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Dream Revolution Saga: Last Fire - Storm Legend
Format Action-Adventure, Fighting, Drama
No. of episodes 1
Run time 115 minutes (120 in Extended Edition)
Rated TV-14

Dream Revolution Saga: Last Fire. (Alternatively known as: Dream Revolution: Storm Legend), is the fifth and last Movie of the Dream Revolution Saga series, is among the darkest in the series, and the only one who has a TV-14 rating in contrast of the others that had a PG-13 rating.

The game's title alludes into the Last part of the "Saint War", hence the "Fire", but the Japanese name spoils the true protagonist; hence "Storm Legend" (Arashi Densetsu).

It will be out in 2017.


After the surprising battle against Omega, now that time has calmed down and things return to normal for everyone but Alexa Maxwell, our heroine now has to face her final battle with her own emotions and even with her own allies. That's because of the Sword of Fire's instability after that last battle two years ago, and her attitude suddenly changed. Could it be to do the Sword of Fire's will brings her bad memories? Or could be a golden challenge from the Cardinals? Or does Alexa herself wanting to take on such a challenge? Teams must face something higher than usual. The Crusaders, the Deadly Axis and Ouroboros attack without stopping at all with tyrannical and chaotic motives.

Dynamo, feeling that his sister is in great danger, will take action, with newborn powers like the Omega Vision, along with Blade and Alison, will try to do everything to save her, however, does not know that Orpheus, A man who curiously resembles Dynamo, with his three assistants, is behind her as well.

The Lightning Sword will now shine brighter than anyone ever imagined. "Mellt Fulmine Mk.III".


Main Characters[]

  • Alexander "Dynamo" Phoenix: He's now beloved by his subordinates, has a happy life with Hermione and Kara, and he's frequently visited by Cassandra, Paris, and his allies, also, the Phoenix Family had a lot of supporters due to how good willed their leaders are, he also when he's on vacation or not busy, he pays visits to the Maxwell Orphanage, when he meet frequently to his sister, however, since she suddenly disappeared, he has yet to see her, and he's really worried about her and his wife and daughter, since he has researching for his own the answers for Alexa's problems. He settles on his possibly last mission, before becoming his true self that he was searching about ages. His coming of age travel had to begin. Main Protagonist.
    • Voiced by Kyle Hebert and Ken Narita.
  • Alexis "Alexa" Maxwell: Real name Seraphina Phoenix, Alexa when she was walking around the country of Aslada, traveling to find a purpose in her life outside of saving people and strongly believes in justice and doing heroic things, however, since in the two last years used her too much power against Omega, she feels herself uncontrollable, since the girl, can’t control her flames, she took away the Flame Sword thanks to Alison and her Cult. And she decides to fight fairly with her powers still intact, but not the crazy will of the sword, that causes the girl to being a fighter to higher levels, costing leaving her family and friends, and even her “Heroic Spirit” who driven her to do the right thing, she is currently "cursed" and chased.
    • Voiced by Kate Higgins and Motoko Kumai.
  • Nathaniel Alden Blade: The leader of the UDS, became curious about a new discovery, now, about the mysterious thing that appeared in the sky a night during Alexa's Disappearance, Blade and his team is prepared to even fight her, even, he and the superiors are trying to convince her to retreat if it they don't want to kill her, however is miserable since there's a magic that intervenes the research of Alexa, maybe an antique magic or something related. States that the Spurious powers are about to wake up.
    • Voiced by Todd Haberkorn and Kenichi Suzumura.
  • Alison Evans: The Godslayer Carnage, Alison helped Alexa to extract the sword from her body, and she felt something uncomfortable during that moment, as Alexa departs from the Abyss' Tower, Alison says to her allies that Alexa is slowly dying. And Alison feels a little sad about this, and wishes to help her indirectly, with now her in charge of Duodecim, she now feels in need in being a Heroine. She however, witnessed also Angelica's departure and did an extremely dangerous ritual to enter.
    • Voiced by Melissa Fahn and Mayumi Shintani.
  • Elaine LeBlanc: The Doctor who rivals Blade, and has authentic light powers, she holds a huge grudge against certain rules of the world hidden to others, she's far more drastic than Blade in terms of advancing, does many things such as observing other fighters skills and motivations and leaves for necessary evil, she suspects a lot on Ignis Vatra's and the Shape shifter's real intentions, and is the one who gives the "Mellt Fulmine Mk. II" to Dynamo in exchange of answers.
    • Voiced by Lauren Landa and Mie Sonozaki.
  • Ignis Vatra: A young man with mysterious origins, apparently a time traveler from the future, since his "future" is in danger, he seeks Alexa Maxwell, in spite of Alexa's stubbornness and lazy demeanor, he settles his own mission to help her to fight back against the biggest enemy, by teaching her, apparently more mature and serious than her. Also his allies call him "Mr. Perfect" due to being a master in almost all fighting skills, and excels in all his subjects, everyone who have said this, is because they never met him in person, looking at him as the "Perfect Ace". However, people yet has to meet him. Alexa maybe the first and the foremost that Ignis has to meet.
    • Voiced by Patrick Seitz and Tomokazu Sugita.

