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Masuta and Saibamankontorora

Dokatu Fu is an anime adaptation of the BBC's Doctor Who.

Season 1: Anata Wa Koko De Nanishiteruno?[]

The Dokuta is a mysterious character and little is known about him except that he has a granddaughter, Suzan Foaman, and that they come from another time and place. He has a ship that travels through time and space, the TARDIS, which is currently disguised as a police box (Suzan notes that it used to be able to change to blend in with its surroundings), and is bigger on the inside. The Dokuta describes himself and Suzan as "exiles" without specifying why or even whether their exile is self-imposed. It would not be until the last adventure of the Dokuta's second incarnation that the name of the Dokuta's people (the Taimurozu) would be revealed, and the third incarnation before the name of his home planet (Gallifrey) was first spoken.

The series' first episode opens with a pair of schoolteachers in contemporary (1963) Japan, Ian Chesutaton and Barbara Raito, investigating the mystery of Suzan, a student who seems confused and even frustrated at how what she is learning in history and especially mathematics seems to be wrong. Following Suzan to her supposed home, they discover the TARDIS in a junkyard, surprising both Suzan and her grandfather the Dokuta, who launches the ship in response to the discovery. Ian and Barbara are involuntarily taken on a journey back to the year 100,000 B.C and spend two years adventuring through time and space with the Dokuta, who at this point in the series has no control over the navigation systems of the TARDIS.

It was as this incarnation that the Dokuta first met the Dareku and the Saibamen, races that would become his most implacable foes. The TARDIS crew also observed many historical events such as the reign of terror in revolutuionary France, meeting Marco Polo in China and The Aztecs in Mexico. When Suzan fell in love with the human resistance fighter Debiddo Kyanberu, the Dokuta left her behind to allow her to build a life for herself on 22nd century Earth (The Dareku Invasion Of Earth), although he promised to return some day. The Dokuta, Ian and Barbara were then joined by Bikki, whom they saved in the rescue from the planet Dido.

At the conclusion of a chase through time by Dareku, Ian and Barbara used the Dareku time machine to go home (the chase), and their place in the TARDIS was taken by a future space pilot named Sutibun Teira, who had been captured by the robot Mechanoids but escaped due to the Dareku attack. The Dokuta met another member of his own race for the first time in the form of the Meddling Monk and had an adventure in Galaxy 4. During the seige of Troy, Bikki decided to leave the TARDIS to stay with Trolius, adopting the name Cressida. The Dokuta and Debiddo were next briefly joined by Trojan slave Katarina and a security agent from 4000 AD Sara Kingdom, but both were killed during the events of the Dareku master plan, where the Dareku plotted to invade Earth's Solar System in 4000 AD, before being destroyed when the Dokuta activated their weapon the Time Destructor. Due to this he was aged significantly; the effects on Sara were enough to reduce her to dust.

After narrowly missing the massacre of Saint Bartholomew, the Dokuta and Debiddo took on board a young girl named Dodokeren. Dodokeren brought a cold virus to the far future, which nearly annihilated the humans and Monoids travelling on the ark. It was cured and when the TARDIS arrived on the Ark 700 years later the TARDIS crew helped the humans reach their destination, the Monoids having taken over the Ark. One of the First Dokuta's most deadly foes was the Tentai Omocha Meka, who forced him and his companions to play deadly games and briefly made the Dokuta invisible and mute. Eventually, the Dokuta managed to win the Trilogic Game allowing them all to escape the Omocha domain.

Eventually, Debiddo and Dodokeren left the Dokuta as well, Debiddo remaining on an alien planet as a mediator (the savages) between two races, and Dodokeren deciding to remain on Earth in 1966 to recover from being hypnotised by the supercomputer WOTAN. The Dokuta was then joined by upper-class secretary Pori and sailor Ben Jackuson who would witness his first regeneration.

The toll of years put strain on the Dokuta's elderly frame. After defeating the Saibamen at the Antarctic Snowcap Station (the tenth planet), the Dokuta collapsed inside the TARDIS, and before the astonished eyes of his companions Ben and Pori, regenerated for the first time, getting him a new physical appearance and character – The Second Dokuta.

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The First Dokuta

Season 2: Osoku Nari, Hitotsu No Koto Ni Schchu Suru![]

