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Disney Story the Third, also known in Japan as Disney Story 3 (ディズニーストーリー3 Dizunīsutōrī 3), is a 2006 Japanese animated, comedy film. It is the sequel to 2000's Disney Story and 2003's Disney Story 2. In Disney Story the Third, Gaston is plotting to overthrow Beast and Belle, who have inherited the throne following King Charles' death. Beast, who realizes he is not fit to be king, attempts to convince Belle's underachieving, 16-year-old cousin Arthur to reign instead.


Beast and Belle are to succeed the dying King Charles. Beast's attempts to serve as the Regent during the King's medical leave end in disaster; Beast insists that a beast as king is a bad idea and that there must be someone else to rule the kingdom. Before he dies, Charles tells Beast of another heir: his nephew, Arthur Pendragon. Meanwhile, Gaston vows to himself that he will become King of France and avenge the death of his mother, Queen Grimhilde. Gaston and LeFou go to the Poison Apple tavern and persuades fairy tale villains to fight for their "happily ever after".

Beast, Esmeralda, Djali and Senor Mouse set out to retrieve Artie; as they are sailing away, Belle reveals to Beast that she is pregnant, much to Beast's horror, as he believes he is not capable of raising children. The trio journey to Worcestershire Academy, an elite magical boarding school, where they discover Arthur is a scrawny 16-year-old underachiever. At the school pep rally, Beast tells Arthur he will be king of France. Arthur is excited until Esmeralda and Mouse inadvertently frighten him by discussing the responsibilities of being king. Arthur tries taking control of the ship to go back to Worcestershire and as he and Beast fight over the wheel, it breaks and the ship crashes on a remote island, where they encounter Arthur's retired wizard teacher, Merlin.

Gaston and other villains attack the castle, but Wolf, Pinocchio, Ginger, the Three Little Pigs and the Blind Mice stall them long enough for Belle and her mother Queen Cinderella to escape along with Snow White, Jasmine, Ariel, Aurora, and Anastasia. Wolf accidentally blurts out that Beast has gone to retrieve Arthur, and Gaston sends Captain Hook and his pirates to track down Beast. The ladies are put in a tower after Jasmine betrays them, having fallen in love with Gaston.

Captain Hook and his pirates track Beast and his friends to Merlin's island, where they attempt to capture Beast. Beast and Arthur defeat the villains, and Hook mentions Gaston and the takeover of Paris, now renamed to Gastonopolis. Beast urges Arthur to return to Worcestershire. Instead, Arthur cons Merlin into using his magic to send them to Gastonopolis. The spell causes Mouse and Esmeralda to accidentally switch bodies. They find Pinocchio and learn that Gaston plans to kill Beast as part of a play. Rourke and his men arrive, but Arthur tricks the knights into not taking them into custody and they break into the castle during rehearsals for the play. Caught in Gaston's dressing room, the five are taken captive.

Gaston prepares to kill Arthur, believing he is the next king. To save Arthur's life, Beast tells Gaston that Artie was a pawn to take his place as King of France. Gaston believes Beast and allows Arthur to leave. Esmeralda, Djali and Mouse are imprisoned with Belle and the ladies, where Belle grows frustrated with their lack of initiative. Belle's mother, Queen Cinderella, smashes an opening in the stone wall of the prison with a headbutt. While the princesses launch a rescue mission for Beast, Esmeralda and Mouse free Ginger, Pinocchio, the wolf and pigs, and Dragon and Djali's children. They encounter Arthur; Mouse and Esmeralda mollify him by explaining that Beast lied to save Arthur's life.

Gaston stages a musical in front of the kingdom. Just as Gaston is about to kill Beast, Belle, along with Mouse, Esmeralda, Djali, the princesses, and the fairy tale characters confront the villains. They lose, and Belle is tied up. Arthur shows up and convinces the villains that just because they are being treated like losers does not mean they must be losers. The villains agree to give up their evil ways. Gaston refuses to listen and lunges at Arthur with his sword, but Beast blocks the blow, so Gaston attacks him instead. As Beast pushes Gaston aside, Dragon knocks over Jasmine's tower, seemingly crushing him to death.

Arthur is crowned king. While the kingdom celebrates, Merlin restores Mouse and Esmeralda to their correct bodies. Beast and Belle return to the castle, becoming the parents of beast triplets, and coping with the help of Mouse, Esmeralda, Cinderella, Djali and Dragon.


Character English VA Japanese VA
Senor Mouse
Queen Cinderella
King Charles
Arthur Pentdragon
General Rourke
Drizella Tremaine
Anastasia Tremaine
Lady Tremaine
Snow White
Gingerbread Man
Captain Hook
The Three Pigs
Three Blind Mice
Big Bad Wolf
Magic Mirror
Headless Horseman
Principal Darwin
Ship Captain