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This is an OC for my friend's RP Entities.


Jason is the reincarnation of Apollo, the Greek god of many things. Here are his powers:

  • Solar Manipulation: Apollo is the god of the sun giving him the powers of the sun. He can manipulate fire, be immune to fire and heat, control gravity to a city scale, compress the heat to create a sunspot in his hand to create devastating effects, control the sun, become bioluminescent, generate heat and many more powers yet to be discovered. He could even create blackholes if powered up enough.
  • Solar Empowerment: Jason can increase his powers by being in the presence of the sun or a star of any kind. It allows him to create more devastating attacks with prolonged exposure.
  • Precognition: Under extreme emotion, Jason will get random visions of the future no matter how far ahead in time. The visions show important or significant events about allies or Jason.
  • Truth Inducement: By concentrating, Jason can make someone tell the truth with their words. However, this doesn't force the truth out, only making the person unable to lie. This cannot be used in the heat of battle.
  • Serenity Inducement: Jason can calm people down by wanting it. He can use this to force an angry person to calm down to avoid a fight.
  • Light Manipulation: Jason is the god of light. Allowing him to manipulate all kinds of light being able to harden it into constructs, bend it to create refracted light illusions, make it bounce of him to become invisible, generate light sources, create lasers, blind people ect.
  • Healing: Jason can heal every wound or disease (with bigger wounds taking longer to heal) except death. He can save a dying person but not a dead one. This works on all beings.
  • Disease Manipulation: Being the god to introduce medicine to man, Jason can create and manipulate any and all diseases, infections and kill any microbe including healing cancerous cells. He can create his own lethal pathogens and create genocidal epidemics.
  • Order Manipulation: Jason has the natural instinct to restore peace and order. He can do things at complete perfection such as throw a pencil into a sharpner hole ftom meters away. However he still cannot get a USB stick into the USB port in the first try.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Jason has extreme accuracy and marksmanship and is proficient in long ranged weaponry such as bows or guns. He can accurately fire in any condition such as through smoke, in darkness, moving objects, without looking, through rain or snow ect. He could possibly be the best in the universe at long ranged weapons.
  • Bow Summon: Jason can summon his trusty silver bow to fire with at all times. He can imbue his powers into the arrows and they can pierce through almost anything. This bow looks just like a regular bow but is made of silver and is indestructible.
  • Performance Intuition: Apollo is the god of art meaning Jason is naturally great at singing, dancing, painting and entertainment. He can weaponise this to create high pitch "songs" to distract enemies or annoy, influence or hurt enemies.
  • Musical Empathy: Being the god of music, Jason can heavily influence his powers and appearance when listening to certain types of music. Such as hardcore loud music will make his powers more destructive and classical music will make him more calm and less destructive.
  • High Knowledge: Apollo is the god of Knowledge meaning Jason has great knowledge of things he hasn't even seen before. Such as if he sees an alien, he'll know a lot about the race. Most secrets are hidden from Jason and he only knows what's known already by many. He can learn without the need for studying making him get really good grades.


Jason has a slightly muscular build, appearing intimidating but friendly. He has white hair and brown eyes. His appearance can change such as hair colour and eye colour when listening to different musics. The pictures below will show his face (lower) and clothing (higher). His powers have different colours to them. His hand glows that specific colour when the power is in use. Blue=Truth, Purple=Serenity, Grey=Order, White=Healing, Black=Disease, Silver=Bow and arrow creation, Red=Solar, Yellow=Light (The light can change to any colour). When his hands glow two different colours, he is using two powers in combination

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