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  • Red Riding Hood: The series' main protagonist. She is more trumatized then any other inmate. She was about to go to her Granny's House to deliver a basket of treats only to have a nightmarish reencounter with the Big Bad Wolf (her rival). The events that happend in her fairy tale began to flow through her mind fast that she fell into a murderous state. In the first part of the anime, She was killing all the workers and nurses as she makes her escape through the asylum. She is later stopped by the Puss in Boots. It is also known that she has a love/hate relationship with her fellow inmate, Tom Thumb. She was voiced by Asriel vocalist, KOKOMI, in the Japanese version & Gray DeLisle in the English version.
  • Goldilocks: One of the inmates of the Everafter aslyum who is born of Japanese decent. She had been an inmate due of being traumatised by being mauled by The Three Bears. Out of all of the inmates, She is the most ditzy and easily distracted. She is best friend with Pinocchio and Red (Little Red Riding Hood). She is the only character shown in the anime appart from Red. She was voiced by Kanako Kondo in the Japanese version and Rachael MacFarlane, Seth's sister, in the English verison.
  • Miss Muffet: A young girl and one of the inmates born in London, she befriended a gaint spider named Artemis, who met her while she was eating her curds and whey. One day, Muffet invited Red to their tea party. Only to be ruined by Red delimbing Artemis's right arm (This is the reason why Red ended up in the asylum). Artemis became enraged (Artemis dreams of becoming an artist one day), his anger and hate caused Muffet to be possesed by him. She and her vengeful large creepy crawly pet reck havoc in Grimmoire until they were captured by the asylum. Muffet in her normal state realizes that she is an inmate and finds out Red is here too. Muffet has the abillite to let spiders emerge from her straw hat and also can control Artemis making the serial killing aracnid her secret weapon. She is one of the inmates that did not yet show up in the anime. She was voiced by Yukie Maeda in the Japanese version and Debi Derryberry, who does the voice of Jimmy Neutron, in the English version.
  • Hansel & Gretel: Two twin siblings who are inmates of the asylum. Picking up from their faiy tale, they have a battle with the witch, who was about to cook them but Hansel picks up his flame thrower and starts to burn her and the the siblings eat her alive. The twin were labeled of cannibals and sent to the asylum. Gretel has a phobia of tall boys (e.g: Tom Thumb). She also carries giant fork. While Hansel is calm and collected (except when he's eating sweets), Gretel becomes quickly agressive and often uses profanity (the anime is uncensored). They are one of the inmates who were not yet shown in the anime. Hansel was voiced by Mie Sonozaki in the Japanese version & Tom Kenny, who does the voice of Spongebob Squarepants, in the English version while Gretel was voiced by Noriko Namiki/Tara Strong.
  • Rosie & Posie: Artificial twin sisters who were created by a scientist who lived near south of Grimmoire, who does not have a husband and children she can depend on. When a experiment goes wrong, The scientist is killed herself leaving the twins traumatised. Posie (girl with light violet hair) loses her right arm, left eye, her left arm is replaced with a monster ash hand covered in bandages and she becomes mute as a result of the experiment. The twins are later sent to the asylum and were treated like no other inmate and would often use their playful personality to get revenge. They are one of the inmates who are not yet shown in the anime. Rosie was voiced by Shiho Kikuchi in the Japanese version & Jodi Benson in the English verison.
  • Jack, Master of the Stalks: A young English boy born of Japanese decent, Jack was a poor boy who lived with his mother in a cottage. In order to get money for food, Jack sells his cow he named Snow to a deformed old man. He instead gave him magic beans. After an argument with his mom and after she tosses the beans out, a beanstalk magically grew without water. Jack later climbs the gigantic plant whare he discovered a castle with a big ugly woman cooking food. Jack hide only to discover a ancient sword called the Harp Sword. atop of it was a little singing girl named Lilith. She tells him that she became the gaint's prisoner due of having a lovely singing voice and that she will be his accomplice if he promises to free her from her enslavement. Jack alongside Lilith climbed down the beanstalk only to find that the gaint had massacred his mother. Heartbroken of the loss of his mother, Jack vowed revenge against the incredibley large serial killer. Lilith sang a song that dress Jack into brown robes and the two and eventually confront him. Only to find out, to Jack's horror is a demonic blob monster. A battle begins, ultimately leading the giant to be beheaded by Jack. The giant torments him that their is a tresure hidden in the asylum and that he will use it to send Jack to his early grave. He was voiced by Tomokazu Sugita in the Japanese version & Steven Blum in the English version.
  • Tom Thumb: A disturbed seventeen year old boy who is one of the aslyum's major inmates. He wears murderous boots Necro (left) and Shadow (right) who talk to him. Tom had live a hellish past: His parents were killed by the Big Bad Wolf. Both Bo Peep and Gretel have a fear of very tall boys (Tom is very tall). Red also has a love/hate relationship with him. It is also noted that he carries a katana hidden in his lock. He is one of the inmates that did not yet show up in the anime. He was voiced by Guilty Gear creator, Daisuke Ishiwatari, in the Japanese version & Richard Steven Horvitz in the English version.
