people's faces to drain their souls
Engine Guard Dog (Enjin-banken)
Engine Guard Dog
car engine/guard dog attacks with her claws, shoots smoke from her mouth, transforms into a car engine to manipulate cars
Rammer Asian Black Bear (Ranma-tsukinowaguma)
Rammer Asian Black Bear
rammer/Asian black bear has enhanced strength and durability, uses his arms to pummel the ground in order to make flowers and trees wilt
Terracotta Dachshund (Haniwa Dakkusundo)
Terracotta Dachshund
haniwa statue/Dachshund is able to hypnotize enemies into obeying his commands, can bring any object which looks human to life to fight enemies, can throw clay bombs at enemies
Slinky Terrier (Surinki-teria)
Slinky Terrier
terrier dog/slinky attacks  enemies with his extendable springy limbs, traps, enemies in electric springs,  can absorb and conduct electricity to shoot at enemies
Milking Machine Labrador (Gyunyuki-raboradoru)
Milking Machine Labrador
labrador/milking machine is able to dispense a milk which causes people to have intestinal distress, can spray hot milk from the cannon on his left arm
Leaf Blower Kaiken (Rifuburowa Kaiken)
Leaf Blower Kaiken
leaf blower/Kaiken dog shoots gas, leaf sickles, and mulch bullets from the nozzle on his left arm , uses his leaf blower to emit a special toxin that withers flowers, grass, trees, and crops into a toxic mulch which pollutes the air
Catapult Great Dane (Tosekiki Gureto-den)
Catapult Great Dane
Catapult/Great Dane throws missiles from his catapult which explode in a burst of bubbles and hit enemies into trees
Clipper Husky (Barikan-hasuki)
Clipper Husky
husky/hair clippers shoots metal tine missiles from the hair clipper on his backside, uses his wrist-mounted hair clippers to extend claws which can either be used to attack enemies or cut off their hair
Brush Mongrel (Fude-norainu)
Brush Mongrel
mongrel/hand brush slings ink at enemies, uses her brush to change people into other handheld brushes, summons  copies of previously-defeated Jigen beasts from puddles of paint
Freight Car Greyhound (Kassha Gurehaundo)
Freight Car Greyhound
Greyhound/freight car places people in freight cars and rams them into buildings, can change into a Freight Car form to ram into enemies,  can split himself into 10 bodies
Shackle Bulldog (Ashikase-burudoggu)
Shackle Bulldog
bulldog/shackle uses the extendable chain trap flails on his arms to bite enemies and inject them with a poison that makes them faint, can whack enemies with his chain trap flails, uses his back-mounted chain tail to bite enemies or clobber them
Front Loader Terrier (Furonto-roda Buruteria)
Front Loader Bull Terrier
front loader/bull terrier changes into a front-end loader form to scoop out earth, uses a sieve to find valuable items and throw dirt on enemies
Sweater Hound (Seta-ryoken)
Sweater Hound-0
hound dog/sweater has extendable arms to whip or capture enemies, can  change any object, animal, plant, or person into its most primitive form
RC Boxer (Rajikon Bokusa)
RC Boxer
rc toy/boxer summons an Airplane Drone from his chest to spy on enemies and shoot lasers, controls any kind of RC toy and actual vehicle to attack enemies
Moneybag Pitbull (Kinbukuro Pittoburu)
Moneybag Pitbull
moneybag/pitbull blows up vending machines and ATMs with his wrist-mounted radio wave emitter, sucks up money inside of the sack on his back, attacks enemies with coin bombs
Knitting Cane Corso (Amibari-kenkoruso)
Knitting Cane Corso
Cane Corso/knitting needles Uses his knitting needles to sew people's souls within drapes to confine them, attacks enemies with his knitting needles, can reassemble himself if he is destroyed
Razor German Pinscher(Kamisori-Jamanpinsha)
Razor Doberman
shaving cream/German Pinscher sprays sticky shaving cream to stop enemies from moving, attacks enemies with a razor-type boomerang
Electric Chair Weimaraner (Denki-isu Waimarana)
Electric Chair Weimaraner
electric chair/Weimaraner captures enemies in his electric tentacles, shoots electricity at enemies, changes into an electric chair to shock enemies, creates barriers of electric chairs to protect himself
Clothes Wringer Great Dane (Koromo-shibariki Gureto-den)
Clothes Wringer Great Dane
clothes wringer/great dane flattens himself to hide and ambush opponents, uses  his mangle rod to capture people and completely flatten them like paper
Foghorn Boerboel (Muteki Boaboru)
Foghorn Boerboel
foghorn/boerboel can fly in the air, uses his foghorn gun to summon lightning clouds to strike enemies and torment them by following them, emits sonic waves from the horns on his shoulders
Combine Dogo Argentino (Konbain-Aruzenchin-ken)
Combine Dogo Argentino
Dogo Argentino/Combine Harvester uses his harvester blade arms as weapons, shoots chaff and smoke from his pipes, changes into a combine harvester form in order to run crops.
Hockey Presa Canario (Hokke-Kanariamasuchifu)
Hockey Presa Canario
hockey stick and hockey puck/Presa Canario mastiff can turn any object into a hockey puck and shoot it at enemies, has retractable ice skates which allow him to skate at fast speeds, hits enemies with his hockey stick
Frisbee American Bulldog (Furizubi Merikenburudoggu)
Frisbee American Bulldog
frisbee/American Bulldog creates plastic discs which slap people around like pinball bumpers, throws exploding discs at enemies
Doghouse Doberman (Inugoya Doberuman)
Doghouse Doberman
doghouse/doberman wields a doghouse-like cage which releases dog-like robots which bite enemies and explode, throws bone boomerangs at enemies
Lightning Rod Gray Wolf (Hiraishin-hairoookami)
Lightning Rod Gray Wolf
gray wolf/lightning rod is able to shoot lightning from his sword at enemies, can create spikes which attach to people or buildings and act as lightning rods to attract lightning to strike them
Karaoke Coyote (Karaoke-koyote)
Karaoke Coyote
coyote/karaoke machine attacks enemies with sonic karaoke singing, shoots CDs from his wrist-mounted CD launcher, summons  a pair of smaller microphones to howl sonic waves, shoots  sonic waves which make people only speak in cat or dog sounds
Collar Arctic Fox (Kora-hokkyogitsune)
Collar Arctic Fox
arctic fox/collar attacks enemies with an electric dog leash whip and collar shuriken, creates collars collars which latch onto dogs and other canines to manipulate them
Block Wolf (Burokku-ookami)
Block Wolf
building blocks/wolf shoots  beams which change buildings and people into plastic blocks, manipulates plastic blocks to create any form of construct, throws plastic block bombs
Expander Bulldog and Gym Rottweiler (Ekisupanda-burudoggu and Jimu-rottowaira)
Expander Bulldog and Gym Rottweiler
expander/bulldog, Gym machine/Rottweiler wrestles people in order to steal their strength, attacks enemies with punches and kicks (Expander Bulldog), attacks enemies with dumbbell bombs, manipulates iron arrays and dumbbells, shoots beams which force people to exercise endlessly (Gym Rottweiler
Thermostat Mastiff (Samosutatto Masuchifu)
Thermostat Mastiff
mastiff/Thermostat manipulate the temperature of any object, can make entire bodies of water boil to kill the fish inside, can shoot heat beams and ice beams
Climbing Wall Tosa Dog (Kuraimingu-uoru Tosa-inu)
Climbing Wall Tosa Dog
climbing wall/tosa dog He is able to create walls out of the ground. which are extremely high and have several platforms for climbing, but also contain sections that push climbers off so that they are forced to keep trying or become petrified with gas. He can also throw Brick Barrages at his enemies, and can change himself into a spiked cube-like form to squash enemies
Neon Vampire Bat (Neonsain-chisuikomori)
Neon Vampire Bat
neon sign/vampire bat has literal blood plasma inside of his body, pierces his sharp nails on his body to let out his blood plasma and transform it into constructs which entertain people or attack enemies, emits weapons made of his own blood plasma to attack enemies
Volleyball Tick (Bareboru Dani)
Volleyball Tick
tick/volleyball can transform into a volleyball-like form to roll into enemies, creates explosive volleyballs, generates a spherical barrier to protect himself, has a pair of retractable needles for deflating any kind of object and making it flat
Ash Pan Grizzly Bear (Haiuke Hairoguma)
Ash Pan Grizzly Bear
ash pan/grizzly bear emits ash from his shoulders which awaken the darkness within people's hearts, attacks enemies with his claws, emits ash tornadoes
Pepper Black Panther (Kosho Kuro-hyo)
Pepper Black Panther
pepper bottle/black panther eats pepper to empower himself, shoots pepper from his mouth to emit smokescreens that make people sneeze, throws peppercorn bombs at enemies
Bowl Crab-eating Fox (Hachi Kanikuiko)
Bowl Crab-eating Fox
bowl/crab-eating fox animates the spirits within food to fly around and haunt people, emits foxfire from his mouth at enemies
Bonsai Flapjack Octopus (Bonsai Mendako)
Bonsai Flapjack Octopus
potted bonsai/flapjack octopus attacks enemies by shooting bonsai leaves, spits ink balls from his mouth, uses his tentacle legs to make people speak the truth, no matter how much it hurts
Janken Bullmastiff (Jankan Burumasuchifu)
Janken Bullmastiff