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Dokugan no Hanzō
Created by Akira Jotaro (aka Justice0)
Writer(s) Akira Jotaro
Director(s) Akira Jotaro
No. of episodes 26
Run time 21-22 minutes

Dokugan no Hanzō (独眼の半蔵 Hanzou the One-Eye) is an anime that was written, directed, and created by Akira Jotaro who also created the anime Dokuganryu-hime, Zan!hime, and Wanderer.

The story takes place in the early Edo era of Japan in year 1633. The story is about a young samurai who was wanted for murder and travels the land hunting bounties in order to live on for the life of his fallen love, but meets a strange woman on his journey.


Napping under a sakura tree, a samurai was begged by three villagers whom were looking for a savior to help them fend off a yakuza gang that was terrorizing their homes. The samurai agreed to help, but on two conditions, he must be fed and paid for the duration of their of protection. When they came to the village, two of the yakuza were mugging a dango shop, complaining about food poisoning and the bigger one was expecting to be be paid for "poisoning" his comrade. As the big yakuza man was about to hit the old man who ran the shop, he was stopped by the samurai and was knocked down with the handle of his sword; the skinny yakuza then took out his dagger and tried to stab the samurai only to trip on his unconscious comrade's leg. From the ground, the skinny yakuza looked up as his comrade awoke, from there, they saw the samurai's face, a young man with an eyepatch on his scarred right eye, but the samurai then unsheathed his blade and threatened them to leave or die, and the two yakuza men ran away, saving the old shop owner and leaving the three villagers in awe. On the yakuza side, a blonde woman in a red kimono and short hakama by the name of Natsu Ibaragi arrived at the headquaters of the Kaien-gumi yakuza faction, the yakuza gang that was holding over the village, to capture the bounty of Zennosuke Yasuda, the Kaien-gumi leader. Right after the two muggers from the village came back to their headquaters, they brought the message that a one-eyed samurai arrived at the village and attacked them, stopping the blonde beauty, Natsu, from attacking their leader as she was curious as to who this one-eyed samurai might be, thus dashing out to find him and ignoring the smaller bounty of Zennosuke Yasuda. At the village, the samurai was guided around the village to familiarize it in case of future attacks, but just moments later, Natsu arrives in front of the samurai and confirmed it, the samurai was none other than the man with the 250,000 ryo bounty, Hanzou the One-Eye. Soon after Natsu's meeting with Hanzou, Hanzou follows Natsu after the defeat of the Kaien-gumi faction and expects her to repay him for the damage she caused him for mistakening him of attacking the villagers, eventually becoming her travel partner and facing many enemies together.


Main Protagonists[]

Hanzou Murasame[]

Also known as "Hanzou the One-Eye", he is wanted for murder of the daimyo of Setsuna province (fictional province), a town chief, and the chief's daughter. Hanzou is a playful young man at the age of 22 years who never strays from his goals and always takes life seriously despite risking it many times. In his past, at the age of 17, he was betrothed to his childhood friend, Fuyu Itami, and studied bushido very seriously in order to protect his town from any kind of danger. Hanzou soon had to kill Fuyu after she tried to kill him to save her father from the daimyo who took him hostage, but her father was killed right in front of their eyes when he told Fuyu to not kill Hanzou. Fuyu's despair from her father's death took away Hanzou's right eye, but she was killed right after due to Hanzou's reaction to defend himself, stabbing her through her heart. Right before Fuyu died, she told Hanzou that she would always love him and he must live on for everyone's lives. Hanzou then proceeded to kill the daimyo right after the daimyo laughed at her death, turning himself into a criminal. Hanzou left the next morning to protect the town after they said their farewells and told them to heroize the daimyo for the government so they may live in peace. Now, he plants flowers by a sakura tree everyday of Fuyu's death and prays to her and her father as the sakura of winter was their favorite flower. After killing the daimyo and villifiying himself, Hanzou recieved a bounty of 250,000 ryo and traveled the country as a ronin, obtaining food, money, and shelter from capturing other bounties and hiding his face from officials. Hanzou likes to fool with his hunters, often times making them believe he is not Hanzou the One-Eye by befriending them or fooling them with his playful personality. Hanzou is a master of the Rakkaten Kyujoushouha-ryuu (落下天急上昇刃流 Falling Heaven Surging Blade-style), a unique sword style that he learned from his unnamed master as a child on the condition that he does not pass it on to a new generation. Hanzou has bright brown hair tied in a how ponytail, wears a black eye-patch over his scarred right eye, a straw hat, and dresses in a yellow kimono and tan hakama. He eventually falls in love with Natsu after seeing Fuyu's ghost for the last time. He is voiced by Mamoru Miyano.