Dynamo's Team - Team Aces[]

  • Hermione Graham: She now lives happily with her husband Alexander and her daughter Kara, however, she doesn't have the freedom to be happy since Alexander is focused on his job, but she's trying to do the right thing for help him at least a bit. And also, she's also worried about her sister-in-law Alexa who disappeared in the shadows, having hated her before Alexander returned without knowing that he had a sister, she's now about to help her returning to her senses. She awakes Water powers.
    • Voiced by Michelle Ruff and Mariko Kouda.
  • Paris Clover: Paris is the son of Arthur, one of the Teachers of the Military Academy, he wasn't changed so much, since he can't technically grow up, being built as a android to originally kill in the past, but now he's a completely different guy, but since his friends are completely in relatively bad situation, he wants to help them, he knows that he can't grow up, but being rebuild, he wants to help his friends to all, even risk his life for them.
    • Voiced by Edward Bosco and Hiroki Takahashi.
  • Cassandra van Helsing: Sister of Rayne, and an assassin for hire, she also likes collecting weapons as well, her height makes her scary, but in fact, she's very serious too, but she believes that the thing is normal, so she let the thing being fast paced. She joins her Friends to find Alexa, however, she's insecure to herself, however, she's determined not being an Assassin in this moment unless if necessary, with the help of Rayne and also Berenice.
    • Voiced by Janice Kawaye and Megumi Hayashibara.

Alexa's Team - Team Machina[]

  • Abelard Albain: A Scientist who has a physique of a wrestler, he used to be a wrestler, but since the world needed a man who save lives rather than playing with it, he quit his federation and everything on his past life, except his own fighting style, he's affiliated with Elaine to complete his plan against his brother Noah, who joined the Crusaders.
    • Voiced by Chris Tergliafera and Kenta Miyake.
  • Pairon Rei: A young six-tailed fox/Kitsune, who lived several years, since she was adopted into a family in her human form, everyone died of old age, and she doesn't aged after all, believing that she was a witch, they almost burned her, but she escaped in her fox form, and tried for 200 more years to find someone who can comprehend her, returns after eight years.
    • Voiced by Sandy Fox and Aoi Yuuki.
  • Melissa "Mel" Wingates: Not much is known about Mel, except only that she's a Shape shifting Rabbit, curious about the outside world, she sets in a coming of age travel outside her birthplace to discover the origin of the Elemental warriors. During one of these travels, she joins the "team" for trying to search the meaning of friendship, she is serious and frowns a lot, later revealed to be an evil traitor from Ouroboros.
    • Voiced by Cristina Vee and Mao Ichimichi "MAO".

Blade and Elaine's Team - Team Ultima Deus Scientia[]

  • Cyrille "Selene" Adams: From the Research facility, Selene became aware of the situations around the world, she decides to made a machine to localize those with the power, however, since a mysterious magic can't activate the tracker, Selene decides to mix, magic and science to made a super weapon, and it means that her Spurious powers would be awakened somewhere.
    • Voiced by Tara Platt and Masumi Asano.
  • Sally Bianchi: From the Paranormal facility of the UDS, Sally is curious about her new look and style, she changed a lot since the last time that Yuri saw her, she wants to confess to him, but she's too shy for telling him, and not interrupting his Soccer Career. Her mysterious power is back.
    • Voiced by Shelby Lindley and Minori Chihara.
  • Ari Noir: Elaine's assistant and right hand man, he's an educated and kind hearted man who believes that with the right words and actions anything is possible, he's also a scientist and a dark power user. He apparently knows by instinct that someone of the protagonists could be the one who will betray the team and take them for granite, he's also pretty silent.
    • Voiced by Bryce Papenbrook and Naozumi Takahashi.