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The Second Dokuta

In the second story, The Highlanders, Jeimi McCrimmon, joined the TARDIS crew, and remained with the Second Dokuta for the rest of his travels. Ben and Pori left together when the TARDIS landed at Tokyo Airport on the same day they originally left with the First Dokuta, after they had stopped the mass kidnapping of tourists by shape shifting aliens. The Dokuta and Jeimi then became involved in a plot by the Dareku to gain both the "Human and Dareku Factors" when the TARDIS was stolen, which led to them meeting Victoria Waterfield in the 19th century. The Dokuta used the situation to engineer a Dareku civil war that seemingly destroyed the Dareku forever. However, Victoria's father was among the casualties. Now an orphan, Victoria chose to accompany the Dokuta and Jeimi on their travels. Although she felt great affection for the Dokuta and Jeimi, she was never able to completely come to terms with life in the TARDIS and the constant danger that resulted. She eventually chose to leave after the events of Fury from the Deep and was adopted by someone in the 20th Century. The Dokuta was then joined by Zoiheriotto, an extremely intelligent (if overly dependent on logic) woman from the 21st century, who helped defeat the Saibamen attack on a space station known as the Wheel. She then stowed away in the TARDIS and, despite the Dokuta's warnings about what she might encounter, chose to remain.During his second incarnation, the Dokuta confronted familiar foes such as the Dareku and the Saibamen, as well as new enemies such as the Great Intelligence and the Ice Warriors. It was during this time that he first met Arisuta, in the tunnels of the London Underground. Following the defeat of the Great Intelligence, Arisuta was promoted to Brigadier and became the leader of the Japanese contingent of UNIT, a military organisation tasked to investigate and defend the world from extraterrestrial threats. The Dokuta reteamed with him to defeat an invasion of Saibamen in league with industrialist, Tobiasu.The Second Dokuta's time came to an end when the TARDIS landed in the middle of a warzone, created by a race of alien warlords who, with the help of another renegade Jikan no Omo the War Chief, progressively kidnapped and brainwashed humans into becoming soldiers for them, hoping to use the ones who survived to conquer the Galaxy. Although the Dokuta was able to defeat their plan, he realised he would be unable to return the human subjects to their various original points in Earth's history. He therefore contacted the Taimurozu, sacrificing his own freedom in the process, and despite an attempt to escape was forced to return to his home planet. He was then put on trial by the Taimurozu, for breaking their laws of non-interference. Despite the Dokuta's argument that the Time Taimurozu should use their great powers to help others, he was sentenced to exile on 20th century Earth, the Taimurozu forcing his regeneration into the Third Dokuta in the process. Jeimi and Zoi were returned to their own time, with their memories of all but their first encounter with the Dokuta wiped and the secret of the TARDIS was also taken from the Dokuta.

 Season 3: Watashi No Kutsu O Mitsukenakereba Naranai[]

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The Third Dokuta

The Third Dokuta was a suave, dapper, technologically oriented, and authoritative man of action who practised Venusian Aikido (or Karate). A keen scientist, he maintained a laboratory at UNIT where he enjoyed working on gadgets in his TARDIS. In his spare time, he was fond of motoring, handing all manner of vehicles. His favourite car was a canary-yellow vintage roadster that he nicknamed "Besshi," a construct which featured such modifications as a remote control, dramatically increased speed capabilities, and inertial dampeners. He also maintained a hovercraft-like vessel that fans nicknamed the Fumobile. The First Dokuta, upon meeting the Third, described him indignantly as a "Dandy", while the Second Dokuta, with whom the Third had something of an antagonistic relationship on the occasions they encountered each other, referred to him as "Fancy Pants".While this incarnation spent most of his time exiled on Earth, where he grudgingly worked as UNIT's scientific advisor, he was occasionally sent on covert missions by the Taimurozu, where he would often act as a reluctant mediator. Even though he developed a fondness for Earthlings with whom he worked (such as Rizusho and Jo Guranto), he jumped at any chance to return to the stars with the enthusiasm of a far younger man than himself (as can be seen in his frivolous attitude in The Mutants). If this Dokuta had a somewhat patrician and authoritarian air, he was just as quick to criticise authority, too, having little patience with self-inflated bureaucrats, parochially narrow ministers, knee-jerk militarists or red tape in general. His courageousness could easily turn to waspish indignation; it is thus no surprise that a common catchphrase of his was, "Now listen to me!"Despite his occasional arrogance, the Third Dokuta genuinely cared for his companions in a paternal fashion, and even held a thinly veiled but grudging admiration for his nemesis, the Masuta, and for UNIT's leader, Brigadier Arisuta, with whom he eventually became friends. In fact, even when his much-resented exile was lifted, the highly moral and dashing Third Dokuta continued to help UNIT protect the Earth from all manner of alien threats.In general, this incarnation of the Dokuta was more physically daring than the previous two and was the first to confront an enemy physically if cornered (both of his previous incarnations nearly always attempted to dodge, flee or negotiate rather than attack). This often took the form of quick strikes, with the occasional joint lock or throw—usually enough to get himself and anyone accompanying him out of immediate danger, but usually not to the extent of a brawl, in keeping with the Dokuta's non-violent nature. He only used his fighting skills if he had no alternative, and even then generally disarmed his opponents rather than knocking them unconscious. Indeed, his martial prowess was such that a single, sudden strike was usually enough to halt whatever threatened him, and at one point he reminded Captain Letsu (physically as well as verbally) that Letsu would have a difficult time removing him from somewhere when he did not want to be removed (The Mind of Evil).Perhaps due to his time spent on Earth, or maybe just as a function of his pacifistic and authoritative tendencies, the Third Dokuta was a skilled diplomat (keeping talks going in The Curse of Peladon, for example) and linguist, as well as having an odd knack for disguises; all of this, combined with his formidable galactic experience, often allowed the Third Dokuta to play a central role in the events in which he found himself.