Natsu Ibaragi[]

Natsu is a bounty hunter who believes that the higher the bounty on the criminal, the eviler the man. Natsu is a childish 21 year-old woman who trained bushido as a child from her adoptive father, a former samurai. When she was a baby, her parents came to Japan for trade, but they were killed by raiding bandits when they were traveling from Kyoto to Edo; fortunately for Natsu, the bandits who attacked her parents were unaware of her existance, but she was alone for hours unattended until a wandering couple saved her and raised her as their own. Growing up as a Japanese but of European descent, she faced bullying as a child, but she was taught the way of the samurai by her father to defend herself. As she grew to adulthood, she was no longer seen as a foreigner and was part of the village she grew up in, but to outsiders of the village, she still faced much racism. At the age of 18, Natsu's father told her the truth of her heritage and gave her the sword that his grandfather used in the war, seeing her as more than just a woman and set her off on a journey to find her true self and explore the world. She has bright blonde hair tied in a high ponytail, blue eyes, wears a white sakura detailed scarf, and dresses with sarashi covering her breasts under a red male kimono and dark pink knee-short hakama. She eventually falls in love with Hanzou after traveling with him for so long, but keeps denying it until she sees Fuyu's ghost. Her name was Rose Summers before being adopted. She is voiced by Aya Hirano.

Main Antagonists[]

Zennosuke Yasuda[]

The leader of the Kaien-gumi yakuza faction. Zennosuke is a tall and slim man at the age of 36 years. He inheritated the Kaien-gumi faction from his father after killing him for power and used it to expand their control, reaching five villages in Setsuna province within three months and defeating a rival gang in a war in only a few weeks. Zennosuke is a greedy man and desires more power as he grows stronger, but not as much as he desires money, making the villages he "protects" pay as much as possible. He is a lion-faced man who dresses in a loose dark blue kimono and round-shaped shades. He is an iaido practitioner and has defeated many warriors who had challenged him, losing only to Hanzou. Zennosuke's bounty is worth 100,000 ryo for murder, kidnapping, rape, and theft; his bounty is lower than Hanzou's because Zennosuke's crimes did not cause as much attention to the government as Hanzou's did. He is voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda.


A nameless bounty hunter at the age of 29 years who hunts for Hanzou the One-Eye because he believes that it was him who massacred his village. Tsubaki named himself after his wife's favorite flower after he disowned his name to become a bounty hunter. In his past, he was a farmer who lived with his wife and 6 year-old son, but his family along with his village was attacked when he was out hunting, and when he came home, he saw the village covered in corpses. Tsubaki ran quickly to his farm to check his family, but when he arrived, they were already dead and covered in blood; as Tsubaki turned around to find the killer, he saw a young man with a scarred right eye holding a bloody sword. Eversince that day, he trained himself until he can one day avenge his family and home, but 8 years later, he found a bounty of Hanzou the One-Eye and believed he was the killer, thus, becoming a bounty hunter to seek his vengeance. He is a cold and dirty man with messy black hair and a beard, dressed in a ragged kimono, bandages, and a bead necklace to represent his religion and his belief of karma. Tsubaki does not know any kind of sword style and often breaks his swords because of his strength. After losing to Hanzou and clearing his mind, he finds out that he was not the killer because he was too young and his sword was too "clean" for a manslayer samurai. He meets with Hanzou and Natsu once again in Kyoto and leaves to Osaka after avenging his family. He is voiced by Kouji Yusa.

