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Welcome to the Element 5 Role-play series. This RP will take place in a fiction modified New York City. Here's a guide to the RP:

  • Regular text signifies dialogue.
  • Regular text in *asterisks* are thoughts a character is making in their head.
  • Italicized text represents a character's second personality, long distance communication or telepathic communication.
  • Bolded and Italicized text is an action a character is making.

So, this roleplay will be done by me and TheSuperiorOne. If you want to join, make a character on this wiki with an ability. Then put a link to your character down in the comments and we will look it over. First, we'll determine if your power is Over-Powered or not. Then, we'll review your character. Afterwards, your character will be modified according to your instruction. Now, let's begin.

On the streets of New York City[]

One sunny day in New York City a 7 year old boy named Kenneth Baam with blonde spiky hair is walking to the dentist with his little sister and mother.

Ken's Mom: Okay sweetie, behave please! I know you don't like your tooth getting pulled, but you have to!

Ken: But Moooooom!

Ken's Mom: Look, you have to do it or else it'll hurt bad for the rest of your LIFE! Hehe k? She squeezes his cheek as he becomes worried.

Ken: Okay Mom!! But wait is Sera gonna get her tooth pulled too?

Ken's Mom: Of course Ken! We don't want her teeth to hurt bad. They continue to walk to the dentist down a sidewalk when suddenly a building in the background explodes and giant rocks protrude from the building. Screaming is then heard as lightning strikes start hitting the city in the distance. A giant wave then comes and crashes down into the area beside Ken's family and they start to run. His mother picks up his little 3 year old sister Sera and Ken starts to run while holding his mother's hands.

Ken: MOMMY!!!! WHAT'S HAPPENING!!! People start running beside them and young teens and infants start to shoot different elements out of their bodies causing destruction around them.

Ken's Mom: HONEY!!! OH MY GOD!! STAY CLOSE TO ME!! They're running through the street when somebody tries to grab Ken's mother into an alley with a gun.

Ken: M-Mom! He runs at the guy while crying and hits his leg hard making the guy fall and scream out in pain.

Ken's Mom: Honey!! Are you okay?! He tries to grab his while still carrying Sera but trips as the guy grabs her ankle and Sera falls on Ken. NO!!!!!

Ken: MOMMY!!!! Suddenly the building they are next to, explodes and it begins to topple on top of them and everyone starts to scream. As the building is falling, Ken's feet sparks and suddenly all of time slows down and the building is falling very slowly (or in slow motion) on top of them. Ken looks around as he is the only one moving regularly and sees everything slowed down and feels very scared. He then looks up to see debris about to hit him and his family, so he makes the criminal let go of his grip and slowly throws his mom into the air as she seems slowed down as well. He then pulls her through the air as her body is falling very slowly and gets away far enough from the destruction of the city. He puts his Mom on the floor and is still holding his sister when suddenly time resumes to go at normal speeds and he watches as the building they were once under hits the ground and explodes and kills the people under it.

Ken's Mom: KEN, SERA!!!! She looks around as she sees they are in a different place in a second and looks at Ken as his eyes are flowing blue. Ken... What happened....

Ken: I don't know Mom... They then hug tightly with Sera

10 years later[]

Ken is at a training ground

with lots of targets around him and is walking away from them with a bored face.


The tattoo of the Oblivion Clan

Man: Dude, that was quick.

Ken: Yep, guess so. He jumps up to the step and looks as his best friend Forrest is looking at him.

Forrest: Bro, fight again.

Ken: Heh... Ken's bored faces quickly turns to interest as he steps off and stretches. So you finally decided I'm gonna break this stalemate cycle?

Forrest: You're still as confident as ever. He sighs then gets in a weird attack stance.

Ken: Hehe He dashes at Forrest with a electrified fist with incredible speed and Forrest dashes at him with an icy fist and they punch each other in the face causing a huge shockwave and making both of them fly back. That's when people with the Oblivion Clan tattoo on their bodies come out of the building that holds tools and objects for training.

Girl: Hm, are Forrest and Ken fighting again? She looks at the man that overlooks the training ground, Josh Relgler.

Josh: Haha, guess so Rei. They're always at it to see who's more powerful.

Rei: Heh, Ken never declines a fight though...

Ken runs from the rubble and his blonde hair starts to stand up again as electricity surges through his left arm.

Forrest: Don't get distracted bro... A water whip grabs Ken as he runs but he quickly uses electricty to force his body to spin in a circle so swiftly that the water whip explodes and Ken throws a light blast at Forrest but he dodges as an explosion occurs.

Ken: Tch... He punches the ground which makes lightning explode from the ground and it goes all the way to Forrest but he ice launches over it and lands in front of Ken. He then kicks him in the neck then punches his face into the ground then freezing the punch making a ice tower form.

Forrest: Hehe, you weren't prepared for that huh? Suddenly the ice explodes and then Ken is suddenly behind him with an electrified palm and touches Forrest. He then starts screaming as a large blue light blinds everyone and when the light is gone, Forrest is on his knees on the ground with what looks like his whole body burnt.

Ken: Weak... Forrest then looks at him with a burnt face then ice armor starts to fall off his face to reveal a normal face. Wait... If you had ice as an armor... How did you look bur- He gets kicked in the chin and flies into the air with a block of ice forming around his head from it.

Forrest: You're too confident! He forms ice chains from his body and goes towards Ken, but suddenly Ken's movements change drastically. He starts dodging the ice chains that are trying to grab him in a weird way as he's trying to smash the block of ice around his head. Dammit.. He's using that move again... Ken then bolts at Forrest with his head still frozen and then his right arm completely starts to glow yellow and blue. Forrest darts at Ken with a water and ice surrounded fist and then both their fists collide making a huge explosion and shockwave with ice and static flying everywhere and everybody in awe.

When the smoke clears Ken and Forrest are in a fist bump position still from when they attacked each other, but they then back up from each other with bruises everywhere.

Forrest: Hm, that fight sucked ass... You weren't even being serious.

Ken: Heh, damn right... I didn't want to fight anyway.

Forrest: Waste of time... Look I'm going home. See ya guys! Thanks for watching once again! He waves at everyone and puts his hands in his pockets as he switches into his normal clothes and leaves. Ken then chuckles then walks into the building.

Rei: Yo Ken! She walks up after Ken.

Ken: Oh, hey Rei, how ya doing.

Rei: Good.. That was a cool fight!

Ken: Eh, it was lame.

Rei: *Boring one huh....* Well, what are you doing today? You're done with training right? Wanna go get something to eat? I know this killer sushi place!

Ken: Hmmm, I'm not busy, so I guess. He slightly smiles at Rei and she smiles widely back at him.

Rei: Great! See you then! She walks off.

Ken: Whew... Long day... He changes his clothes then leaves the Oblivion base to go home.

At an Air tribe far away from the city, Roy Trainer is now old and experienced enough to leave his tribe

Air Tribe Member: Hey Roy! Have you made your choice yet?

Roy: Speaks in an annoyed voice No.

Member: Why not?

Roy: Because.

Member: Because what? It's a simple question. Do you want to stay here and become an elder member, like me, or leave and make a use of yourself.

Roy: I have no place here. I'm a Fire Bender. Not an Air Bender. There's only one option.

Member: You're a Smoke Bender. You may not be exactly the same as us but you're one of us. And you always will be. Whether you leave or stay.

Roy: Thanks Bro. But I will leave. As much as I'll miss this place, my powers are extremely useful.

Member: You shouldn't tell me this bro, tell the Master.

Roy: Alright.

Member: Race you there!

Roy: You're on! The man starts skating across the floor while slicing the ground and objects in his way while Roy blasts himself forward with compressed smoke and smoke dashes. The man wins the race one second before Roy

Member: Ha! I won!

Roy: Heh screw you I'm still better.

Master: Roy. I heard you wanted to see me.

Roy: Kneels over Yes sir. I have made my decision. I want to leave. To help others.

Master: That is very selfless of you Roy. I am proud. You will be missed by many. By your guardians, your friends, your trainers and those who you grew up alongside. But first, let us celebrate sending you off.

Roy: *Hopefully not too many people* Okay Master. Everyone celebrates and says their goodbyes to Roy as he leaves to the city of New York to an apartment his Master bought him