 Season 4: Jinrui-Shi[]

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The Fourth Dokuta

In his new incarnation, the Dokuta is eager to leave Earth in favour of exploration, thus drawing back from continuous involvement with UNIT (with which he had worked closely as the Third Dokuta). He has also grown tired of working for the Taimuzoru. Despite attempts to avoid them altogether, the Taimuzoru continue to send him on occasional missions, including an attempt to prevent the creation of the Dareku (Genesis of the Dareku), during which he also meets Davros. The Dokuta travels with journalist, Sara Jen Sumisu, whom he had befriended prior to his regeneration, and, for a time, with UNIT Surgeon-Lieutenant Hari Suriban.After a battle with Zygons in Scotland, Hari (having just spent an entire season with the Dokuta as they tried to get back to the TARDIS) decided that taking the train was safer than the TARDIS, which the Dokuta and Sara chose to try to make an appointment in Tokyo. Instead they ended up on the planet Zetamaina (Planet of Evil), located at the far edge of the known universe. From this point on the Dokuta and Sara travelled alone.The Dokuta's companionship with Sara Jen came to an end when he received a telepathic summons to Gallifrey, as humans were not then allowed on the planet. The summons turns out to be part of a trap set by his enemy the Masuta. The renegade Jikan no Omo has used up all his regenerations and has degenerated into little more than a withered skeletal husk. The Dokuta is framed for the assassination of the President of the High Council of Taimuzoru and put on trial. In order to avoid execution (by vaporisation), the Dokuta invokes an obscure law and declares himself a candidate for the office, giving himself the time he needs to prove his innocence and expose the real culprit. This ultimately results in a climactic battle with the Masuta (The Deadly Assassin).The Dokuta is seen to travel alone for the first time, returning to a planet he had visited centuries before. During his previous visit, he had accidentally imprinted his own mind on a human colony ship's powerful computer, Xoanon, leaving it with multiple personalities. On his second visit the Dokuta is now remembered as an evil god by the descendants of the colonists, some of whom had become a warrior tribe called the Sevateem. After the Dokuta cures the computer, one of the Sevateem, Leela, joins him on his travels (The Face of Evil). The Dokuta brings the intelligent but uneducated Leela to many locales in human history, teaching her about science and her own species' past. In Japan, the pair encounters the magician Li Hsien Chang and his master, the self-styled Weng-Chiang (The Talons of Weng-Chiang). Weng-Chiang is revealed to be a time-jumping criminal from the Earth's distant future.Later, the Dokuta and Leela visit the Bi-Al Foundation medical centre, where they acquire the robot dog K-9 (The Invisible Enemy). While K-9 is malfunctioning, a time distortion leads the TARDIS back to contemporary rural Japan. While investigating the distortion, he and Leela are confronted by an ancient being that feeds on death from Jikan no Omo history, called the Fendahl (Image of the Fendahl). Eventually, the Dokuta returns to Gallifrey and declares himself Lord Emperor, based on the election held during his previous visit. This is in fact a ploy to reveal and defeat a Sontaran invasion plan. In the aftermath Leela and K-9 decide to remain on Gallifrey. The Dokuta comforts himself by producing K-9 Mark II (The Invasion of Time).Shortly afterward, the powerful White Guardian assigns the Dokuta the task of finding the six segments of the Key to Time, sending a young Time Lady named Romana to assist him. The two Gallifreyans travel to a variety of planets, encountering strange and unusual allies and enemies, gathering the six segments and defeat the equally powerful Black Guardian, who sought the Key for himself. After the conclusion of the quest, Romana regenerates into a new form (Destiny of the Daleks).In an effort to evade the Black Guardian, the Dokuta installs a "Randomizer" in the TARDIS so that not even the Black Guardian can anticipate where they go. Ironically, the first place the Randomizer sends them is the home planet of the Dareku, Skaro (Destiny of the Daleks). Perhaps because of this, the Dokuta begins frequently overriding the machine, first travelling to Paris for a holiday, only to get caught up in an alien scheme to steal the Mona Lisa (The City of Death). He eventually discards the device altogether, remarking that he's fed up with not knowing where he's going.Shortly after this, the Fourth Dokuta and Romana are projected outside the known universe and into a universe of negative coordinates, known as Exo-Space. The TARDIS lands on a planet called Alzerius (Full Circle), where they are joined by a young prodigy named Adric. It's in E-Space that the Dokuta destroys the last of a race of giant Vampires who had once threatened all life in his universe. Eventually, the Dokuta and his two companions find themselves in a white void with no coordinates, a sort of membrane between the two universes. A way out soon forms, but Romana and K-9 chose to remain behind to help free a race of enslaved creatures in E-Space (Warriors' Gate).The Dokuta and Adric have only just made it back when they're asked to help the people of Traken from a creature known as "Melkur." On Traken, Adric and the Dokuta are introduced to the aristocratic Nyssa of Traken. Both Nyssa and her father, Tremas, assist the Dokuta in stopping Melkur, who is in fact revealed to be another TARDIS that is controlled by the Masuta. The Masuta is narrowly defeated, but managed to take over Tremas' body, thus giving himself a new incarnation.The Dokuta decides to travel to Earth to scan a real Police Box as part of a plan to repair the "Chameleon Circuit", the shape-changing mechanism in the TARDIS. However, the Dokuta soon spots a mysterious ghostly figure looking at him in the distance. He eventually confronts the figure, who warns him of future dangers.As the Dokuta prepares to travel to the planet Logopolis to get the Chameleon Circuit fixed, Tegan Jovanka appears in the console room (having previously gotten lost in the corridors of the TARDIS). The conduit between E-Space and our own universe is revealed to be a Charged Vacuum Emboitment (CVE) created by the mathematicians of Logopolis as part of a system to allow the Universe to continue on past its point of heat death. Nyssa shows up, explaining that she was brought to Logopolis by the same figure that the Dokuta encountered. Logopolis soon falls under the Masuta's control, but the stasis field he is generating ends up releasing Entropy and eroding matter throughout the universe, threatening to destroy the entire universe.The Masuta agrees to help the Dokuta stop the spread of Entropy by adapting the Pharos Project radio telescope on Earth so that they are able to reopen the CVEs. However, when the Masuta tries to take control of it, the Dokuta runs out under the upturned radio dish to sever the cable linking the Masuta to the CVEs. The Masuta makes the dish start rotating so that the Dokuta will fall to his death. Before he falls, he manages to tear out the cable, only to leave his companions watching as he clings to the cable. As his grip begins to slip, he sees visions of all the enemies he's faced over the years, then falls. Adric, Nyssa, and Tigan gather around the mortally wounded Dokuta and call out his name. The Dokuta begins seeing visions of all his companions and even the Brigadier calling his name.He then looks up at the three of them and utters his last words: "It's the end-- but the moment has been prepared for..." He then motions to the white-clad figure of the Watcher, who begins approaching the Dokuta. The Watcher, a manifestation of the Dokuta's future incarnation, merges with the Dokuta and triggers his regeneration. "So he was the Dokuta all the time?" remarks Nyssa, as the three watch him transform into the Fifth Dokuta.

