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Final Fantasy Type-0

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Final Fantasy: Type-0
No. of episodes 48
Run time 36 Minutes (per episode)
Rated TV-14
English Network Toonami
"Forever By Your Side" - series tagline

Final Fantasy: Type-0 is animated series created by MarioSonic1243. Dispite its name, it is not an adaption to the game, but is a reboot of Final Fantasy: Unlimited. It is followed by a sequel named, Final Fantasy Legends.


The animation is done by Gonzo.


  1. Omega Hayakawa (Voiced by Decay Dynasty (from YouTube) in English, Yuto Kazama in Japanese)
  2. Alpha Hayakawa (Voiced by Jack Merluzzi in English, Ryotaro Okiayu in Japanese)
  3. Yu Hayakawa (Same voice from FF:U)
  4. Ai Hayakawa (Same voice from FF:U)
  5. Touya Satomi (Voiced by Mark Gatha in English, Showtaro Morikubo in Japanese)
  6. Clear (Voiced by Jeffery Watson in English, Takahiro Sakurai in Japanese)
  7. Lisa Pacifist (Same voice from FF:U)
  8. Cid (Same voice and appearance from FF:U)
  9. Lou Lupus (Same voice from FF:U)
  10. Moogle (Same voice and appearance from FF:U)
  11. Kaze (Same voice from FF:U)
  12. Makenshi (Same voice from FF:U)

Opening Themes[]

1. "Over the Fantasy" by Kana Ueda (Episodes 1-18)

2. "Last Train (The New Morning)" by Knotlamp (Episodes 19-26)

3. "Shinsou (Deep Blue)" by Asami Imai (Episodes 27-39)

4. "Alonez" by Aqua Timez (Episodes 40-47)

Ending Themes[]

1. "Nagareboshi (Shooting Star)" by Home Made Kazoku (Episodes 1-19)

2. "Mizu no Naka (Inside the Water)" by Mosquito-Milk (Episodes 20-37)

3. "Until We Bleed (Feat. Lykke Li)" by Kleerup (Episodes 38-42)

4. "Romancing Train" by Move (Episodes 43-47)

5. "Over the Fantasy" by Kana Ueda (Episode 48)