  • Jack Sprat
  • Dr. Crooked: Dr. Crooked is the doctor of Everafter. He was looking along with Humpty Dumpty to the slaughter of the soldiers from Everafter by Red Riding Hood. After Red was knocked was down he watched her fell unconsious and ordered the nursemaids to bring her away then he went to Professor Cricket where he talked about Red´s mental condition and her recovery. He said that Red has to be ready for the next session in two hours. He was voiced by Junichi Suwabe in the Japanese version & Bill Oddie in the English version.
  • Big Bad Wolf: The insane and murderous antagonist of the anime who wrecks havoc in Grimmoire without mercy, he is feared by all except Red and the rebels. His demise has multiple consequences as the story unfolds, first acknowledging only that he must die in order to restore Grimmoire's peace and Red's sanity will be restored by doing so. It isn't revealed until the final battle (although Tom Thumb did try to make this clear until he was killed by the Wolf) The Big Bad Wolf is actually the embodiment of Red's insanity, being the very incarnation of Red's guilt, anger, regression and all things nagtive and cleary wants to keep thing the way they are. The Wolf murders Tom Thumb prior to his battle with Red. In the battle, his face slides away as he becomes a telekinatic fighter. After his apparent defeat, he is revealed that the wolf is a puppet of sorts, having his black demonic self melt into a tile of the asylum's floor by an unseen force, which is revealed to be the true form of the wolf, or Red's madness in a physical form. His true form is an abormination, it's head containing the heads of Dr. Crooked and Red herself and one of the hands is Miss Muffet's spider's head. The Wolf is ultimately distroyed by Red, restoring Grimmoire normality due to the wolf's demise, Red regains her sanity and is seen with her fellow inmates leaving the Everafter Asylum and the asylum itself is shut down due of the inmates cured. He is one of the characters shown in the anime. He was voiced by Naoki Imamura in the Japanese version & Robby Benson in the English version.
  • Humpty Dumpty: Humpty Dumpty is the founder of Everafter. He made an appearance when he was watching Red Riding Hood kill off most of the soldiers. Right when he was going to be attacked he was saved by Puss in Boots. He was voiced by Ryuzaburo Otomo in the Japanese version & Tim Brooke-Taylor in the English version.


  • Pinocchio: Pinocchio is the janitor of Everafter, while he was doing his job he saw Goldilocks and Edda walking through the corridors and stopped them. He then talked about the evaluation of Goldi with her and afterwards gave her his Lucky Charm for good luck. He was voiced by Daisuke Sakaguchi in the Japanese version & Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane, in the English version.
  • Puss in Boots: Puss in Boots appears when he had to rescue Humpty Dumpty and Doctor Crooked from Red Riding Hood. He hasn't appeared since. He was voiced by German-Japanese seiyuu Tetsuya Kakihara in the Japanese version & Diedrich Bader in the English version.
  • Professor Cricket: Professor Cricket is the professor of Everafter. He was having a conversation with Doctor Crooked about Red Riding Hood. He said that she was recovering faster than previous times. He saw in her mind next to Grandmother's Cottage and the sillouette of the man the Big Bad Wolf that was terrorizing her. Dr. Crooked said to hurry because her next session was in two hours. Although Cricket first thought it was a bad idea he eventually agreed. He was voiced by Mugihito in the Japanese version & Graeme Garden in the English version.
  • Edda: Edda appears to pick up Goldilocks for her appointment with Professor Cricket. She casted a bind spell on Goldilocks and took her to her evaluation. She was voiced by Kikuko Inoue in the Japanese version & Julie Kavner in the English version.
  • Iggy: Iggy gives a tour to a rich family throughout the Mental Institute Everafter. He then passes Goldilocks and explains a few things about the patients like her but then gets interrupted by Edda and continues his tour. He was voiced by Wataru Takagi in the Japanese version & the creator of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Maxwell Atoms, in the English version.
  • Alice: An inmate of the asylum born in London, she is traumatised due of having a rencounter with the Queen of Hearts potrayed as a harpy. because of this, Alice sarcastically kills all of her friends in Wonderland and is sent to the asylum. Alice become crazy and usually play back the adventures in Wonderland. She will be the only minor character to appear in the second arc.
  • Little Bo Peep: Born of Southern US decent, Bo is an inmate of the asylum. One day while searching for her black sheep, she discovered her abusive father killing her sheep with a meat grinder. Her rage at the loss of her beloved sheep caused her sheep staff to transforms into a scythe and kills her father. Bo was eventualy sent to the asylum where she meet Jack, Master of the Stalk and become his love intrest to much jelousy to Lilith. She will appear in the second Everafter arc.
  • Rapunzel: A timid girl who is an inmate of the asylum. In her fairy tale with a twist, her step mother (who is a witch) kills her lover (the prince) before she starts cutting her long hair. Thus making Rapunzel traumatised at the loss of both her lover and hair. Her long hair tranforms into snakes that give her an uncanny resemblance of medusa. She beheads her step mother before she is sent to the asylum. Whenever she sees sharp objects that remind her of the loss of her hair (knife, saw, scissors etc.), she becomes quickly insane and starts killing every single inmate in the asylum with her demonic hair. She is slightly Tom Thumb's love interest. Out of all the inmates, she is the most cruelest and sadistic. She will appear in the second Everafter arc.