 Season 5: Go Tojo Arigatogozaimasu[]

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The Fifth Dokuta

The Fourth Dokuta's regeneration into the Fifth was a problematic one, and nearly failed, with the Dokuta briefly taking on personality aspects from his four previous incarnations. After recovering in the fictional city Castrovalva (actually an elaborate trap created by his arch-enemy The Masuta), he continued his travels with Tigan Jovanka, Nyssa and Adric. Initially his travels centred on getting Tigan back to Tokyo Airport in time for her first day as an airhostess, but the TARDIS repeatedly missed this destination and Tigan eventually decided to stay in the TARDIS. After trips to the future and the past encountering villains such as Kunshu and the Mara, the Fifth Dokuta was confronted with tragedy when Adric died trying to stop a space freighter from crashing into prehistoric Earth (Earthshock).Following Adric's death, the TARDIS accidentally arrived at Okayama airport (Time-Flight). Here the Dokuta and Nyssa left Tigan assuming she would want to stay (when in fact she did not any more). The Dokuta and Nyssa then travelled together for an unspecified amount of time before the renegade Jikan no Omo Omega, attempting to return to our universe, temporally bonded himself to the Dokuta (Arc of Infinity). Faced with this threat, the Taimuzoru were forced to attempt executing the Dokuta, but he eventually tracked Omega to Amsterdam where he defeated him and re-encountered Tigan (who having now lost her job, had no second thoughts about rejoining the TARDIS crew).When the Dokuta met a new companion, an alien boy stranded on Earth by the name of Kanzo Mizumi, he did not know that Mizumi had been commissioned by the Black Guardian to kill him. Soon after, Nyssa left to help cure Lazar's Disease on the space station Terminus. After meeting the entities known as Eternals racing in yacht-like spacecraft for the prize of "Enlightenment", Turlough broke free from the Black Guardian's influence, and continued to travel with the Dokuta and Tigan. Landing in the reign of Emperor Jon, the crew again encountered The Masuta, who was using a shape-shifting robot Kamelion to impersonate the Emperor. However, the Dokuta helped Kamelion to regain his free will and the robot joined him in his travels (although he rarely left the TARDIS). The Dokuta met three of his previous incarnations when they were summoned to the Death Zone on Gallifrey by president Borusa, who was attempting to gain Rassilon's secret of immortality.After further adventures in which the Doctor re-encountered old foes, including the Silurians and the Sea Majins, both Tigan and Mizumi left the TARDIS. Tigan would find the death and violence they encountered on their travels too much to bear (Resurrection of the Dareku), and Mizumi returned to his home planet of Trion in the company of his younger brother, as well as other exiles of Trion, from the planet Sarn. The Dokuta was eventually forced to destroy Kamelion, when the Masuta used his mental connection to the robot to regain control of him, a process the robot realised was irreversible (Planet of Fire).Ultimately, the Fifth Dokuta and his last companion Peribaraun were exposed to the drug spectrox in its deadly toxic raw form on Androzani Minor. With only one dose of the antidote available, he nobly sacrificed his own existence to save Peribaraun, expressing doubt for the first time that regeneration might be possible this time, then regenerating into the Sixth Dokuta.

 Season 6: Anata Ga Hoka No Dareka O Kitai Shite Ita?[]

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The Sixth Dokuta

The Sixth Dokuta's regeneration was initially unstable, and he nearly strangled Peribaraun before he came to his senses. Realising what he had nearly done, he initially considered going into a hermitlike existence on the planet Titan 3, only to be caught up in events on the planet Jocanda, after which he resumed his travels (The Twin Dilemma). He encountered many old foes including the Masuta, Dareku, Saibamen and Sontarans, and even shared an adventure with his own second incarnation. He also faced a renegade female Jikan no Omo scientist, the Rani, who was conducting experiments on humans using the Luddite Riots as a cover.Later, the Dokuta and Peribaraun landed on the devastated planet Ravolox, which they discovered was actually Earth, moved across space with devastating consequences. Before they could discover the reason for this disaster, the TARDIS landed on Thoros Beta. What actually happened here is still unclear, but initial accounts suggest that Peribaraun was killed after being cruelly used as a test subject in brain transplant experiments and the Dokuta was pulled out of time to a Jikan no Omo space station where he was put on trial for the second time by his own race, the Taimuzoru. In reality the trial was a cover-up organised by the High Council. A race from Andromeda had stolen Jikan no Omo secrets and hidden on Earth, so in order to protect themselves the Taimuzoru had moved Earth through space, burning the surface in a massive fireball and leaving it as Ravolox. The prosecutor at that trial, the Valeyard, turned out to be a possible future, an evil incarnation of the Dokuta himself who was out to steal his remaining lives. He had also edited the Matrix recordings of the Dokuta's travels; in reality Peribaraun had survived events on Thoros Beta. The events of the trial tangled the Dokuta's timeline slightly, as he left in the company of Meru, whom he technically had not yet met. (Originally this was the then-producer's idea that in the following season this would be explained).Events following the trial are not covered in the television series, but are covered in various spin-off media, though their canonicity is unclear. The novel Anata no Jinsei no Jikan states that the Dokuta went into a self-imposed exile to avoid becoming the Valeyard. He was lured back into travelling, ironically by the Taimuzoru, and recruited Makamu Fuyo as a companion. Although now travelling again, he still attempted to avoid meeting Meru and recruited other companions such as history lecturer Ivurin Smithe and Chari Porado. He eventually does encounter Meru by accident during the events of the FUNimation Books novel Bijinesu Mezurashi and accepts his fate once she stows away in the TARDIS.When the TARDIS was attacked by his old enemy the Rani, the Sixth Dokuta was somehow injured and regenerated into the Seventh Dokuta; the exact cause of the regeneration, however, has never been revealed on-screen. When writers of the story tried to explain the regeneration many were not happy with the outcome. There have subsequently been various explanations for the regeneration. The Vuajin Aratana Boken series suggests that the Seventh Dokuta somehow killed the Sixth, because he could not become the masterplanner and manipulator that his next incarnation became, due to his fear of becoming the Valeyard. The FUNimation Books novel Supairarusukuratchi offers an alternative explanation that the Sixth Dokuta died as a result of his chronal energy being drained in a confrontation with a powerful pan-dimensional entity before being snared by the Rani's beam.

 Season 7: A Iya[]

