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This is a detailed list of all the powers, magic and abilities in the world of Ellen Vital.

Numina are capable of bizarre preternatural abilities, most commonly the ability to use magic, it is what differentiate them from other beings and races. The most practiced form of Numina magic are spells, they could be anything from psychic healing to changing one's physical form. All spells are categorized into schools. Every student character may only learn two schools with three spells for each. There's two types of magic; Psychic and Sorcery.

Psychic Magic[]

Animal Psychic[]

While most psychic abilities affect other beings, some psychics use their talents on the ‘lower’ animals. The actual method of communication may vary. Some psychics bark or growl at the animal. Others use dressage gestures, even if the animal has never even seen a trainer before. A few simply speak their native language. Animals may communicate with the psychic, though the information the relate should be limited by their intelligence and perceptions.

This school is simple in nature, with only three spells. It does not require the Numina to convert their energy to use it.

  • Communication: The Psychic may ‘speak’ with a single animal, allowing two way communication with the beast. This communication does not give the psychic control over the animal, though misunderstandings maybe explained away.
  • Command: The psychic can command the animal to do something for him, but not communicate.
  • Mind Link: The Psychic can link his mind with the animal in question, allowing them to view their memories or send thoughts.

Astral Projection[]

The power of astral projection allows the psychic to split his spirit off from his body. The discarnate spirit can travel very quickly in this form. The spirit intangibly travels across planes of thought while still able to look in on the physical world. While in astral form, the psychic cannot affect the real world, though he may use other psychic abilities. However, while away from the body, he cannot perceive what is happening to it. Many out of body travelers have nightmares about someone moving or harming their physical self while their spirit is roaming free.

This ability only requires a portion of energy in order to split the spirit from the body. It has no list of spells for its own.


Most psychics turn their paranormal abilities outward sensing things beyond normal perceptions or controlling them with their wills. Other psychics turn their powers inward. Psychics with Biocontrol regulate their autonomic nervous systems with the ease the others tie their shoes. Proper use of biocontrol allows a psychic to shut down pain regulate his internal organs or even direct the flow of blood and glandular secretions at will. While some otherwise normal people learn basic techniques of biofeedback the truly talented psychic can perform marvels beyond all but the most dedicated meditative disciple.

  • Self Control: The psychic has power over his body to a basic degree. By entering a self induced hypnotic state, he controls basic functions. He can stop a small cut from bleeding, ignore small amounts of pain or hold his breath longer than he would be able to under normal circumstances.
  • Self Healing: By maintaining his internal focus over a long period of time, the psychic accelerate the healing process.
  • Hysterical Strength: The psychic gains control of his adrenal glands, allowing brief periods of hysterical strength and speed.
  • Ignore Pain Response: The psychic has the ability to shut off his pain centers for a brief period of time. This does not heal any damage, though it does let him function while injured.
  • Mind Over Matter: This psychic gains limited control over the bodily functions of others.


Some Numina psychics have the ability to draw upon the magic of those around them and transfer it to themselves or others. They can absorb magic spells and effects around them and mold it like clay, even backfiring the attacks of others. Channelers don't usually possess large pools of energy.

This school of magic has one obvious effect that can be modified by the user, but no specific spells.


A clairvoyant has the ability to cast his senses away allowing him to perceive people, places or things at great distances. With this power the psychic remains conscious of what is going on about him though it can often be confusing to concentrate on both.

Clairvoyance does not possess a set of specific spells.

Empathetic Healing[]

This ability is both beautiful in it’s own way and quite dangerous to its practitioner. There healer in effect joins her mind and body with that of the sick or injured subject. She then absorbs his hurts into her own body, where they heal normally. Empathic healers can even repair the most horrible of aggravated damage which makes such practitioners quite valuable. The drawback is, of course, that it may take months before the healer is able to function after using her powers. Usually the healer will heal an assistant or friend who can watch over her during the healing process. Most practitioners push themselves past their own limits in using this power to help others.

  • Soothe the Spirit: The healer absorbs minor bruises, simple depression and grief. Her own body recovers in about a day.
  • Knit the Flesh: The psychic can heal deep cuts and stop blood loss, though it takes about a week for the psychic to regain her strength.
  • Mend Bones:
  • Organ Repair: The healer can repair severe internal injuries and even bring back patients for the brink of death. Minimum recovery time for the healer is a year.
  • Pacify Madness: Only the most able psychics ever reach this level of training for it requires strict mental discipline and great courage. The healer actually absorbs the most severe forms of mental illness into her own mind and falls into the same state of psychosis she alleviates in her patient. Some healers never recover, at the least it usually takes many many months of rest.

