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Dragonball AF the return of Nappa is a Dragonball AF movie. It starts off as Gohan is training in the woods in his super saiyan two form and all of a sudden he senses a very very high and terrifying power level. So he stops training. He goes inside his house. He turns back into his non super saiyan self and tells Videl and Pan about it. He warns Krillin' Goku' and the others about it. Yamcha is told about it. So are Tien and Chaotzu. So Yamcha' Tien' and Chaotzu join the Z fighters again. So does Krillin. He decides his break was too long. It was years. Meanwhile in HFIL Nappa' Raditz and Jeice escape. They go to planet Earth. They team up to get revenge. So the Z fighters see them. Raditz says "Heh heh...Its been a long while brother. And you will lose this battle!! Goku and Vegeta fought Raditz. Tien and Yamcha fought Jeice. Chaotzu and Krillin fought Nappa. Tien and Yamcha powered up. Yamcha used his wolf fang fist on Jeice and Tien used the solar flare. Then Yamcha and Tien both energy blasted Jeice. Jeice later got up and energy blasted them both. Later Yamcha and Tien were beat up. Yamcha then says "We can't do it! Hhes too sstrong. Tien says "Well we're sucking at this cause we took a break that was too long. They both eat senzu beans. They then do fusion haa! They become Tiencha. Tiecha fights Jeice. Jeice's scouter is blown up. His battle jacket is blown off by a Ki blast. Jeice and Tiencha have a long battle. They fight underwater. They fight in wastelands and in forests and then later they battle even longer. Jeice energy blasts Tiencha. Tiencha has scrapes and has dirt on him. His pants have holes in them. His vest is torn up. He gets beat up by a Ki blast and several punches and kicks and is Yamcha and Tien again. Yamcha and Tien are knocked out. Jeice recovers from his attacks and says "I'll have to do that little fusion technique with Nappa. And then there'll be Jappa or Neice. Krillin was knocked out.