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Doi Tamako

A hero who was resurrected as a Demi-God/Misukata along with Anzu.

Doi Tamako (土居 球子 Doi Tamako) is a main character from NoWaYu (Nogi Wakaba wa Yuusha de Aru). She was part of the First Hero Team. When she and Anzu were horribly injured by the Scorpio Vertex, they were resurrected by the Shinju and were given divine/godlike powers, making them to Demi-Gods (半神 Hanshin) or Misukata (御姿).

NOTE: Doi Tamako belongs to the YuYuYu franchise.

Appearance and Personality[]

Tamako has short brown hair with two shoulder-length bangs and two small buns that are each tied with an orange and black hair tie. Her school uniform consists of a white shirt with a violet bow and a navy blue skirt with a light blue line. However, most of it is covered by her orange and black jacket.

Her Hero form's outfit is an orange, black and white suit with two coattails in the back and two in the front. Tamako also wears orange and black gloves, and her buns are tied with orange ribbons that may be considered to be in a flower-like shape. These ribbons appear to be connected to two clips that extend from the back to the front of her head.

Tamako is an energetic, emotionally-driven girl that is very fond of the outdoors. She tends to laugh a lot and gets angry easily. She is also fond of making puns with her first name (Tamako), as well as talking in the third person. She is protective of her friends and tries to prevent them from being hurt.



Tamako and her friends were fighting off Stardusts, they used their Trump Cards when things got harder. They came across a 'perfect' Scorpion Vertex that Trump Cards didn't leave a scratch on it. Tamako saves Anzu from getting skewered by its poisonous tail. When Anzu came to her senses, her Trump Card powers has worn off and Tamako is using her shield to block the Vertex's tail.

Eventually, Tamako's Shield breaks, and the Vertex's tail pierces through Tamako's stomach and Anzu's chest. On the verge of dying, they clasp each other's hands. But the Shinju felt sorry for them and didn't want to let it happen, so it decided to resurrect them and upgrade their powers. When Anzu and Tamako were about to die, they started glowing, the wounds started regenerating until nothing was left of it and feeling their power returning back stronger much to their shock. Wakaba, Chikage and Yuuna who were witnessing it were absolutely dumbstruck. Regrouping temporarily, Yuuna, Anzu and Tamako use their new Trump Cards (Yuuna with Shuten-douji, Anzu with Kuraokami and Tamako with Kagutsuchi). Together, they defeat all Vertex.

After the battle, Anzu, Tamako and Yuuna were brought into the hospital for examinations, but they were released temporarily for the flower viewing. After the examiniation, Hinata calls Anzu and Tamako over at the Taisha's Headquarters. They were told of what happened to them: Because the Shinju has resurrected them, they were turned into Misukata or Demi-Gods and have been given divine/godlike powers, meaning they also have Immortality. Tamako and Anzu were shocked and are worried how Wakaba, Chikage and Yuuna would react whey they are told about this.

Personal statistics[]

Alignment: Lawful Good

Gender: Female

Age: Biologically 15, chronologically 315 years old

Height: 147 cm

Blood Type: B

Classification: Hero (before resurrection), Demi-God/Misukata (after resurrection)

Likes: Iyojima Anzu, Outdoor, Udon, hearing music (especially punk rock songs), spicy food (thanks to fire resistance)

Dislikes: Vertex, her friends getting hurt

Combat statistics[]

Level: Divine/Godlike (Divine Hero/Demi-God)

Powers and Abilities: Divine/Godlike powers like Absolute Condition or Absolute Reflex

Attack potency: Godlike (Boundless)

Speed: Infinite

Lifting strength: Boundless

Striking strength: Boundless

Durability: Boundless

Stamina: Limitless

Range: Unlimited

Intelligence: Omniscient

Weaknesses: None

Standard Equipment: Kinkyusen (from Iyojima Anzu), Ikutachi (from Nogi Wakaba), Ama no Sakate (from Takashima Yuuna), Oohagari (from Koori Chikage), Kamiya Tate Hime

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Meta Mastery

Trump Cards: She can not only use Wanyuudou, but also Yukijoro, Ichimokuren, Shuten-douji, Shichinin Misaki, Tamamo-no-Mae, Minamoto no Yoshitune, Daitengu, Kuraokami etc. She can also use her second trump card, Kagutsuchi

Immunity: She is immune against everything like poison or physical attacks


"When I got stabbed by the Scorpio Vertex, it really hurt like I was on fire. When we were about to die, the unbelievable happened, our bodies started glowing and the injuires disappeared as if they were healed. Has the Shinju resurrected us? We were absolutely speechless. After that we have been brought into a hospital." - Tamako explaining about her and Anzu's Resurrection

"Using a Trump Card could be very fatal and can almost kill you if you are not careful like Anzu explained it. When Yuuna used Shuten-douji, it placed an tremendous strain on her which is why the Taisha forbid it from being used again or the negative effects plaguing Chikage's mind that was already unstable. It's like 'A great power must come with a great cost'" -Tamako explaining about the after effect of the Trump Cards

"We were shocked when Hinata told us that we were no longer human, but Demi-Gods, in other words, half-human, half-god. I think that must have happened due to the resurrection. It was revealed that Shinju was the one who resurrected us from the nasty injury we got from the Vertex." - Tamako recounting what she was told

"The Taisha are withholding information like about that Sange and the Hero System?! What has gotten into them after 300 years? Oh crap, Wakaba would be really enraged if we told her about this." -Tamako upset at what Fu told her