Ryou Amada[]

The warrior monk nicknamed "Zanki" (斬鬼 Slashing Demon) for his many murders. Ryou is a tall and muscular wandering buddhist monk with an unchanging smiling face and kind personality, but he also kills many people he sees to be "evil" and cuts off their heads and burying them as his way of their "atonement" for their deeds. He was kicked out of his temple due to his extreme ways of punishing evil, but not long after, he destroyed his former temple and called everyone evil for removing him, the "Chosen One of Buddha" as he believes. He carries around a monk staff with a hidden blade inside of it as his weapon of execution, but he sometimes uses his sheer force to crush his enemies. Ryou has a bounty of 280,000 ryo for murder, arson, and treason. He is voiced by Kenta Miyake.

Mitsurugi Tajiri[]

A one-eyed samurai at the age of 27 years and a man of lust. Mitsurugi desires only three things in his life: women, power, and chaos, with the dream to recreate the warring states era with himself living in luxury and manipulating the wars. When he was a boy of 13 years, he was a genius swordsman who grew up in a samurai clan, but his family was attacked one day in a rebellion by the people of the land and he lost his right eye in the raid, but also his sanity. He was stabbed in the eye as a child, damaging his brain and blinding him in his right eye, but he survived and slayed every rebel in his home along with the remaining household survivors using his mastery of his family's sword style. Days after the incident, he was adopted by his uncle and was raised by him until his 19th birthday, when he stole his uncle's sword, the Tsuki-kiri Masamune (月切り正宗 Moon Cutting Masamune) and massacred a village with it; this village was the home of Tsubaki, who seeks revenge against the killer of his family. Mitsurugi is protected by his uncle, Sando, who is unaware of his crimes, and he uses this protection to his advantage to have as much fun as he wants within limits. Mitsurugi has long black hair tied in a high ponytail and an eyepatch covering his scarred right eye, and he dresses in bright red kimono under a black haori and hakama. Mitsurugi was named after his family's sword style, the Tajiri Mitsurugi-ryuu (義博御剣流 Tajiri Govern Blade style). He falls in love with Natsu's beauty and desires her to become one of his slaves then defeats her in a duel not long after their meeting in Kyoto, but she is saved by Hanzou and Tsubaki. He is defeated and killed by the team of Hanzou and Tsubaki two days later. He is voiced by Showtaro Morikubo.

Nobukage Shiiba[]

The daimyo of Hanzou's past. Nobukage was the daimyo of Setsuna province and a man born of noble samurai blood. He was known to be a man who ignores many requests of the emperor and shogun, not being very well-known to other lords; this was because of his arrogance and tendency to put himself above all others, but because he was not well-known, it was easy to cause rumors against him. Nobukage married to 10 women, but he killed three of them for cheating on him and abandoned five because of boredom; he later fell in love with Fuyu's beauty, the soon-to-be wife of Hanzou. Nobukage was rejected several times by Fuyu, which made him enraged and desperate, so he kidnapped Fuyu's father and threatened to kill him if Fuyu did not marry him and kill Hanzou. On the day of Hanzou's return from training, Fuyu was in the town center with a knife and Nobukage behind her holding her father hostage; Nobukage ordered her to kill Hanzou as soon as they met each other. Fuyu's father tried to stop Fuyu from killing Hanzou, but as soon as it began to work, Nobukage threatened to summon an army and destroy the town, so she attacked Hanzou again and was killed by Hanzou's defensive reaction. With the disappointment of Fuyu's death, Nobukage dropped her father and killed him then dueled Hanzou only to be knocked down and have his head cut off. Nobukage had a pure white face of make-up and a regal samurai hairstyle, and he dressed in black robes with golden trims. He is voiced by Tetsu Shiratori.

Johnathan Leroy Smith[]

An English blackmarket dealer who came to Japan in order to trade weapons. Johnathan is a cheerful businessman at the age of 32 years who dreams of becoming the richest man in the world. Johnathan is a wanted criminal from Great Britain who ran to Asia to avoid being caught by the British Army and Holy Roman Empire. He is wanted for bribery, blackmail, and illegal trades of drugs, weaponry, and slaves, giving him a bounty of 60,000 pounds. Before running to Japan, Johnathan was born of a prostitute and a rich governor, but being the bastard son of a governor, he was raised by his mother who was soon killed in a mugging, which was actually a cover up attempt from his father that had worked. Johnathan grew up on the streets of London as John Leroy until he was 12 years old, when he was adopted by a wandering businessman and was taught to succeed in the blackmarket business as well as how to become a lawyer after changing his name to Johnathan Smith. At the age of 20 years, Johnathan never forgot his grudge against his real father and found enough evidence to put him in jail for the rest of his life for the crimes of bribery, murder, and treason. One year later on the anniversary of his mother's death and his birthday, Johnathan killed his real father in jail secretly by poisoning and later his adoptive father by choking, taking his revenge and the succession of his blackmarket business. Johnathan was never found out about his murders, but at the age of 26, he was found guilty of illegal trades because of a spy and left to the Holy Roman Empire where he was found guilty of bribery and blackmail to try to return to Britain, so he left to Asia, and 5 years later, he reached Japan and began a new business. Johnathan is a gunman who uses many pistols and rifles when necessary, but he also uses a secret weapon which he built himself for emergencies named the Leroy, a large 5-barrel gun that functions similar to a revolver and Gatling gun. He knows of Natsu's real family, the Summers, and once admired them when he was training to be a businessman, but before he died, he chose to not tell her anything about them in order to fool with her. His gun, the Leroy, was destroyed by Hanzou and defeated by Natsu, but he killed himself by shooting his head with a hidden pistol. He is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa.

Koga Torii[]

An impersonator of Hanzou the One-Eye. Koga is a 33 year old man with a young face that makes him look around his young 20s. Koga is an arrogant and easily excitable man, making his two partners worry about getting caught because of him. He is a fan of powerful warriors and as the war has long since been over, he looked towards high bounty criminals as his source of inspiration and eventually stumbled upon the ronin wanted for murder of a daimyo who was also a bounty hunter, Hanzou the One-Eye. Koga used the name and looks of Hanzou the One-Eye as a disguise to make a living by capturing low bounty criminals. He was a practitioner of the Yagyu Shinkage-ryuu (柳生新陰流 Yagyuu New Shadow style) as a child until his adult years when he abandoned his former life to become a criminal. After disguising himself as Hanzou, he lived a life of luxury in the blackmarket cities along with his partners Ichiro and Niita. When he met the real Hanzou, he mistakened him to be regular ronin and treated him like he would most others, arrogantly and loudly, but he later assumed he was another imposter of Hanzou the One-Eye until he defeated the entire blackmarket city with Natsu. Koga has a bounty of 30,000 ryo for theft and fraud. Koga has a youthful face and spiked brown hair tied in a low ponytail, he wears an eyepatch over his fake scar on his right eye and dresses in a brown kimono and black hakama. He is defeated and captured by Hanzou to be turned in for bounty money. He is voiced by Tomokazu Seki.