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The Seventh Dokuta

On the planet Svartos, Meru decided to leave the Dokuta's company for that of intergalactic rogue Sabalom Glitz. Also at this time, the Dokuta was joined by time-stranded teenager Esu. Although he did not mention it at the time, the Dokuta soon recognised that an old enemy from a past adventure, the ancient entity known as Fenric, was responsible for the Time Storm which transported Esu from 1980s Perivale to Svartos in the distant future. Growing more secretive and driven from this point on, the Dokuta took Esu under his wing and began teaching her about the universe, all the while keeping an eye out for Fenric's plot. The Dokuta began taking a more scheming and proactive approach to defeating evil, using the Gallifreyan stellar manipulator named the Hand of Omega as part of an elaborate trap for the Dareku which resulted in the destruction of their home planet, Skaro. Soon afterwards, the Dokuta used a similar tactic and another Jikan no Omo relic to destroy a Saibamen fleet. He engineered the fall of the oppressive government of a future human colony in a single night and encountered the Gods of Ragnarok at a circus on the planet Segonax, whom he had apparently fought throughout time. Later, he was reunited with his old friend, Brigadier, while battling the forces of an alternate dimension on Earth.The Seventh Dokuta's manipulations were not reserved for his rivals. With the goal of helping Esu confront her past, he took her to an ancient temple in her home town of Tobetsu in 1883 which she had burned down in 1983. Eventually, the Dokuta confronted and defeated Fenric at a Japanese naval base during World War II, revealing Fenric's part in Esu's history. The Dokuta continued to act as Esu's mentor, returning her to Tobetsu; however, she chose to continue travelling with him. The circumstances of her parting from the Dokuta were not shown on television.Near the end of his incarnation, the Seventh Dokuta was given the responsibility of transporting the remains of his former enemy the Masuta from Skaro to Gallifrey. This proved to be a huge mistake; despite having a limited physical form, the Masuta was able to take control of the Dokuta's TARDIS and cause it to land in 1999 San Francisco, where the Dokuta was shot in the middle of a gang shoot-out. He was taken to a hospital, where surgeons removed the bullets but mistook the Dokuta's double heartbeat for fibrillation; their attempt to save his life instead caused the Dokuta to "die" with one last shocking scream. He is thus the only Dokuta to have died at the (unwitting) hand of one of his own companions. Perhaps due to the anaesthesia, the Dokuta did not regenerate immediately after death, unlike all previous occasions; he finally did so several hours later, while lying in the hospital's morgue. 

Season 8: Jikko[]

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The Ninth Dokuta

The Ninth Dokuta first appears in the episode "Roze" where he rescues 19-year-old shopgirl Roze Taira from an Auton attack in the department store where she works. After Roze helps the Dokuta defeat the Nestene Consciousness, he invites her to travel with him in the TARDIS.On their first trip he takes her to witness the destruction of planet earth in the year five billion. It is revealed that the Dokuta's own species, the Taimurozu, have been destroyed and the Dokuta is the last of his kind. Following from this they visit Cardiff in 1869 where they encounter author Charles Dickens, of whom the Dokuta claims to be a big fan. When faced with a near death situation, the Dokuta tells Roze that he was glad to have met her. In taking Roze home the Dokuta accidentally returns to earth 12 months after they left. Because of his actions he is treated like an Internet predator by Roze's mother Jakki and Roze's boyfriend Mikki has has become Roze's murder suspect. After Mikki helps the Dokuta and Roze defeat the Slitheen the Dokuta offers Mikki a place in the TARDIS with them but he refuses. In the episode "Dareku" the Dokuta encounters a Dareku, though he had believed the race to be extinct as the "Time War" between the Taimuzoru and Dareku concluded with the mutual annihilation of both races—an event for which the Dokuta himself was responsible. The Dokuta tortures the surviving Dareku and at the end of the episode attempts to kill it in cold blood. He refrains once Roze calls him out on this.Adamu Mitcheru joins the Dokuta and Roze as companion at the end of "Dareku". However, when he tries to smuggle future knowledge from Satellite Five in the year 200,000 back to his own time in "The Long Game" the Dokuta expels him from the TARDIS. The Dokuta is angry at Roze after he takes her to the event of father Peta Taira's death and she saves his life, causing a paradox. However, when Peta dies to restore the timeline he shows compassion and encourages her to sit by his side as he passes away. After encountering Captain Jakku Hanesu, a con artist and former Time Agent from the 51st century in 1941 the Dokuta realises he had caused a deadly nanotechnological plague to sweep through the human race turning humans into gas mask zombies. Following the resolution of the situation Jakku prepares to sacrifice himself, but the Dokuta saves him and invites him on board the TARDIS. When the Dokuta encounters the last surviving member of the Slitheen family in present day Cardiff he has doubts over whether or not to send her home to be executed. During this episode the Dokuta first notices that he and Roze had kept coming across the words "Bad Wolf". In the episode "Bad Wolf" the Dokuta, Roze and Jakku find themselves at the mercy of the Bad Wolf Corporation based on Satellite Five. However, the true enemy is revealed to be the Dareku, the Dareku Emperor having also survived the Time War and had rebuilt the Dareku race. The Dokuta sends Roze back to the 21st century to protect her before attempting to destroy the Dareku army. When he realises that doing this would destroy most of planet Earth he is unable to do so, proclaiming he would rather be a coward than a killer. Having absorbed the energies of the time vortex, Roze is able to return to the Dokuta and destroy the Dareku. In order to save Roze from being killed by harboring the time vortex, the Dokuta removes the harmful effects by kissing her. However, the damage to his cells causes him to regenerate and the Tenth Dokuta takes his place. ==Season 9: Baruserona!==

