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This is an anime version of the actual Ed Edd n Eddy.

Ed,Edd n Eddy (anime style)
Format Anime series
Created by Meanfang


Danny Antonucci

Network The Right Stuf NetworkTV Asahi
Starring Matt Hill & Sam Vincent
Airing in July 3, 2010;Weekdays and Saturdays


The stories differs from the original, at it is mainly an extension of the show.


Eddy: Eddy is the main protagonist of the series. He is a greedy, ill-tempered con-artist and loudmouth and a self-proclaimed leader of The Eds. He enjoys scamming the other kids and has a obsession of jawbreakers and money. He hates school so much that he has tried so hard to escape, it's because he keeps getting F's on his report card for being a school hater. He taunts and insults Sarah to the point where she starts to lose her temper and seizes him. He is quite a selfish maniac who cares about himself more than his friends.

Eye Color: Blue

Tongue Color: Yellow/green

Ed: Ed is the main tritagonist of the series. He is the slow-witted working member who is ment to laugh a lot for everytime. He has an obnoxious baby sister Sarah who manipulates Ed for every single day. He has an obsession of monster movies, gravey, buttered toast, and chickens. He has a poor hygeine to the point of being afraid of soap and any cleansing agents.

Eye Color: Turquoise

Tongue Color: Light blue

Edd: Edd/Double D is the main deuteragonist of the series. He is the smart and young polite inventor of the group. He hides his secret on his head from anyone especially Ed and Eddy. He has a big gap in his teeth which gets everything stuck between for embarrasments.

Eye Color: Green

Tongue Color: Light green

Jonny 2x4: Jonny is an annoying kid of the cul-de-sac. He has an imaginary friend which is a piece of wood with a drawn face named Plank.

Eye Color: Red

Tongue Color: light green

Jimmy: Jimmy is the weakest kid who spends a lot of time with Sarah taking care of him.

Eye Color: Mangenta

Tongue Color: Violet

Sarah: Sarah is the main antagonist of the series. She is Ed's bossy and spoiled baby sister and Eddy's rival

she enjoys tormenting Eddy and manipulating Ed and has a crush on Edd for being polite to her.

Eye Color: Pink

Tongue Color: Dark purple

Kevin: Kevin is Eddy's arch nemisis and the secondary antagonist of the series. He despises The Eds and calls them dorks.

Eye Color: light green

Tongue Color: Orange

Rolf: Rolf is the confused kid from The Old Country.

Eye Color: Dark green

Tongue Color: Purple

Nazz: Nazz is the The Eds' love-interest.

Eye Color: Teal

Tongue Color: light blue

The Kanker Sisters: May, Marie and Lee are three sisters who determinded to marry The Eds.

Lee: Eye Color: Fuchsia, Tongue Color: Light Pink

Marie: Eye Color: Cyan, Tongue Color: Coral

May: Eye Color: Cadet blue, Tongue Color: Reddish pink

Fictuous Voice List[]

  !Character !Japanese Voice Actor !English Voice Actor |- |Ed |Junichi Kanemaru |Matt Hill |- |Edd |Nobutoshi Kanna |Samuel Vincent |- |Eddy |Junko Takeuchi |Tony Samson |- |Kevin |Souichirou Tanaka |Kathleen Barr |- |Rolf |Tetsuya Kakihara |Peter Kelamis |- |Jonny 2x4 |Ikkei Seta |David Paul Grove |- |Sarah |Taeko Kawata |Janyse Jaud |- |Jimmy | Tada Aoi |Keenan Christenson |- |Nazz, May Kanker |Ai Orikasa |Erin Fitzgerald |- |Marie Kanker |Houko Kuwashima | Kathleen Barr

|Lee Kanker |Izumi Ōgami |Janyse Jaud |Eddy's Brother |Junko Takeuchi |Terry Klassen }

  • Spin offs:
  • Tara Strong as Kyle
  • Jennifer Hale as Liz & Jenny
  • Monica Rial as Mary Itzatrapp
  • Will Friedle as Marty Itzatrapp
  • Ashleigh Ball as Emily TB
  • Brian Drummond as Eddy's Dad
  • Richard Ian Cox as Ed's Dad
  • Ian James Corlett as Edd's Dad
  • Lailaina Lindjberg as Edd's Mom
  • Janyse Jaud as Ed's Mom
  • Lisa Ann Bailey as Eddy's Mom
  • Cathy Wesluck as Nazz's Mom
  • Ted Cole as Nazz's Dad
  • Lee Tockar as Jonny's Dad
  • Kirby Morrow as Jimmy's Dad
  •  New Characters:
  • Alex Jack as Cillian Darcy: The American Boy who Appears in the Final Season Called Ed Edd n Eddy X! He's Kino's Older Twin Brother.
  • Emily as Kino Darcy: Cillian's younger Twin Sister.


  • Episodes exclusive to the anime version
  • Eds-travagangsa Crossover
  • The Walking Ed (Movie)
  • To Love-Ed (Movie)
  • Get Him to the Ed
  • (more to come)


  • Due to the show having a higher budget than the previous one, the show could actually afford more voice actors, therefore, more characters.
  • The Characters have different eye colors. Ed's eyes are turquoise, Edd's eyes are green, Eddy's eyes are blue, Jonny's eyes are red, Jimmy's eyes are magenta, Sarah's eyes are pink, Kevin's eyes are light-green, Rolf's eyes are dark-green, Nazz's eyes are teal, Lee's eyes are fuchsia, Marie's eyes are cyan and May's eyes are cadet blue.