Mind Shield[]

This spell protects the psychics mind from mental attacks including other psychics, bullet rains, magic spells or other ensorcelment. When someone attacks the psychic with mind shields, the effect usually backfires on the caster. This is a crucial ability that most psychics prefer to excel at.

There's no specific spells, the psychic can increase the strength and intensity of the shield by converting energy and concentrating.

Psychic Hypnosis[]

Many hypnotists promise results. Some even produce them. Psychics with hypnotic powers dwarf the abilities of the best carnival hucksters. Through their abilities lack the speed of mental command.

  • Trance State: The hypnotist can place a willing subject into a hypnotic trance. While in the trance the subject’s memories become clearer. He may also exhibit greater control of his physiology.
  • Sideshow Suggestion: The hypnotist may command a subject to do a single task.
  • Shared Intelligence: The hypnotist and the subject may be enter a trance state and share their knowledge with each other.
  • Fast Trance: The hypnotist might trance an unwilling target with a glance, although this would not grant the targeted person any benefits.
  • Manchurian Candidate: Brainwash an enemy. (This may only work on oppositions)

Psychic Healing[]

Healing! Although this ability is more clinical than the empathetic counterpart.

  • Diagnosis: The psychic may learn everything about another person's physiology.
  • A Good Night’s Sleep: Induce instant sleep.
  • Basic Healing:  knit wounds and cure diseases that has expanded.
  • Triage: Knit and strengthen broken bones.
  • Psychic Surgery: Preform a surgery with your mind! (Medical degree not required)

Psychic Invisibility[]

This could be considered a form of mass hypnosis. The psychic broadcasts to everyone nearby the simply subconscious command ‘don’t notice me’. It has much more applications than mundane invisibility.

  • Hide: The psychic’s ‘don’t notice me broadcast’ keeps himself or anything else from being noticed.
  • Slow Movement: The psychic could slow the movement of others, or virtually anything.
  • Invisibility: What the name says.
  • Forget You Ever Saw Me: The psychic can erase the memory of himself from others.

Psychic Vampirism[]

They psychic literally drains away emotion from his victims or in some cases actual living energies, converting them into energies for himself. The psychics often become addicted to the sensations, feeling a rush from the draw as well as desiring the extra energy. This ability is usually not thought in Numina schools, but nothing says it isn't legal.

  • Rush: The psychic vampire feeds off strong emotions. The emotions can be positive (joy, happiness, or love) or negative (fear, hatred, greed), though the vampire tends to find it easier to generate negative emotions.
  • Sapping the Will: The psychic vampire feeds on the willpower of others.
  • Energy Transfer: The psychic vampire can heal minor wounds or increase his physical abilities with the 'energy' he absorbs.
  • Life Leech: This allows the psychic vampire to leech away the life from others and revitalize himself. Not pretty.
  • Emotional Vortex: The psychic vampire can weaponize the emotions, life, or willpower he absorbs. Depending on the energy at questions, it usually has different effects on the attacks, but the psychic vampire would suffer negative effects regardless. (Ouch, who practices these spells?)

Sorcery Magic[]


The master conjuror can move items (though not himself) through space; scientists call this ability apportation or telekinesis (depending on whether or not the item passes through the intervening space between where it is and where the conjuror wishes it to be), while those knowledgeable in Sphere magics claim that this is a limited application of the Sphere of Correspondence.

  • Sword Summoning: Although more often used to draw forth loaded firearms, Numina prefer long swords and calling upon their enchanted weaponry for combat.
  • Armor Summoning: The psychic can summon an holographic armor that has the treats of a regular suit of armor, maybe even more powerful depending on the user's willpower.
  • Minion Summoning: The conjuror can someone an ally to aid him in simple tasks or combat. This minion could be anything from a wild cat forged in fire to an animated set of armor, as long as you have the raw materials to create one (effects of this spell can be enhanced using Alchemy).
  • Rain Summoning: Can summon rain from the sky.
  • Lightning Summoning: Can summon lightning from the sky. The weather should be already stormy so learning Rain Summoning is recommended.
  • Summoning of Spirits: Can summon spirits from the other side to flock with the living, this is a dangerous ability and these spirits don't usually react kindly to their summoner.


This is the ability to control electronic equipment with ones mind.

  • Search: The cyberkinetic possesses the ability to switch computers or easily operated electronic equipment on and off.
  • Link: The psychic may operate equipment without touching it, as if by remote control.
  • Scramble: The character possesses the ability to send micro-scale power surges through computers, giving them the equivalent of an epileptic seizure. Computers lock up. Video equipment displays snow and recording equipment picks up nothing but static.
  • Password: They cyberkinetic overrides the operating system of computers, essentially giving himself any password or code he desires. He can force the computer to do anything the normal operating system is capable of performing. He could for instance, create administrator access for himself, erase data or forge e-mail from anyone with an account on the system.
  • Run Hot: The sorcerer has such control of electronics that he can effectively ‘reprogram’ the computer to exceed its normal abilities. A computer calculates fast, a robot arm lifts more, a laser burns hotter.


This is the ability to control electronic equipment, the cyberpath can read the data stored on computers. All uses of cyberpathy require the psychic to be within sight of the computers.

  • Analyze Structure: The cyberpath possesses the ability to examine the directory structure of the computer. He can see what files are stored on the hard drive and access them.
  • Read-Only Mode: Like Psychometry but for electronic devices. The sorcerer has the ability to pick up psychic residue left on the electronic device, possibly communicate with it in a one way conversation.
  • Download: The sorcerer can copy a file from a computer to his mind.
  • Remote Access: With this spell the cyberpath connects to any computer that his local computer connects to.
  • Decrypt: The cyberpath's understanding of computers as progresses to the point where he can decrypt encrypted data.

This ability could be considered psychic as well.

Ectoplasmic Generation[]

Among the more freakish of psychic phenomena, this is the stuff of spirits, plasma made into tangible form. Through force of will and personality the psychic tugs on ghostly energies and make them solid.

  • The Big Sneeze: The sorcerer can summon up some strands of snotty material. The ectoplasmic created by this power wells out of the sorcerer’s orifices or follows in the wake of her touch, leaving slimy, glistening trails.
  • The Mists: The psychic’s control of the ectoplasmic cloud coalesces and the cloud begins to obey the commands of the summoner.
  • A Fog So Thick: Generate thick fog to ensnare the senses and trap your oppositions in ghostly matter.
  • Dream Shaper: The Sorcerer’s greater control of her ectoplasm allows her to mold it into complex shapes.
  • Tulpa: Summon ectoplasmic Tulpa that possesses rudimentary intelligence.


Necromantic sorcery Ability is a frightening thing. The character can when concentrating communicate wit hthe dead. However, the dead don’t always wish to communicate back, and even if they do, there’s a serious risk of possession at the higher levels of this Numina. Necro-Psi is risky in the extreme, and most who perform it risk their sanity and souls as well as their lives.

  • Communication: The character can hear the dead speaking, but only if she concentrates.
  • Necro-Absorption: The dead seemingly are drawn to the necromancer after casting this spell, he could absorb the spirits into himself, but the costs greatly outnumber the benefits.
  • Preserve Life: This spell would preserve the caster in a true immortal state but will eat his soul in the process, he would heal from all wounds and become nigh-indestructible until he cease the effect.
  • Resurrection: The power to bring the deceased, including oneself, back to life. Another willing soul must be the price however.

Many sorcerers refuse to use their necromantic talents any longer, and those who don’t refuse sometimes end up committing suicide.


Usually categorized as a psychic power but Numina discovered that it function better with sorcery energy. Telekinesis, the ability to move things without touch. A sorcerer must be able to see the target she wishes to manipulate and must use a modicum of concentration to manipulate an object. However she can split her attention and lift multiple objects so long as she dedicates an action for each object. If the user is nasty enough, she can weaponize it. (But why anyone would do such a thing? ;)

  • Levitation: Most basic application of telekinesis, the sorcerer can lift objects without touch, weight and distance depends on the skill of the user. You can also levitate yourself and look awesome asf.
  • Telekinetic Shielding: For those unlucky enough to not learn Mind Shield, they can always try to protect themselves with a wall of telekinetic energy, it might not be as effective, but it does the job... usually.
  • Telekinetic Blasts: The user can release blasts of telekinetic energy capable of destroying anything in their path, anything physical at least.
  • Explosion Inducement: Some people get too creative with their telekinetic powers, but don't just do not! At least not in here.


The ability to pick up psychic residue left on objects, places or people. Things exposed to strong emotional signatures hold flashes of information that a psychometric can read by touch. Particularly strong or violent emotions like murder may even cause sympathetic reactions in the psychic a feeling of rage, dread or other emotion imposed by the incredibly strong psychic resonance.

There's no specific spells for Psychometry as this ability is usually intuitive and doesn't require any training to master.


  • Fireball: The power to create and launch balls of fire. Size and distance depends on the skill of the user.
  • Ignite: Generate heat energy.
  • Fireworks: The sorcerer can generate colorful pyrotechnics.
  • Melting: Melt any object by touch. (Not necessarily with heat)
  • Inferno: Engulf yourself in flames that only you are immune to.