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The Tenth Dokuta

The Ninth Dokuta regenerates into the Tenth Dokuta at the climax of the series finale, "The Parting of the Ways"; he re-introduces himself to his companion Roze Taira.In the Christmas special, he is in a comatose state for most of the episode, following his regeneration. After eventually waking up, he defeats the alien Sycorax and saves Earth; in the process, he loses a hand, which regrows owing to his recent regeneration. Amongst other 2006 series adventures, the Dokuta and Roze save Queen Victoria from a werewolf, resulting in the creation of the anti-alien Tochiuddo Institute. The Dokuta shares an adventure with two former companions, journalist Sara Jen Sumisu and robot dog K-9, before taking on Roze's boyfriend Mikki as a second companion. The series finale takes place in contemporary Tokyo, where modern-day Tochiuddo is the scene for war between the evil alien Dareku and parallel-universe cyborgs the Saibamen; saving the Earth costs the Dokuta Roze, who is stranded in a parallel universe, along with Mikki and her mother, in "Doomsday".In the closing scene of "Doomsday", a mysterious bride inexplicably appears in his TARDIS. The 2006 Christmas special sees the Dokuta and bride-to-be Noburu save the Earth; Noburu saves the Dokuta from going too far in his revenge against the alien Racnoss and declines his offer of companionship. In the next part of the series, the Dokuta takes on Marasu Jonzu as his new companion. Together, they witness the mysterious Face Of Boe prophesy to the Dokuta that "you are not alone." They are rejoined by former companion Captain Jakku in a three-episode adventure where presumed-deceased archenemy and fellow Jikan no Omo the Masuta becomes Emperor of the world and enslaves the Dokuta for one year. Marasu's plan sees the Dokuta infused with the world's psychic energies, and he easily defeats the Masuta, who seemingly refuses to regenerate and dies in the Dokuta's arms. Following this adventure, in the dénouement of series finale "Last of the Taimurozu", Jakku and Marasu both depart the TARDIS, and the Dokuta is shocked to see what appears to be the RMS Titanic crash into it. Set moments prior, "Time Crash", features a brief encounter between The Tenth Dokuta and the Fifth Dokuta.The 2007 Christmas special sees the Dokuta and a waitress, Asutoriddo, save the Earth from the impending crash of the starship Titanic; Asutoriddo dies heroically, for the first time, In the next episode, the Dokuta is reunited with Noburu, who becomes his regular companion. In "Planet of the Ood", the alien Ood prophesy the Tenth Dokuta's demise. Marasu accompanies them for three episodes; in two, the Dokuta battles the alien Sontarans, and last of which sees him become a father of sorts to Jeni, in "The Dokuta's Daughter". He meets archaeologist and future companion Kawauta for the first time from his perspective in the two-parter "Silence in the Library"/"Forest of the Dead"; she dies, but he stores her consciousness to a hard drive to live on forever, after accepting that one day she will come to mean a lot to him. After Noburu encounters Roze in an alternate timeline in "Turn Left", the Dokuta realises that it must herald the end of the world. In finale episodes "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End" (which cross over with spin-offs Tochiuddo and Sare Jen Adobencha), the Dokuta and Noburu reunite with former companions Roze, Sara Jen, Marasu, Jakku, and Mikki to save the universe from Davros, the creator of the Dareku. A half-human Dokuta is created from the Dokuta's previously severed hand, and Noburu is given the mind of a Jikan no Omo; the Human Dokuta enjoys a happy ending with Roze in the parallel universe, though the Dokuta is forced to erase Noburu's memories to save her life, leaving him alone.In lieu of the series, In the Christmas special "The Next Dokuta", the Dokuta mistakenly believes he has met a later incarnation of himself in an amnesiac Japanese man, with whom he saves 1800 Japan. "Planet of the Dead" (Easter) features jewel thief Lady Christina de Souza as the Dokuta's one-off companion, and the Dokuta is presented with a prophecy of his imminent death.A powerful being known as the Trickster also alludes to the Tenth Dokuta's impending demise. In "The Waters of Mars", the Dokuta tries to alter history and avert the death of one-off companion; when she commits suicide, he begins to feel his mortality weigh down upon him.the Dokuta confronts the Ood about their original prophecy and is led to contemporary Earth where, in the second part, the again-resurrected Masuta restores Gallifrey and the Taimuzoru to existence, although he redeems himself by assisting the Dokuta to defeat Jikan no Omo President Rassilon before disappearing alongside the other Taimuzoru. The Dokuta sacrifices his life to save Iruferredo Motto, exposing himself to 500,000 rads of deadly radiation and triggering his regeneration. He holds it back and is shown visiting several companions.He gives Noburu a winning lottery ticket on her wedding day, buying it with money he borrowed from her late father in the past, saves Marasu and Mikki from a Sontaran sniper, saves Sara Jen's son Ruku from a car, introduces Jakku to a romantic interest, and finally, just before regenerating into the Eleventh Dokuta, he informs Roze that she is about to have a "great year". As he begins regenerating once in the TARDIS, his last words are "I don't want to go". ==Season 10: Bikyaku!==


