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Hello everyone, it's PyroHunter16 again. This is the RP for my other series, Ethereal World. I changed the name cause the other name was ridiculously long and stupid. So this RP is about a Nephalem known as Hunter Fiamma. Hunter was born of a union between Angel and Demon, which is looked down upon, and we follow his journey fighting in a war he doesn't want to be a part of. All this will take in place both the regular world and Limbo. So...

Here's the guide:

  • Regular text is regular dialogue.
  • Italicized text is when a character uses their Angelic or Demonic powers in mask form. Or when Hunter uses his Angel, Demon, or Nephalem masks.
  • Bolded and Italicized text is an action a character makes or some form of narration.
  • Text within the *asterisks* represents a thought process.

Well, let's get started!!

At an undisclosed location in a city[]

We'll start with Hunter on a mission. He's wearing special combat armor that resembles Snake Eyes in GI Joe: Retaliation. Except it's dark red. He's looking around in a building for something, and he hasn't been accepted by Demon Inc. or the Angel Corp.

Hunter: What am I supposed to do here anyway? This is pointless. Continues looking around as a sniper on the outside is preparing to shoot him.

Sniper: This should be easy. Through a headset to the Angel Corp Just shoot. No killing. Right?

AC HQ: That's right, no kills. Just make sure to get his attention Operative Wendell.

Operative Wendell: Got it. Aims at Hunter and prepares to fire *This oughta do the trick.* Fires at Hunter, who instinctively dodges the bullet and pulls out his own two pistols, Hikari and Kage.

Hunter: *Shit, I knew this was a set-up.* Holsters his guns and dives out the window

To Be Updated Further