Alison's Team - Team Duodecim[]

  • Angel Kennedy: Angel is now the Leader of his Family Holdings and friend of Alison and Adopted Eddie, he's now a carefree man, doing the right thing and not to fail, for his former fallen butler, Cid Platane, and his family. He became the 11th member of Duodecim in exchange of Angelica's demise, Clown's suicide and Cassandra's renounce, he's good friends with Adrian and he and Alison hide something.
    • Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal and Ryoutarou Okiayu.
  • Eddie Kennedy: Eddie is now a normal guy living in Angel's residence since the family had been adopted him and Alison to live together in the same house. However, due to having a surprisingly mature personality, his cousin Alison and adopted brother Angel are almost surprised, but he's too quick and acts instead of asking it, he returned to Duodecim as the 12th member.
    • Voiced by Lucien Dodge and Nobunaga Shimazaki.
  • Adrian Twining: The 2nd member of Duodecim and a man who's far older than he looks. Adrian has lived for at least 70 years, and still he feels that the world needs him for a "Cleaning of Evil", however, since Duodecim became a good, yet heroic organization, Adrian began to act more "Human", and observing Paine, when she's now in the normal life of normal humans, he begins to investigate about his immortality, hinted to be a Megahuman/Newman himself.
    • Voiced by Lex Lang and Takuya Kirimoto.
  • Berenice Carroll: Berenice is a confirmed vampire noble and co-works with Rayne in Cassandra's assassin life. She works on Duodecim because of her connection to other creatures. 10th member of the cult and she taught Alison many things about its history, as well as the origins.
    • Voiced by Julie Ann Taylor and Emi Shinohara.

Yuri's Team - Team Maxwell[]

  • Yuri Maxwell: Alexa's adoptive brother, he uses ice powers, a soccer star. He deserted from the UDS in the previous story. He's gifted with a Sword who belonged to a warlord, despite his relatively low training, he still can fight despite his profession.
    • Voiced by Orion Acaba and Ryohei Kimura.
  • Jermaine Belmont: A close friend of the orphanage. He has feelings for Alexa, and will risk his life to her in exchange of changing his point of view during their first championship. He also uses an earth made sword. He's a Shadow Warrior.
    • Voiced by Grant George and Hiroki Touchi.
  • Paine Twining: Despite being not-so-human, Paine has meet new friends recently, but still has her psychic powers while staying in the world. She is Adrian's adopted daughter.
    • Voiced by Carrie Keranen and Lynn.
  • Aileen Littner: A young girl with Asthma, who's close friends with the kids of the Orphanage, and with Paine. It is firmly believed that she is a test-tube based gynoid.
    • Voiced by Kira Buckland and Sora Amamiya.

Deadly Axis[]

  • Odin: The Leader, he has control over Water, He believes in the worships of Newmans. Eris' Husband.
    • Voiced by Jamieson Price (credited as Taylor Henry) and Tesshou Genda.
  • Eris: The Second Member, she has control over Fire, she's calculating and mysterious. Odin's wife.
    • Voiced by Barbara Goodson and Hiromi Tsuru.
  • Tyr: The Third member, he has control over Earth, very malicious and Cruel. He blames and hates humans.
    • Voiced by Marc Diraison and Takaya Hashi.
  • Moiras: The Fourth member, she has control over Wind, said to have a human side. Likes to Fight talking.
    • Voiced by Cherami Leigh Kuehn and Miki Nagasawa.
  • Chronos: The Fifth and the youngest in the Group, he has control over Light/Thunder. Very arrogant but honorable.
    • Voiced by Matthew Mercer and Kousuke Toriumi.


  • Blake Tiberius: He's the Leader/Prince of the Crusaders, as a Mega Human, he lives longer than humans and even, he's immortal, he's apparently more than just 21 years old, "The perfect example of a Knight in Shining Armor".
    • Voiced by Brian Beacock and Kappei Yamaguchi.
  • Agni Jill Flair: A girl homunculus who leads the Knights of Crusaders, she dislikes having attention of the others when she fights or she's training. Said to be one of the most powerful in the group. The right hand woman of Blake.
    • Voiced by Megan Hollingshead and Yuka Komatsu.
  • Genesio Magno: The leader of the First Army of the Crusaders, he's feared by everyone but his leaders, he's big, bulky, bald, tall and muscular, said that he can beat everyone with a single combo.
    • Voiced by D.C. Douglas and Kenji Nomura.
  • Eric Rodgers: The leader of the Second Army of the Crusaders, said to be faster than other members, he's very lanky compared to Genesio, but he doesn't like too much to fight unfairly.
    • Voiced by David Vincent and Souichirou Hoshi.
  • Noah Albain: Abelard's obsessed younger brother, he hates him because he hates his presence, he also dislikes working with Roberta despite the latter having more experience than him. Member of the Dissidents.
    • Voiced by Kyle McCarley and Kenn.
  • Roberta Schwarzen: Roberta is a weapons member of the Crusaders, a cat burglar who loves fire arms. Member of the Dissidents.
    • Voiced by Ashly Burch and Kaori Mizuhashi.

