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Esmeralda Navas
Esmeralda Navas Anime Mugshot
Kanji ナバス・ エスメラルダ
Rōmaji Navasu Esumureruda
Alias Esme
Mad Scientist (マッド・サイエンティスト)
Personal Information
Status Alive
Gender Female
Family Yan Navas (Mother)
Nicholas Navas (Father)
Cuisine Style Caribbean Cuisine
Food Forte Plating
Professional Status
Generation 92nd
Occupation High School Student
Affiliation Tōtsuki Culinary Academy
Manga Debut
Anime Debut
Voice Actor Kaori Mizuhashi
Sure, food was made so that people could survive. But only the best, the luxurious, ended up on the table of kings and queens. I am going to be the best. The luxurious!

Esmeralda Navas (ナバス・エスメラルダ Navasu Esumureruda) is a supporting character in Shokugeki no Soma. Hailing from Barbados, she is known for her dried herb concoctions and niche theme plating.


In great contrast to her personality, she takes on a rather gracious appearance which is derivative of her mother. Esmeralda is a Chinese-Bajan girl with long black hair that parts to show her forehead and small auburn eyes. When cooking, she wears her hair in a low ponytail held by a large pale mint bow.


You’ll play?! Okay! So, I like to rub cumin on wet meat. And you...?

—Esmeralda's "The Same Game" with Mitsuru

As a foreigner, Esme is very excited about being in a new country, and as such is very outgoing to everyone she meets, trying have people play “The Same Game” with her, which finds similarities between the two cultures. Instead of opening up when she trusts someone, she instead becomes quieter and more introverted. She holds on to what she learned in primary school in Barbados, so gets upset when Americans confront her about her spelling of “color”, which she spells “colour” (the English spelling).

She hates spoon-fed or sugar-coated critiques and is  the same with her personality. She feels it’s unfair to give people only part of her, so she barely filters her speech and actions, with the exception being in competitive situations.

Though she enjoys cooking and giving it her all for other people, Esmeralda is lazy with food decisions for herself. She commonly eats the same thing two or three times a day and asks for small amounts of yen for snacks.



Life in Tōtsuki Culinary Academy[]

The First Day[]


Kojirō Shinomiya[]

At base, the two are confused about their feeling on each other. Esmeralda sees him as someone who has an immediate defense mechanism that leaves no room for criticism, which gives her some sympathy for his personality, but at the same time, she struggles with admiring anything he does because not accepting questions means he believes he is already the best, which isn’t true.

In turn, Kojiro feels that she doesn’t understand and should go about her business instead of trying to deal with his, but briefly admits he is, although faintly, glad she is telling him not to give up without knowing his past.

When it comes to small talk and things of that nature, they’re non-existent. Casual silence is common, and she will glance back and forth at him.

Takumi Aldini[]

She respects his international heritage and dishes but pokes fun at his bright hair colour to the point he is annoyed by it. His nickname is “Sun Hair”. He also dislikes how she constantly uses the term “sprezzatura” without context, and just because she likes how it sounds.

Cooking Style[]

  • Similar to Akira Hayama, many of her dishes are renowned for spice, though hers are specifically for dry herbs. As a chef with a passion for plating and presentation, Esme’s casual cooking is said to bring the warm tropics to a cold winter. Her baked vegetable-stuffed snapper is known for carrying multiple elements of spice in harmony.



Original Dishes[]

Collaboration Dishes[]


  • Chinese Cuisine RS - As a member of the society, she has been  disciplined by Terunori, being able to replicate his dishes exactly.



  • Esmeralda (エスメラルダ) means "Emerald" in Greek
  • Navas (ナバス) is a Spanish name derived from the Basque work "nava", which means "plain near the mountains"