Juumonji Nakaiya[]

The biggest name in the blackmarket, wanted for illegal trades, murder, arson, attempted assassination, slavery, kidnapping, and treason, giving him a bounty of 500,000 ryo. Juumonji is known to be a calm but sadistic old man who treasures power and money; his age unknown. In his past, he was the lord of a great city and also a businessman of local businesses and the blackmarket, but his crimes were revealed after a failed attempt to kill another lord who was suspiscious of his activities, and disappeared from the government's sights. Juumonji known for his elegant beard and his distinctive Chinese designed clothing that makes him look similar to an emperor of China due to his interest in Chinese trade. He defeats Hanzou the first time with his Chinese bodyguard, Lu Feng ( 陸奉 Riku Hō), but his bodyguard is later killed by Natsu and he was defeated and captured by Hanzou. He is voiced by Tetsuo Komura.

Other Characters[]

Episodes are when they appear, the name in the middle are the titles of the arcs, and the names at the end are the main antagonists of the arc.

Episodes 1-3 (Kaien-gumi Yakuza; Zennosuke Yasuda)[]

  • Hitou - The oldest and wisest of the three villagers who hired Hanzou. Haji is a strong and big middle-aged man who is well known in his village for helping with heavy lifting. He is voiced by Kazuya Nakai.
  • Futaba - The the second oldest of the three villagers. Futaba is an average farmer in his village who is often looked upon for supportive advice. He is voiced by Hozumi Goda.
  • Mitsu - The youngest of the three villagers. Mitsu is known to be a handsome young man in his early 20s, but also known to be a person who can't keep secrets very well, which leads to increasing Hanzou's payment from only being fed to being paid and fed for as long as he is in the village. He is voiced by Hiro Shimono.
  • Yoshi - An old man who runs a dango shop. Yoshi is saved from two yakuza members and serves Hanzou as much food as he wants free of charge for it. He is voiced by Shigeru Chiba.
  • Aya - A young 11 year-old girl who fell in love with Hanzou after he saved her from the yakuza. Aya keeps clinging onto Hanzou after he defeated the Kaien-gumi faction and becomes jealous of Natsu, but she is convinced by Hanzou to let go. She is voiced by Ami Koshimizu.
  • Naruto - A member of the Kaien-gumi yakuza gang. Naruto is a small and skinny, but skilled swordsman who likes to con people with his partner, Menma. He has a bounty of 70,000 for swindling, theft, bribery, and murder. His name comes from narutomaki, a kind of fish with a swirl design that usually comes in ramen, oden, or nimono. He is voiced by Shigeru Chiba.
  • Menma - A member of the Kaien-gumi yakuza gang. Menma is a large and intimidating man with strength strong enough to break a concrete building, and uses this for making cons with his partner, Naruto. He has a bounty of 50,000 for swindling and murder. His name comes from menma, a kind of condiment made from bamboo shoots usually for ramen. He is voiced by Kenta Miyake.

Episodes 4-6 (Fukushu-sha no Tsubaki; Tsubaki)[]

  • Kisuke - A wandering bounty hunter who is well known for capturing three high bounty criminals uninjured. Kisuke is a middle-aged man who follows the path of bushido as a living, but is often easily excited and naive. He is tricked by Hanzou into believing Hanzou the One-Eye didn't actually have one eye and search for someone else. He is voiced by Kazuya Nakai.
  • Ryuunojyou no Keishin - A kabuki actor who loves to act and dress in bright clothes. He, along with his group, travel across Japan to spread the art of acting across the land. Unknown from his troupe, he sometimes hunts bounties under the identity of Benkei Musashibo, a famous historical figure known for stealing his opponents' weapons, and uses the money he earns to support his troupe as an anonymous funding. He is a master at using the naginata and almost defeats Hanzou until Tsubaki interrupted the duel. He is voiced by Kentarou Itou.
  • Izo - An old man who runs a bar for bounty hunters. Izo is known to be a kind and helpful man despite his frightening looks and scarred face. He is voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda.
  • Haru - The granddaughter of Izo and maid of Izo's bar. Haru's parents were murdered by bandits as a child, so Izo took responsibility as her only known family member and raised her as his own. She is voiced by Ami Koshimizu.

