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The Evil Entity is the overarching villain of the entire Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated series and the main villain of the final and last episode Come Undone. It is an evil Anunnaki that wants to consume and destroy the entire world. It was imprisoned in what would eventually become the Cursed Treasure of Crystal Cove, but was released by a psychotic parrot named Professor Pericles (Udo Kier). The Evil Entity was voiced by Clancy Brown, who also voiced Mr. Krabs in SpongeBob SquarePants series, Long Feng in Avatar: The Last Air Bender (2005-2008), Surtur in 2017 Marvel film Thor: Ragnarok, Undertow in The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea, General McGuffin in Wander Over Yonder, Silas in Transformers Prime, Gunmar in Troll Hunters, Savage Opress in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Captain Augustus Black in Jackie Chan Adventures (2000-2005), and the Dark Dragon in American Dragon: Jake Long (2005-2007).


The Evil Entity is among the Annunaki that arrived to Earth thousands of years ago. But unlike the other, more benevolent members of its race, it desired to consume all life by possessing an animal, and had corrupted many other Annunaki. Its plan was discovered before it can do this, thus the Evil Entity, along with other corrupted Annunaki, were imprisoned within a sarcophagus buried within a treasure.

The imprisoned Evil Entity's mere presence proved corrupting to the conquistadors, who succumbed to dark impulses and were driven to destroy entire villages in search of riches. Deeming the sarcophagus cursed, El Aguirre and his men anchored in a cove on the North American coastline and took the sarcophagus and all of the other treasure its influence had compelled them to plunder deep into catacombs beneath the bay, intending to hide them away forever. Using the mysterious and alchemical Planispheric Disk, they charted a path through caverns, and through time and space itself, sealing the sarcophagus and the Entity away in the space between dimensions, barring the way with a series of four elementally locked inter-dimensional gates, and then splitting the disk into six pieces and scattering them to prevent the "Cursed Treasure" from ever being found again.

Although further sealed away, the Evil Entity's sinister and blasphemous influence over the earthly reality remained strong, and its mere presence shaped the town that grew on the land above its resting place, dubbed "Crystal Cove" by the conquistadors for the dark secret it held. Under the Entity's sway, the town became a center of the mysterious and weird, where people decided that the best way to commit crimes was to dress up as ghosts and monsters using increasingly outlandish and unfeasible technology.

Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated[]

When the new Mystery Incorporated succeeded in locating all of the disk pieces and reforming the Planispheric Disk, they were forced to hand the disc over to Pericles, who used it to unearth the elemental gates beneath Crystal Cove, and both Pericles and the Mystery Incorporated gang subsequently raced through the gates across the dimensions until they reached the fourth, fiery dimension holding the Cursed Treasure. As the celestial alignment of Nibiru came, Pericles released the Evil Entity from its sarcophagus.

The Entity intended to possess the titular Great Dane named Scooby-Doo (Frank Welker), but when Scooby rejected it, Pericles offered himself up to the Entity as a willing vessel, evidently unaware that he would be entirely consumed by the Entity upon possession. Taking over Pericles's body, the Evil Entity gained physical form as a repulsively grotesque tentacled creature, and it immediately began releasing its cruel and evil Anunnaki servants. Together, it and its servants began rising to and destroying Crystal Cove once and for all; there, with its servants' help, the Evil Entity began consuming the inhabitants with the aim of growing strong enough to fully break free from its binding lifeline to the sarcophagus, so it could move on to consume planets and galaxies and eventually the entire universe.

Discovering that they were mystically protected against the Evil Entity's touch when they stood together, the Mystery Incorporated kids realized that (unlike the other mystery-solving groups forged by the Entity) their friendship was real, like the Hunters of Secrets before them, and in turn realized from this that their friendship was their weapon against the Entity. With this revelation, the kids worked together to get the Heart of the Jaguar past the evil Anunnaki minions to the Entity, until Scooby succeeded in plunging the heart into the sarcophagus. With the sarcophagus' destruction by the Heart of the Jaguar, the Evil Entity's link to its prison was severed before it was strong enough to fully break free. Crystal Cove, the evil Anunnaki, and the Evil Entity were then sucked up, and the Entity was destroyed once and for all. The Entity's destruction undid all of its evil throughout time, creating an alternate timeline in which all those whom the Entity's evil influence had negatively affected over history lived good and happy lives. Four years later after its death at the hands of Scooby-Doo, the Evil Entity doesn't appeared in 2017 animated supernatural horror film Equestria Girls: Movie Magic, but it appeared very briefly in Starlight Glimmer's hallucination.


  • (Ricky Owens/Mr. E: Professor Pericles?) The bird is gone now. I am flesh now! Flesh!
  • (Judy Reeves: [final words] Oh, mighty one!) (Bradley "Brad" Chiles: [final words] We are here ready to serve you.) Good, now I am so hungry. (devours both Bradley "Brad" Chiles and Judy Reeves alive to increase its own strength and power, leaving Alvin, Simon, and Theodore gasps in horror)
  • (laughs evilly, nearly grabbed Theodore Seville while he's running away) You cannot escape me! You are powerless against me!
  • (gasps in shock as the crystal sarcophagus is broken, opens up a vortex) (final words) No! (the vortex begins to suck everything into it, except for Alvin, Simon, and Theodore) No! It cannot be It will not be! Why? Why? Why! (the vortex causes a galaxy implosion and a bright light)

Scooby-Doo! The Ending of the End[]

The Evil Entity appears in 2017 mobile game Scooby-Doo! The Ending of the End (once again voiced by Clancy Brown).


The Evil Entity's only attack is to strikes Alvin, Simon, and Theodore with its tentacles. It causes higher damage, but with higher health points and defenses, the player should be able to avoid all of its attacks without suffering higher damage. The player may want to steal from the Evil Entity before defeating it.


  • Before its debut, the Evil Entity never made any appearance at all, although its existence is hinted multiple times by Warren Weatherly's sister-in-law, Lena Weatherly.
  • Millennia earlier, rumors has it that the Evil Entity cursed Katrina Weatherly's hateful son Jonah Weatherly to consume the souls of both good and bad people in order to maintain his existence, either not knowing or not caring that his need to devour the souls of living beings would lead to him learning the location of Adagio Dazzle's sacred ruby necklace. Eventually that knowledge would reach Sunny Flare (Britt Irvin), the archenemy of Jonah's abusive mother Katrina Weatherly (nee Walls), who used it to free Adagio Dazzle (Kazumi Evans) and take the ruby necklace for herself. Jonah's abilities, however, were taught to him from a minotaur named Iron Will (Trevor Devall) centuries ago.