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Yumekui Merry (Dream Eater Merry X) is an Romantic, Action, Comedy and Drama Anime TV-Show based off the Anime series Dream Eater Merry. It will be released December 12 2017 on Adult Swim.


A famous Athlete was supposedly killed by a Nightmare who entered the real world in his place. The Nightmare took form of an Ogre with the face of a Japanese Lion and it killed his wife and kids. At 7:00 am the next morning, Yumeji Fujiwara wakes up after a mysterious dream of little humanoid cats attacking him, last dream he had of it there was an army of cats attacking him. He gets ready for school and tries to forget the dream, but his friends pester him to predict what dreams they might be having to get ideas for their literature club which he is okay with, but suddenly asks to use the bathroom to cope with the fact of his sinister dumb nightmare of kitty kats and his frequent dreams of them. Later of after school he runs into a girl called Merry who was attacked by crows. After Yumeji saves Merry, a whole bunch of beings including the army of cats in Yumeji's dream arrive for power. Then they try to influence humanity to their own way to rule all.




  • Yumeji Fujiwara - (Erik Scott Kimerer) a dude who can see into people's dreams to predict what they could be dreaming.
  • Isana Tachibana - (Brittney Karbowski) a childhood friend of Fujiwara and his adoptive sister like figure since Yumekui is living with her.
  • Merry Nightmare - (Hillary Hag) a dream warrior girl who was attacked by crows, her history is unknown until later in the story
  • Yui Konagi - (Luci Christian) a mysterious girl from a local village all grade school in the country side who is from a family of doctors. She is the vessel of Engi Threepiece the gardner dream demon.
  • Engi Threepiece - (Shannpn Emerick) a dream demon warrior who knows alot about what's going on with the dream demons and a former rival of Merry. She is vengant ever since her sister was killed by a dream demon.
  • Chizuru Kawanami - (Melissa Davis) a mysterious transfer student from a foreign country who lost her parents after they killed themselves which made her emotionless. She currently is a ward of the state (a homeless child.)
  • Lestion - (Newton Pitman) a super killer assassin warrior dream demon who desires to know Chizuru well to help her with her problems. He delt with the Evil Dream Demon Mistleteinn with a bunch of companions who died in the conflict.
  • Saki Kirishima - (Shelley Calene-Black) a friend of Yumeji who is fasinated with his dream aura powers, she is quite tomboyish.
  • Takateru Akiyanagi - (Chris Patton) another friend of Yumeji who is a haiku poet and a funny nut job.
  • Mei Hoshino - (Emily Neves) a friend of Yumeji's who's the head of their writitng club. She was the victim of a dream demon known as Chris Evergreen.
  • Old Man Tachibana - (Andrew Love) the middle aged father of Isana who runs a coffee shop. He's an understanding man who with his late wife took Yumeji in after his father left for a business trip.
  • Nao Horie - (Maggie Flecknoe) a childhood friend of Yui since kindergarden in their local village school in the country. She currently lives with her late mother's 2 sisters, who are both single with 0 children of their own.  
  • Minato Kisaragi - (Serena Varghese) a preschool age girl who was attempted to end up becoming a vessel for Ichima, the Dream Demon of Lonliness. She is super clumsy, after being free from Ichima she became friends with other kids at last.
  • Hina Furumachi - (Lisa Ortiz) a Preschool friend of Minato who had been freed fom Chain Nor after Minato was freed from Ichima. She was possesed by Chain Nor because she is always seen on a child leash holded by her mother who is paranoid about her safety.


  • Pharos Hercules - (David Matranga) The Supreme Ruler of the Nightmares who desire to enter the human world. He is revealed to be the one behind the mania of the dream demons by Engi Threepiece who had lost her older sister to the terror.
  • Mistleteinn - (Cherami Leigh) A loyal companion of Hercules and the only one he admires. She represents the ocean of trees. She like her admierer is notorious and nasty.
  • Landsborough - (Greg Ayres) A clown Dream Demon and a more loyal and sinister dream demon servant of Pharos Hercules. He wants to serve his boss to be free to cause mischef.
  • Chaser John Doe - (Mark Oliver) A notorious Dream Demon who wants to serve Pharos Hercules by chasing Yumeji to gain him as a vessel. He leads an army of cat like minions.
  • Maestro Achtelnote - (Colleen Clinkerbeard and  Lydia Macklay) Two twin Dream Demons who wanted to possess a preschool age girl.
  • Ichima - (Maggie Flecknoe) A Dream demon who wanted to make people lonely by making kids ignore them.
  • Chris Evergreen - (Wayne Grayson) A Dream Demon henchman of Hercules who wants to make girls fall in love with him because he is lonely.
  • The Twelve Gates of Destruction - Fan-made dream demons who are the most worst and recent subordinates of Pharos Hercules. They are the worst Nightmares to ever live through history.
    • Solarka - (Jessica DiCicco) The First gate of Destruction that has the element of Solar and represents the sin of Pride. She looks like Shana from Shakugan no Shana but her hair is half golden blonde and half snow white and she wears a Spartan chestplate with a white long sleve shirt, really skinny white jeans and really tall black sneakers with spikes on them.
    • Lunaka - (Mayte Cordeiro) the Second gate of Destruction that has the Element of Moon and represents the sin of Lust the most powerful sin ever. She looks like Kuroyukihime from Accel world, but she wears a black really long dress.
    • Quetzalcotal - (Jim Cummings) The Third gate of Destruction that has the Element of Plasma and represents the sin of Greed. He looks like a Really muscular mummy with a Red and Purple Pharoah's hat with a black tunic with green dollar signs on it. 
    • Lokie - (Tom Habberkorn) The Fourth Gate of Destruction that has the Elements of Shadow and represents the sin of Envy. He looks like a Dark Elf that has really long crimson hair and wears a tank top with black sweatpants and spiked winter boots.  
    • Slugo - (Scott McNeil) the Fifth Gate of Destruction that has the Element of Earth and represents the sin of Sloth. He looks like a really fat and ugly sumo wrestler with a bear made helmet, he only wears his underware and a pair of bunny slipers.
    • Koo Koo - (Mark Allen Jr.) The Sixth gate of Destruction that has the element of Lighting and represents the sin of Gluttony. Koo Koo looks like one of those hobos from the Labrynth movie that carries more stuff than they can handle, but more like a Kampa from Harry Potter.
    • Flamus - (Kaiji Tang) the Seventh gate of Destruction that has the Element of Fire and represents the sin of Wrath. He looks like a really pretty teen dude with really long black and blood red hair, wearing a Trench-Coat, really skinny black tights and black spiked cowboy boots, a SS Officer hat with a furry bull cloak. He has a Firey Kitana with him at all times.
    • Anubus - (Travis Willingham) The eighth gate of Destruction that has the Element of Metal and represents the sin of Pure Hatred. He looks like a The Black Knight, The Tengu Shredder from TMNT 2003 and Silver Samurai combined with Nightmare from Soul Calibur but more evil and nightmarish.
    • Sauron - (Wendy Powell) The Ninth gate of Destruction that has the element of Poison and represents the sin of Revenge. He looks like Envy from Fullmetal alchemist except that his hair is maroon and he wears a white loincloth and a chiton and has blood red skin and green eyes. He is named after Sauron, the main antagonist of Lord of the Rings.
    • Jadis - (Laura Bailey) The Tenth gate of Destruction that has the element of Jade and represents the sin of Deception. She looks like a woman with really long lime green hair and has a really long Jade dress and has hands that are really long fangs and feet that look like really long claws. She is named after Jadis the White Witch from the books of Narinia.
    • Brona - (Ken Thompson) The Eleventh gate of Destruction that has the Element of Frost and represents the sin of Murder. Brona looks like a mix of Captain Cold from The Flash, Deathstroke from Batman and Mr. Freeze from Batman that is dark blue with a snow white chiton and a mouth mask.
    • Torak - (Vic Mignogna) The Twelveth gate of Destruction that has the Element of Psychic and represents the sin of Corruption. It is a entity that has no Physical form at all. It is just a mass of Dark Enenrgy waves that has only one Firey Red eye and a shark tooth mouth. It is the worst of all gates of Destruction.