Episodes 7-8 (Onisou; Ryou Amada)[]

  • Jiro - A young farmer who saved Ryou Amada's life from dying of a heatstroke. He and his wife were killed by Ryou after he discovered they were ambitious of becoming wealthy in the future. He is voiced by Hiro Shimono.
  • Fuka - The wife of Jiro. She was killed by Ryou for being ambitious. She is voiced by Aya Hirano.

Episodes 9-13 (Tsuki-kiri no Mitsurugi; Mitsurugi Tajiri)[]

  • Aki - A 14 year-old girl who works as a maid in a brothel, Hana no Mai (花の舞 Dance of Flowers). She was adopted by the tayu and the chief of the brothel, Sakura. Aki is a hard working young girl who dreams of traveling the world when she grows up. She is saved by Hanzou and Tsubaki after being in the crossfire of a samurai duel and by Natsu after Mitsurugi attacked the brothel. She is voiced by Hisako Kanemoto.
  • Sakura - The chief and tayu of the Hana no Mai brothel house. She is named "tayu" for being the most beautiful cortesan in the city of Kyoto, but she is also a very intelligent woman who has learned to speak in near-perfect English and how to fight with the naginata. She is able to defend herself from skilled samurai and even defeated Zennosuke Yasuda once in their past. She allows Hanzou, Natsu, and Tsubaki to stay in the brothel for saving Aki's life. Tsubaki is reminded of his deceased wife whenever they meet, but despite Sakura learning to love him, he rejects her because her appearance makes him remember too much. She is voiced by Chie Nakamura.
  • Kakashi - A near-emotionless man who has a one-sided love towards Sakura and guards her with his life. Kakashi was a wandering samurai down on luck with no memories until he was saved by the tayu, Sakura, and fell in love with her. Kakashi (案山子 scarecrow) was named by Sakura for being similar to one as he displayed no emotion and stood still for long periods of time only to wear off others. Kakashi grows jealous of Tsubaki and duels him after learning of Sakura's affection to him, but it ends when Mitsurugi attacks the brothel. He is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa.
  • Sando Tajiri - One of the retainers of the daimyo of Kyoto. Sando is the uncle and adoptive guardian of Mitsurugi. He is voiced by Tomokazu Seki.

Episode 14 (Dokugan no Hanzou; Nobukage Shiiba)[]

  • Fuyu - Hanzou's childhood friend and former lover. Fuyu was a kind, strong, and beautiful woman who cared for others, but since her mother's death, she became afraid of losing her loved ones. She was asked for wedded by the daimyo, Nobukage Shiiba, many times, but she rejected all of his proposals, which led to him kidnapping her father and forcing her to kill her soon-to-be husband, Hanzou. Fuyu slashed Hanzou's right eye and gave him a scar, but she was killed right after that. Before dying Fuyu's final words to Hanzou were to live on and that she will forever love him. After she died, she became a ghost who protects and guides Hanzou and eventually tells him to find a new love so she can finally rest in peace, showing herself to Natsu so that she may realize her true feelings and guiding Hanzou to a better life. Fuyu has dark black long hair and dresses in a pure white scarf and white kimono with a blue sakura design. She is voiced by Yukari Fukui.
  • Fuyu's Father - An unnamed character. He is the father of Fuyu and mayor of the small town they live in. He was a strong and large man who loved to help the people with their troubles and was loved and supported back. He was kidnapped and killed by Nobukage Shiiba. He is voiced by Kazuya Nakai.
  • Yuusuke - Fuyu's father's right hand man. He is a friend of Hanzou and the new mayor of the town after Fuyu and her father's deaths. He is voiced by He is voiced by Shigeru Chiba.

Episodes 15-17 (Smith Trades; Johnathan Leroy Smith)[]

  • Father Isaac Green - A European missionary from the Roman Catholic Church. He is a middle aged man of 41 years who loves to help others, but due to the ban of Christianity and isolationism of Japan ordered by the shogun, Iemitsu Tokugawa, he has much trouble trying to convert others into his religion without getting into trouble from officials. In Isaac's first meeting with Hanzou and Natsu, he manages to tell Hanzou many things about Jesus and the bible, but is unable to convert them because Hanzou only enjoyed the stories and Natsu left, but despite this, he is still able to befriend Hanzou and give him hope for the future. Isaac knows of Johnathan Leroy Smith's goals, but when they meet each other in Owari, Isaac believes there is still good in him despite all his deeds, but he is threatened and leaves moments later. He is killed by Johnathan after he protected Natsu and his assistant, Sister Isabelle, from gunshots of Johnathan's rifles. He is voiced by Kenta Miyake.
  • Sister Isabelle - A European missionary from the Roman Cathloic Church. She is the 20 year-old assistant of Father Isaac Green and a nun devoted to God. Isabelle is a kind and strong woman who was an orphan and became a sister at the age of 14 years. She hates violence and will sometimes go out of her way to stop a fight, often times being stopped or saved by luck. She leaves back to Europe not soon after the death of Father Isaac. She is voiced by Fumiko Orikasa.
  • Gyodo Okita - The magistrate of Nagoya. Gyodo is a strong and stubborn officer of the law who has kept track of blackmarket trades in Owari since the arrival of Johnathan Leroy Smith and his suspicious company. After the death and capture of Johnathan, Gyodo ignores Sister Isabelle's crimes of preaching and lets her go, but arrests Hanzou for his crimes along with Natsu for accompanying him. The next day, Gyodo let Hanzou and Natsu go in secret for saving Nagoya. He is voiced by Hozumi Goda.

Episodes 18-19 (Nise no Dokugan; Koga Torii)[]

  • Ichiro - One of Koga Torii's friends and followers. He is a greedy and excitable man who enjoys his life with his friends as criminals living in the red light district of a blackmarket city. He has a bounty of 20,000 ryo for theft. He is voiced by Kentarou Itou.
  • Niita - The second of Koga Torii's friends and followers. He is the voice of reason in the group, despite enjoying his life of crime with his friends, he is often worried about being caught, so he tries to reason with them many times only to fail. Unlike his friends, he does not have a bounty. He is voiced by Hiro Shimono.

Episodes 20-26 (Makugire; Juumonji Nakaiya)[]

  • Lu Feng - In Japanese, his name is pronounced as Riku Hou. Lu Feng is a Chinese mercenary hired by Juumonji Nakaiya to protect his trades. He is a powerful martial artist who likes to fight with his bare hands and has both power and speed in his abilities. Lu Feng defeats Hanzou once due to being unprepared for battle, but in their second fight, Hanzou almost defeats Lu Feng until he escapes with Juumonji. After Hanzou ignores Lu Feng to reach Juumonji, Natsu battled him and he is killed in an accident where she caused him to trip and fall to his death. Lu Feng rarely speaks. He is voiced by Tetsu Shiratori.
  • Shiki - A 17 year-old girl who seeks vengeance against Juumonji Nakaiya for ruining her family's lives. Shiki is a strong young woman who takes care of her ill father who was once an employee of Juumonji Nakaiya. Her father was selected as a test subject for Juumonji Nakaiya's new drug product before he was revealed to be a blackmarket dealer, and because of this drug being inaffective, Shiki's father was paralyzed and hardly able to move. Shiki's mother became a prostitute a month later in order to pay for their home with their father being in a coma, but she was killed by an unsatisfied customer. Shiki blames Juumonji Nakaiya for their family's disgrace and wishes for revenge. After the defeat of Juumonji Nakaiya, Hanzou and Natsu gave their collected bounty money to Shiki so she could begin a new life somewhere else. She is voiced by Chiaki Omigawa.