Kingdom of Sun and Moon/Ouroboros[]

  • Udiya Vulcanus: The Fifth Descendant of Fayer, a Woman who was playful and happy, even treated Nox lovely.
    • Voiced by Kate Higgins and Motoko Kumai.
  • Orpheus "Nox" Luna: A Prince who's Known as the "Moon Lord", he used Lightning and a Sword, he loved Udiya, was shy and curious.
    • Voiced by Kyle Hebert and Ken Narita.
  • Ginga Sharam/Ashram: Ginga is the Colonel General of Ouroboros. A woman who has a personality of Iron.
    • Voiced by Wendee Lee and Yurika Hino.
  • Ashe "Rodolia" Justice/The Real Aileen Littner: Home Scientist at Ouroboros, she has high IQ.
    • Voiced by Stephanie Sheh and Kanako Kondou.
  • Casper/Jasper Haven: Head member of the Ouroboros Guardian Army, has a serious and secretive personality.
    • Voiced by Richard Epcar and Yoshihisa Kawahara.
  • The Evil One: The Emperor, he controls Darkness and Thunder, all other details are a secret, called "The Black Moon" by Udiya, Agni and Pyrrha.

Others, Mentioned and Guests[]

  • Duke Brand 'Lionheart' Fayer: The leader of the Knights of the Fire Guild, and ancestor of Alexa (and in extension, Dynamo).
  • Leroy Maxwell: The adoptive father of Alexa and Yuri. Owner of the Orphanage. He has a great secret.
    • Voiced by Michael McConoohie and Toru Ohkawa.
  • Crow Killian: A mysterious winged man who helps the real Alexa to escort. Crow is an old friend of Mel's.
    • Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch and Tomoaki Maeno.
  • Deviser: A robot girl whose mission is to eliminate her enemies, but after certain events will change her.
    • Voiced by Cindy Robinson and Yuuki Takada.
  • Ezekiel Castagnier: Former young doctor member of the Crusaders who is a Shadow Warrior of Water.
    • Voiced by Benjamin Diskin and Shun Horie.
  • Faye Jamie Heinel: A girl with power to change her hair color is a Heinel deserter, she is from unknown origin.
    • Voiced by Misty Lee and Sayaka Kinoshita.
  • Juniper Williams: A fanboy who works at UDS headquarters. He has an obsession with anime girls and video games.
    • Voiced in game by Derek Stephen Prince and Chikara Ousaka.
  • Rayne van Helsing: Cassandra's younger brother, and co-works with Berenice in Cassandra's assassin life.
    • Voiced by Xander Mobus and Takashi Kondoh.
  • Andrei Brondukov: Former veteran of the war and ex mercenary, was the mentor of the Albain Brothers.
    • Voiced in game by David Lodge and Katsuji Mori.
  • Kara "Lan" Phoenix: The future daughter of Alexander and Hermione, has powers of lightning and water, and the mentor and protector of Ignis.
    • Voiced by Lisa Ortiz and Yuka Saitou.
  • Delilah "Kriemhild" Rune: A mysterious girl in a hood that never reveals her motives, she is a shy yet calculative girl.
    • Voiced by Brianna Knickerbocker and Kumiko Higa.
  • Krauser Brothers: They are now known members of the Navy.
  • Milena: She is now a contributor to the Phoenix family.
  • Angelica Clyne: Alison's Ancestor, receives a passing mention for Alison herself.
  • Kali Chrome: The Cardinals' leader, she plays a key role.
    • Voiced by Colleen Villard and Rina Satou.
  • Valeria Lane: Character from the VSRFX OVAs. #1 Chosen by Western Polls.
    • Voiced by Karen Strassman and Mitsuki Saiga.
  • Mondo: Character from the Arcana Warriors OVA. #1 Chosen by Japan polls.
    • Voiced by Sam Riegel and Jun'ichi Kanemaru.


  • Fire Emperor: The future governor of the cause of the Crusaders.
  • The True Alexa Maxwell: The other was not the real Alexa, but the Princess Udiya herself to distract and help her, the real evolved both personally and in power.
  • Ouroboros: The final form of The Evil One.
    • Voiced by Kirk Thornton and Ryuuzaburou Ohtomo.
  • Phoenix: The final form of Udiya. True Final Boss.
    • Voiced by Kate Higgins and Motoko Kumai.


  • Valeria from VSRFX and Mondo from The Arcana Warriors appears as cameos, with only their Voice actors credited under Additonal characters, so is Ouroboros', Kali's, Juniper's, and Kriemhild's.
  • This is the longest movie with a duration of 115 minutes (120 minutes in the Extended edition).
  • The art style resembles more the Classic Shonen Manga styles.