The Eleventh Dokuta

The Eleventh Dokuta first appears in the final minutes of The End of Time when his previous incarnation regenerates. He debuts fully in "The Eleventh Hour", where he first meets Eimi Chi as a child while investigating a mysterious crack in her wall. Many years later, Eimi joins the Dokuta as his travelling companion on the eve of her marriage to Rori Iriamuzu. In "Victory of the Dareku", he is tricked into spawning a new generation of Dareku. In "The Time of Angels"/"Flesh and Stone", he re-encounters future companion Kawauta and his enemies the Weeping Angels, and learns that cracks like the one in Eimi's wall are erasing individuals entirely from time and space. After Eimi attempts to seduce the Dokuta, the Dokuta recruits Rori as a second companion from "The Vampires of Venice" up until "Cold Blood", where he is killed protecting the Dokuta and is erased from history. The Dokuta also confronts his dark side in "Eimi's Choice", where he is put through trials by a manifestation of his self-loathing, the Dream Lord.In the final episodes "The Pandorica Opens" and "The Big Bang", an unknown force makes the TARDIS explode, causing the universe to collapse in on itself. Though he closes the cracks —reversing their effects and preventing the explosion— the Dokuta himself is erased from history. Kawauta assists Eimi in remembering the Dokuta back into existence; he returns at her wedding to Rori.In the next series, Dokuta continues to examine mysteries left unexplained at the end of the previous series. In "The Impossible Astronaut"/"Day of the Moon", Eimi, Rori and Kawauta witness a future version of the Dokuta murdered, which they vow to keep a secret from the present-day Dokuta as they encounter hypnotic aliens called "the Silence". Eventually, Eimi unknowingly lets slip that the Dokuta dies in "The Almost People", when it also turns out that she is pregnant and has been kidnapped. In "A Good Man Goes to War", the Dokuta calls in old favours from across time and space to raise an army to rescue Eimi from Demons Run, an asteroid in the 52nd century being used as a base by a religious order, but is unable to rescue her child. The Dokuta also learns that Eimi's Daughter—though Rory and Amy's child—is part Jikan no Omo due to being conceived in the TARDIS, and will grow up to become Kawauta. In "Let's Kill Hitler", the Dokuta encounters a younger iteration of Kawauta and learns she has been conditioned by the Silence, explained to be a religious order, to assassinate him. She nearly succeeds using a kiss of poisoned lipstick before Eimi convinces her to save his life instead. The Dokuta also learns the circumstances of his death from historical records on a time-travelling shape-shifting robot ship called the Teselecta. In "The God Complex", the Dokuta leaves Eimi and Rori on Earth when he realises Eimi's apotheosis of him endangers their lives. Some time passes before the Dokuta is ready to confront his death. In "The Wedding of Kawauta", he devises an escape by concealing himself with the within the Teselecta, which is disguised to look like him, to make it seem he is shot and burned as history records. In a doomed alternate reality caused by Kawauta's reluctance to shoot the Dokuta, the two become married; during the ceremony, she is let in on the Dokuta's original plan and helps fake and corroborate his death. The Dokuta is then warned by his old friend that more prophecies still concern him. The Dokuta learns he will be asked the oldest question in the universe, "Dokuta fu?", on the battlefields of Trenzalore. The Silence had intended his death to prevent this.In Christmas special "The Dokuta, the Widow and the Wardrobe", the Dokuta has Christmas dinner with Eimi and Rori, who had been informed by Kawauta of his survival. They unite again in "Asylum of the Dareku", in which the Dokuta is erased from the Dareku memory banks, a young woman turns Dareku and retains her human mind; she subsequently dies. The Dokuta then takes Eimi and Rori on several adventures, eventually taking them back on as full-time companions in "The Power of Three" before losing them during the events of "The Angels Take Manhattan". The Dokuta subsequently "retires" to a secluded lifestyle in 1800 Japan, until the 2012 Christmas special "The Snowmen," when he is inspired to save the world by a barmaid/governess called Kurara who he considers an ideal companion. Mid-adventure, Kurara dies, and when the Dokuta sees her tombstone, reading "Kuraraozuu Inozuwarudo", he realizes that Oswin and Kurara are the same woman in different moments of time. He resolves to find her again in another era. The Dokuta succeeds in "The Bells of Saint John", saving a present day version of Kurara from agents of the Great Intelligence. He takes her as his companion and attempts to solve the mystery of "the impossible girl". The Dokuta eventually gets his answer in "The Name of the Dokuta" when he is forced by Great Intelligence to go to Trenzalore, revealed to be planet on which the Dokuta will die. Within the Dokuta's tomb, the Great Intelligence uses the dead Dokuta's remnants—his disembodied "timestream"—to spread himself across the Dokuta's history, turning his victories into defeats. Kurara pursues him and is scattered throughout the Dokuta's timeline creating the Oswin and Kurara among the other incarnations who undo the Great Intelligence's work. The Dokuta has a mournful conversation with Kawauta's apparition, giving her closure before entering the timeline to retrieve Kurara. However, once he saves her, the Dokuta is forced to reveal the existence of a previous incarnation who broke the promise on what the name "Dokuta" represents during the Time War of his past. PAGE TO BE FINISHED LATER!