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The Duke of Weselton's fortress is the interior of the wicked old man named the Duke of Weselton (Alan Tudyk), which serves as his secret hideout and hidden citadel. This church-like fortress made its first debut in Frozen anime film. The Duke of Weselton built this fortress in order to barricaded himself from Kyoko Sakura's witch form Ophelia the Headless Horse Lady.


In Alvin and the Chipmunks: Hearts of Ice, this battle arena has a more library-like appearance with a display containing the weaponry and equipment of the late Prince Hans (Santino Fontana), the youngest of the 13th princes and siblings, and a separate, interactive stand for his sword, which he used it to kill Anna's older sister Elsa (Idina Menzel).


In Alvin and the Chipmunks: Hearts of Ice, the Duke of Weselton's fortress features various battle arena interactions. From farthest left to right, they are:

  • Prince Hans' sword, which can be used to slash the opponent with it.
  • An empty glass teacup that can be thrown at the opponent with it.
  • An empty metal teapot that can be thrown at the opponent with it.
  • An umbrella that can be used to strike the opponent with it.
  • A violin that can be used to bash the opponent by the head with it.
  • A battleaxe that can be use to strike the opponent by the skull with it.
  • A mace that can be used to bash the opponent by the head with it.
  • A war hammer that can be used to smash the opponent by the head with it.
  • A lit candle stand that can be used to hit the opponent, thus setting them on fire.


  • In Alvin and the Chipmunks: Hearts of Ice, Sweetie Belle's red hairband, Princess Cadence's necklace, Twilight Sparkle's necklace, Princess Celestia's necklace, the Shredder's dark purple cape, the Shredder's armor, the Shredder's boots, Sister Lucia's ring blade, Hun's black sunglasses, Sunburst's teal wizard cloak/cape, Trixie's Lula Moon's ruby amulet/necklace, Trixie Lula Moon's light purple wizard hat, Myles Standish's matchlock, Pinkie Pie's party cannon, Myles Standish's cannon, Maka Albarn's scythe, Sister Agnes Sanctis' lotus wand/staff, Sister Angeline's kunai knives, Rose Wilson's ninja swords, the Shredder's helmet, Ryu Hayabusa's sword, Sailor Galaxia's helmet, Tsoi's purple headband, Alvin Seville's red baseball cap, Theodore Seville's green baseball cap, Vento's war hammer, Theodore Seville's green Sherlock Holmes' hat, Mad Mod's cane, Princess Celestia's crown, Raphael's double sais, Michelangelo's double chained-sickles, the Shredder's claws, Sunset Shimmer's crown, Homura Akemi's black knight circle shield, Adagio Dazzle's ruby amulet/necklace, Fong's meat cleave, Kyoko Sakura's spear, Aria Blaze's ruby amulet/necklace, Mami Tomoe's matchlock, Sayaka Miki's sword, Saito Hajime's sword, Seta Sojiro's sword, Sonata Dusk's hot pink sunglasses, Madoka Kaname's long bow, Twilight Sparkle's crown, Karai's ninja sword, Mrs. Doom Bringer's purple headband, Leonardo's blue bandanna, Raphael's red bandanna, Donatello's purple bandanna, Michelangelo's orange bandanna, Tiger Claw's matchlock, Ho Chan's hunting knife/dagger, Sailor Galaxia's sword, Princess Luna's necklace, Sailor Mars' long bow, Sailor Venus' whip sword, Donald Duck's magic staff, Goofy's circle shield, Momiji's naginata, Kasumi's double kodachi swords, Princess Luna's crown, Ayane's kunai knives, Octavia Melody's violin, Donatello's staff, Sailor Pluto's staff, Sailor Neptune's magic mirror, Sailor Uranus' sword, Hex's staff, Leonardo's double ninja swords, Shishio Makoto's sword, the Gentleman Ghost's cane, Perry the Platypus's dark brown fedora hat, Gary's black sunglasses, Sonata Dusk's ruby amulet/necklace, Starlight Glimmer's staff, Kenshin Himura's sword, Sakura Kinomoto's magic staff, Rojo's matchlock, Princess Cadence's crown, Sir Enoch's kite shield, Gwen "Gwendoline" Tennyson's spell book, Queen Beryl's staff, Charm Caster's spell book, Sir Enoch's sword, and Ra's Al Ghul's scimitar can be seen in the background.