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Hello, this is TheSuperiorOne and this is a new series called Entities. The world of entities is not very complicated but can easily be confusing.


Entities is a story that takes place in an anime world full of past away Mystical Beings. These beings all had a special meaning, purpose or power associated with them that were suddenly released onto the Earth after the had seemingly died. Some beings already and still exist on Heaven or in Hell and people. After that, a race of humans named Entities started to appear on Earth, having the abilities of these famous or unknown Mystical Beings, but with a twist. The first Entity appeared 100 years after the last Mystical Being, Zeus was wiped off the earth by regular humans. The first Entity had the abilities of Zeus, but only in his left arm. So therefore he had "The Left Arm of Zeus". The second known Entity was known for having "The Legs of Hermes". This trend kept following into rare human beings making them Entities. There are also Entities who's bodies are able to obtain 2 or more of either the same Mystical Being or 2 different beings. There are also Entities who have been able to get the full abilities of these Mystical Beings throughout they're whole bodies making them "reincarnations" or so to speak. Now there are certain organizations to take care of Entities themselves but there also mini groups and schools made to help these Entities be able to live on Earth and blend in.

Current Story[]

Now this story follows the life of a young man who is 16 years old named Asher Palace who is a unique Entity with the abilities: God's Left Eye of Insight and Energy and Satan's Right Eye of Hypnotism and Illusions. They are very powerful abilities coming from God and Satan themselves and allows Asher to manifest lots of power. Asher will be in a secret school that teaches Entities how to control their abilities correctly and be able to keep them out of the sight of the organizations trying to take them and experiment on them. Currently he resides in New York City which looks like this.


View of New York City, where Asher currently resides.

We'll watch Asher and a few friends fight off other Entities as the world slowly goes out of control... This is an RP by me TheSuperiorOne, but if anyone feels like joining, feel free to.

  1. Please create a Skype account for us to talk with you.
  2. Create your own character! You need to roleplay as someone. Post your character.
  3. Ask permission from me, and I'll look over your character and see if he/she is overpowered or not.
  4. Have fun :)


Chapter 1: