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This is my OC for my friend's RP series Entities. Yeah.

Ichiro Kaen[]

Appearance: Ichiro is a tall, tan guy with brown eyes and black hair. His hair is combed down over his eyes, but the remainder is spiked up naturally. His eyes change color when he uses his powers, his irises change to a light orange, while his pupils become a dark red, making his eyes resemble a flame. Sorta. Anyway, he has a relatively well-built body due to his martial arts training in Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Kendo, Karate, and more with a height of 5'11".

Ichiro's attire consists of a dark grey t-shirt with two light grey stripes running down the length of the shirt, a pair of dark blue skinny jeans that were made to be more durable, some dark red combat boots with some additional armor for no real reason, a pair of dark orange fingerless gloves and a bright red 3/4-length hooded jacket with gunmetal-grey interior linings that splits into three coattails. He also wears a pair of specially-made rings held together by a chain on his right middle and little finger. Also, he wears a necklace with a small x-shaped charm with a decorative katana design in the middle of it and a red gem embedded in the center of it all. The charm is gold, with the katana design being silver.

When he activates his powers, his clothes take on a much similar design to the Soul Reapers of the anime Bleach. Mostly resembling the Substitute Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki and his most recent attire. Ichiro's shirt changes to a white under-shirt called a shitagi, a black over-coat called a kosode, and black pants akin to that of a hakama, with a red cloak tied around his waist. Also, two shoulder plates with straps connecting across his chest appear, holding his sword in place not by a sheathe, but with cloth appearing as an impromptu sheathe. His eyes change color as mentioned above. About his gloves, they change to resemble the X-Gloves in their Version Vongola Gear form, but extend halfway up his forearm.

Powers: Ichiro is a Shinigami reincarnation. He also has somewhat high intuition, usually making good guesses from analyzing and constructing theories in his mind, as well as relatively high athletic abilities, and decent free-running/parkour skills. His training in various Japanese martial arts and fighting styles also give him a deadly edge in hand-to-hand combat.


Shinigami Reincarnate: Ichiro being the reincarnation of a Shinigami entails many abilities to him. Most notable of his powers are the enhanced physical capabilities he gains when activating his abilities. This power set is based off the Bleach anime series, including his appearance, powers, and weapons. His sword is the Zanpakuto he wields, and his Bankai is... just that. A Bankai state, where his powers are enhanced by a great amount. With his swords being formed from his power, he has a somewhat telekinetic link to them, and stuff. He also has all the standard Soul Reaper training and powers, such as the Flash-Step, Bankai, but not Kido and other types of abilities like that, focusing more on melee combat than anything, with some elemental attacks mixed in to enhance his strikes.

I know that his current set of powers might seem weak, but they get a power up later,

  • Afterlife Transport: Ichiro uses his Shinigami power to induce a high-speed movement where he can move five feet or one whole mile in a single step.
  • Death Sense: Ichiro can sense if a person is about to die, allowing him to see a person's name and lifespan just by looking at them. Alongside this, Ichiro is capable of sensing when a person will die, or if a person is dying. Ichiro has learned to control this power, and can use it at will, determining a person's name, their lifespan, and detecting whether or not they are an Entity.
  • Supernatural Conditioning: Ichiro has unnaturally high speed, strength, stamina, and durability due to his powers as a Shinigami. This power is always active, and Ichiro has absolutely no control on whether or not he can deactivate it. And it's a good thing, considering how powerful his own abilities are, and what he goes through at school.
  • Weapon Proficiency: Ichiro is a master of any and all types of weapons innately, due to his abilities. Though, he prefers Enhanced Swordsmanship over all, as he dual-wields every so often. He does use a pair of guns every once in a while, which are also formed from his Shinigami power.
  • Okokkami: This weapon is the manifestation of Ichiro's Shinigami powers, appearing in the form of a katana. Okokkami resembles a High-frequency longsword from Metal Gear Rising. He's capable of using techniques much similar to Ichigo, such as a Getsuga Tensho types of attacks. The performance of the sword is similar to the High-frequency blades, able to cut through everything except some very special and rare alloys.
  • Tenshi and Akuma: A pair of twin pistols resembling Ebony and Ivory of Devil May Cry. A merge between both, as they both have the ethereal design of the most recent version, but the upgrades and cosmetic designs of the older ones. Tenshi is the gun in the right hand, with the enhancements of Ivory implemented in, alongside an Angelic design. Akuma is the gun on the left, and was designed to be used left-handed, with a Demonic design as well. Funny thing is, Tenshi is Angel in Japanese, and Akuma is Devil in Japanese. So the designs make sense. Yay! I guess.
  • Soul Manipulation: Ichiro can uses this power on anything he wants. Essentially, this power allows the user to manipulate the soul in an object, for example... the ground. He could command the soul in the ground to assist him in moving, or giving him a jump boost. But these effects would only appear physically as a green, florescent light around the area Ichiro activated this power. If Ichiro gets bored of using his Shinigami powers or doesn't want to use them for some reason, he'll use this ability instead, since it can essentially replicate his Shinigami powers anyway. Normally, since this power set is based on Bleach, Ichiro would need to use an object he is favors, or is well in-tune with. With that in mind, Ichiro uses this power on two family heirlooms he has.
  • Ring of the Flames Version XVI: The first of the heirlooms are a pair specially-crafted rings, held together by a chain, which he wears on his middle and little fingers on his right hand. When he manipulates the rings' soul, they become gloves much similar to the X-Gloves Version Vongola Gear, with a more fiery color scheme, and they are capable of using his fire powers.
  • Blade of Vengeance: The second heirloom is a special necklace with a small, gold, x-shaped charm, a decorative, silver katana design in the middle of it, and a red gem embedded in the center of the whole charm. When its soul is manipulated, it becomes a katana with the design of the High-frequency Muramasa and the High-frequency blade from Metal Gear Rising. The blade is a darker red, with no guard and a more traditional katana grip, with the traditional cloth wrapping on the grip in a light grey.
  • Elemental Attacks: Ichiro uses these techniques to enhance his attacks, but uses these elements alone when he attacks with his best attack, named the Getsumen. The Getsumen launches the element in a crescent-shaped attack, usually destroying the surroundings in the process.
  • Bankai: Ichiro is capable of enhancing his powers to great levels, far greater than any other Entity with Shinigami related abilities. With this change in power is a change in appearance. The clothing changes to resemble Ichigo's original Bankai, only with dark red instead of black. With this change in power, comes a change in Okokkami's appearance to match. Okokkami now takes on the more traditional appearance of an actual katana, but still have an ethereal design to them. Now, they look more like a traditional katana, with no guards. Instead, they have a skeletal hand pattern/design where the grip and blade meet as an impromptu guard, or something like that. The tang wrapping is dark red, with a faint gold outline.

More to come later. Not now.