Anime Fanon

This is my OC for Element 5, an RP by TheSuperiorOne and me.


Roy is a tall, balanced weighted young man with long-ish black hair, Scarlet eyes and a slight five o'clock shadow beard. He is 6ft tall exactly, and looks like the picture below except without the red mark. He wears a short sleeved buttoned shirt with the buttons undone with a black tank top underneath. The shirt hasn't got a pocket and the collar is done normally. He wears dark blue jeans and grey tainers. His shirts flies back when running and he never keeps the buttons done and sometimes takes the shirt off to be only wearing the tank top when fighting a hard battle or intense training



Smoke Bending: Roy's most experienced power. It allows him to fly through tiny holes in smoke form, chock people, create compressed explosions and minor flight through dashes through the air similar to Delsin's Smoke dash from InFamous: Second Son except longer. This power is based on Delsin's.

Ash Bending: Roy's secondary power. It allows him to create fire proof shields (as you can't burn what's already burnt), burn people with it's heat, embue objects with it's properties and turn into the ash.

Fire Bending: Roy has only very minor manipulation due to Smoke being a Sub-Element of Fire. He can create a flame in his attacks and generate some heat. He can't fully manipulate/bend it.


Roy was born in Ireland by an English mother and an American father and was raised in England until the reaction occurred when he was 12. He was one of lucky people to have become a Bender nearly straight after getting infected by the gas. As his gene developed, his powers grew out of control and on his 13th birthday, he unintentionally created a huge blast of smoke which nearly killed all his friends and family from the heat, force and smoke inhalation. He freaked out and ran away afraid that he killed them all. He lived on the streets but everywhere he went, the smoke spread and was chocking innocent bystanders. He wanted to stay away from the city, afraid he'll hurt more people. He heard of a small-ish group of Air Benders who completely secluded themselves from society to live away from people who disliked benders. He went to join them and told them his story. They were very understanding and kind people who let him join. They taught him to control his smoke and they easily accomplished this as Air and Smoke are similar. He always stood out in the crowd and other Air Bending children didn't like him much. He was different but special. He was trained to defend himself with various fighting styles and bending styles and was taught what's right and what's wrong. Freedom was right, corrupted governments were not. He lived and trained there for 9 years. On his 22nd birthday, he was officially labelled as an adult and was free to stay or leave. He chose to leave to help others and said his goodbyes to his "family". He left to New York City to start a new life... A better life...