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Dreaming Royale
Format Anime and Manga.
Created by Tiffany-Chan123
Writer(s) Tiffany-Chan123
Director(s) Tiffany-Chan123
No. of episodes 52
No. of chapters 99 (9 Volumes)
Music Tiffany-Chan123
Animation Studio Bones
Network Fuji TV

Dreaming Royale (ドリーミング・ロワイヤル Dorīmingu Rowaiyaru) is a shonen manga created by Tiffany-Chan123, which was serialised in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump. It was later adapted into an anime by Bones.


Something's gone wrong in the Mangakka, the kingdom of Manga! All of the iconic, beloved characters there are transforming into ravenous, flesh eating zombies! All their kingdoms including, Nishiki, Rosewood, and others, are decaying into wastelands. It's up to one girl, Kaede Murata, to find a way to prevent the zombification of the entire universe!


Dreaming Royale[]

  • Kaede Murata - An anxious and shy 14 year old with a love for anime and manga (Particularly Romance, action and mystery.), as well as the mysterious and supernatural, she is prone to panic attacks, and is usually annoyed by her younger sister's antics, and misses her mother deeply.
  • Honoka Murata - Kaede's energetic 11 year old sister, she's a confident genius who like her sister loves manga but is more of a comedy and magical girl person, and likes to cosplay as her favourite characters, and talks like a dictionary.
  • Regina Himura - The fearless, yet dainty leader of "Dreaming Royale", she's a girl who is surprisingly resourceful, and knows when to handle a dangerous situation, but can tend to be a boy magnet, and is the peacemaker among the group and is usually hunted by Okami. She comes from an action packed reverse harem manga, and went to Rosewood Academy before the Enchanter's curse occured.
  • Son Goku - The ditzy, yet surprisingly powerful member of "Dreaming Royale", she is a girl from Nishiki who likes having fun, and fighting villains...But, due to her being the "Useless Main Girl." of her manga, she has to eat food, mainly spicy food, to hold back her zombie cravings and is also the first member of Dreaming Royale that the Murata sisters meet. She comes from an action packed Shonen battle manga.
  • Ichigo Amai - The youngest among the four girls the Murata sisters first meet, she is a cheerful young 13 year old patisserie who can tend to be a bit quiet at times, despite her nature, and likes to cook, and has a habit of taking naps..But, they can be a valuable source of info at times, due to the dreams she has. She comes from a light hearted, cooking themed shoujo manga.
  • Hisoka Chiba - A sweet, yet quiet member of "Dreaming Royale". She has an interest in plants and animals. And acts as the groups big sister alongside Regina, she also has a chip on her shoulder due to zombies attacking her home, and not being able to protect her ally, due to his recklessness. She comes from a historical, samurai themed Shonen manga.


  • Takehiko Honda - The main love interest for the series. He is a cold, yet kind and surprisingly strong person, which makes him the heartthrob at Guwazaka Academy. He later follows the Murata siblings to Mangakka, and tries to protect Kaede in the best way he can, and is later revealed to secretly be from Mangakka himself, and of Heroes blood. He is the protagonist from a supernatural Shonen Manga.
  • Aoi - A wise philosopher and researcher who knows a lot about Mangakka, he hid in a cave due to the curse, and grows plants and vegetables inside it. He also likes to smoke a hookah, and was the one to give vital information about "The Red Spectrum". He comes from a Dark fantasy manga themed around butlers.
  • Reiko Mizushima -
  • Daiya Murasaki -
  • Megumi -
  • Masao Kurosawa -
  • Sora -
  • Kinzoku -
  • Hayato Koizumi -


  • The Enchanter - The Main antagonist of the series, he is a hooded man who never shows his face who is said to have been the main cause of the blood eyed zombie curse, and the one who has given power to all of the Mangakka Villains and has been known to make monsters and is really cunning, manipulative and powerful.
  • Beatrice -
  • Okami -
  • Kemono -
  • Yami -
  • Greg Barry -
  • Sashibukai -

Other Characters[]

  • Fumio Murata - The kind and loving father to the Murata sisters, he's surprisingly smart, and is willing to do the right thing for his daughters.
  • Hibiki Suzuki - Kaede's laid back and kind friend, he also knows how to play guitar and has a bit of a crush on Kaede.
  • Ryoko Nakajima - An energetic friend of Kaede, she enjoys fashion, as well as Manga, and is a lot more vocal about her love of it than Kaede.
  • Hime Oshiro -
  • Akemi Fujioka -
  • Eiko Hirano -
  • Masahiko Ikari -


  • Guwazaka -
  • Guwazaka Academy -
  • Mangakka -
  • The Enchanted Forest -
  • The Xenoverse -
  • Azuki Town -


  1. Dreaming Royale: Adventures in the Dark Wood House - The first movie in the Dreaming Royale franchise. It takes place between the events of the first, and second arc. Kaede and Honoka alongside Dreaming Royale and a few other allies get invited to a small kingdom known as Peiji and hear about the legend of the mysterious Dark Wood house, and encounter new allies...And enemies.


  1. Dreaming Royale: The Beginning of the Curse. - Taking place before the events of the series, it mainly follows Momotaro (The Boy that Son Goku mentions during the events of the first arc.) during the events of the blood eyed curse's beginnings, and how Dreaming Royale came to be.