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Hello Anime Fanon wiki. This is another universe by me, PyroHunter16. In this world, everyone living on Earth is either an Angel or Demon. Among this world, there are schools that teach students how to harness their powers as an Angel or Demon. But our story follows the character Hunter Fiamma, a Nephalem. I know what you're thinking, "Hey, you spelled Nephalem wrong!" No, I didn't. Nephilim are the children of Angels and regular HUMANS, Nephalem are the children of Angels and DEMONS. There's a difference. Because of Hunter being a Nephalem, he is generally looked down upon because an Angel-Demon relation/marriage/child is strictly forbidden, and is considered taboo. But Hunter's parents, an Angel father and a Demon mother, are far too important to be looked down upon. They are top researchers in science and medicine, heading a field in which many people wish to work in. This field is know as "Applied Hyper Angel/Demon Forms" where people are trying to develop pills, medication, and other similar items that release a person's Inner Angel or Demon. So far, Hunter's parents have succeeded, and are extremely important to their scientific community. The world has an alternate counterpart known as Limbo. This is were a secret war between Angels and Demons is fought. The two fighting forces are known as the Angel Corp and Demon Inc.

Hunter is 26 years of age in this story, and is a member of the Angel Corp. This world is meant to be a solo RolePlay by myself, which I will update occasionally when I'm not on my Elemental Shift Roleplay. That series consists of two chapters as of my writing this, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2. This story might last about 3-6 chapters, and will maybe include some of my fellow Roleplaying friends, such as Thecryingwolf3553, TheSuperiorOne, and TheChaoticVoid.

This is only the main page, and will only have links to the chapters. I will be making my characters on DeviantArt, so get one if you don't, and follow my account there for characters, or updates. Mostly characters.


Chapter 1: TBA