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The New Adventure is the First Episode of Cillian Darcy: the Game                         

The New Adventure
Season One, Episode One
Air date

Febuary 13th 2014

Written by Mr. Writer
Directed by Ms. Director
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Episode 2 - Hunger of Death

Cast Guide

Cillian Darcy

as         Cillian Darcy

Nanao Hasebe as          Nanao Hasebe

Glen Tilly

as            Glen Tilly

Glenda Tilly as          Glenda Tilly


Plot Synopsis[]

16 Years Old Cillian Darcy who Is in Prison for 5 Years having Been Frame for Graffitie and Being Betrayed by His Friends, Decide to Look outside of His Cell before his Death and the Guards Discover His Past and Decide to Release and Own Him a Surious Apology for Arrest Him and Knocked Him Out. So then In Los Angeles after 5 Months, Cillian Woke Up From Asleep in the Woods and Can't Event Remember how He Landed and Walked into the Fence Leads to a Celeberty's Home and Snuck in.

While Inside, Cillian Looked around to Find something, And Discover about 3 Messages.