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Dinosaur King Hyper Transcendence is an anime series. It has a game on mobiles, PS4 and PSVITA. The Series has 50 episodes. The Opening Theme "Chiisa na Bokura no Okiina Heart (Mythic ver.)" by Ichiko and ''Bouken Kiroku" by Kotoko will be sung. The Ending Theme ''Myth Taihou!'' by Back-on! and ''Starfall'' by kicco will be sung.


The Story follows Zoe Drake (Malm Tatsuno in Japanese). She suddenly hears a voice pleading for help. Suddenly, a spaceship named Albatross appears and teleports her inside the ship. She gets accompanied by Hisura, who is a shy and lonely person with an hidden ability. With Sora, an female adventurer and Yuzuha, an huntress, Now Zoe has to find the person that asked her for help, while watching out for trouble in the universes.


Zoe Drake (Malm Tatsuno)[]

Voiced by: Tomoko Kobashi

The main protagonist of the series. the Armor Bracer allows her to equip armor of dinosaur, dragons, cthulhu beings, gods and deities. She met Hisura, when the latter was found alone in a forest. She noticed that the Armor Bracer appeared on her wrist.


Voiced by: Sora Amamiya

A shy and lonely girl who has an hidden ability. She was found by Malm in the forest and has been very close to her since.


Voiced by:


Voiced by:


Episode 1: The Multiverse is real?![]

Zoe was relieved after the Space Pirates will never bother her ever again. However, she heard mysterious voices when a portal appeared out of nowhere and the spaceship Albatross arrives. That brought her inside the ship. Zoe was dumbstruck when she found out something mindblowing, the Albatross is capable of traveling through multiple universes. Zoe walks around wondering how big the Albatross is, she finds herself in the technology section. She finds somekind of a device and some armor cards next to it.

Episode 2: Hisura[]

While searching in the mythical world in the forests, Zoe finds a young white-haired girl all alone. Feeling sorry for her, she takes her to safety.

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