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Aiden Von Brandt

Full Name:

Aiden Charles Von Brandt


Human (Genetically modified)




Vampire Hunter, The Vamp Slayer


The Anti-Vampire Association


Vampire Slayer


Currently in England


Anti-Vampire armor, Anti-Vamp weapons

This is an OC for an old RP of my friend, Thecryingwolf3553. It's called Full Moon. Check it out. Anyway, with out further ado, here he is:

Aiden Von Brandt[]


Aiden has the appearance of a tall, handsome, young man for someone of his age. Red and spiky, Aiden's hair is probably his most outstanding trait, aside from his quiet personality and interesting choice of clothing. His bright amber eyes and constantly depressed look tend to draw people's attention, but his personality is part of the reason for being depressed most of the time. His clothes are a custom-made suit designed to resemble the Lord Knight from the Elsword game. This outfit tends to make people think he's a knight, especially due to the area he's living in currently. His pants, however, are less puffy and more form-fitting.


Aiden's clothing and hair design. Also, partial face-claim, minus the red eyes.


Most of the time, Aiden is depressed or angry, due to his past. If one were to get passed his cold exterior, that person would find a kind and caring person. Heartwarming and kind, Aiden's interior personality is the best one to ask for, kind, caring, wanting the best for everyone he cares for. If he's talking to a girl, he's still cold and sad, lashing out if this lady is too annoying or negative to him in general. As an example, let's say Aiden meets a girl named Alice. Alice wants to be friends with Aiden and possibly be his girlfriend. Depending on her actions, Alice can either be dating him, or Aiden will leave her be. But, Aiden is a really nice guy, it just takes some time to get used to Aiden's personality. Side notes, Aiden is also known for having extremely high reaction times and being incredibly smart for people of his age/level in the AVA.


Due to being genetically altered by the AVA, Aiden has access to partial amounts of a Vampire's physiology. None for sure know what type of Vampire Aiden was altered with, Human-born or Demon-born. Some say a Human-born, others say Demon-born. Despite the controversy, Aiden has access to High-Level Human-born Vampire powers, and utilizes it all to great potential. With his high intellect and high reaction times, Aiden is a formidable force against mid-level or high-level Human-born Vampires, and is able to hold his ground against low-level Demon-born Vampires. Experience low-level or mid-level Demon-born might take awhile for Aiden to take down, but it's a 50/50 shot, depending on various environmental factors. High-level Demon-born Vampires, regardless of experience, should be able to mop the floor with Aiden. Support from the AVA means he could stand a chance against high-level Demon-born Vamps.

  • Super Strength: Aiden's strength, normally high among regular humans, is increased to a higher level to due to the alterations of his genetic data. This allows him to lift the weapons he wields, including a Great sword and katana.
  • Super Speed: A Human-born Vamp's super speed is already pretty quick, but with Aiden's natural agility and great free-running skills, Aiden is even faster, sometimes seeming as though he teleports around. It's just high-speed movement, so don't worry about it.
  • Super Hearing: Although a normal Human-born has super hearing, Aiden doesn't have incredibly high hearing. He can hear certain frequencies, but not ones that other Vampires could communicate with each other. Thanks to his intellect, Aiden tends to use the echolocation with the super hearing to form a mental map with echolocation, or uses his hearing to "see" in a way similar to the Marvel character Daredevil. This helps when his eyes are being played with and he can't rely on his vision too much.
  • Super Sight: Super Sight is an ability Aiden uses normally to aim and react faster to various other stimuli. Other than that, Aiden rarely uses it. He prefers to use the Super Hearing more because of the phrase, "Looks can be deceiving". among other reasons.
  • Unlimited Stamina: Aiden's Unlimited Stamina was toned down so he doesn't overexert his body during missions. His stamina is still high among Human-born Vamps, but nowhere near as great as a true Human-born Vamp.
  • Enhanced Healing Factor: Utilizing this power, Aiden can heal himself quicker than a normal human. It's still not as potent as a Human-born Vamp, but it's still higher than a normal human. Often, he regenerates minor cuts and wounds within seconds of getting them. The limit of his power is healing a limb, taking days, months even, to regenerate a limb, whether it be a finger or arm.
  • Super Agility: Aiden's already high agility is increased further, allowing him to free-run at greater levels. His free-running potential is practically unlimited, being on par with an Olympic-level athlete. Due to his high agility, Aiden also has high dexterity, allowing him to fire his guns at a speed paralleling that of a sub-machine gun or assault rifle with a high rate of fire.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: High reflexes increased by genetic alterations give Aiden an even higher reaction time, able to possibly catch a bullet if he wanted. With great precision, Aiden can cut apart bullets with his katana or shoot them out of the air at the right moment.

Aside from the base powers given by the alterations, Aiden has also been given echolocation and teleportation. He uses the teleportation to load his guns' magazines with bullets from a case full of ammo that is in his current place of residence, a safe house given to him by the AVA, coincidentally nearby the location of the Full Moon Wolves. Aiden's echolocation is used in conjunction with his Super Hearing, allowing him to "see" without looking.


Aiden always carries his Anti-Vampire load-out, though he leaves his swords behind at his safe house, teleporting either of his blades into his hand when he needs. His clothing is already made with Anti-Vampire defenses embedded in it, including the metal armor plates worn with the outfit.

  • Onyx & Pearl: Aiden's pair of twin M1911A1 pistols that are customized to increase rate of fire and decrease recoil. As their names would lead one to believe, Onyx is a dark chrome-plated M1911A1 customized even further than Pearl; Onyx uses a reversed ejection port that expels spent brass away from Aiden, meaning Onyx is made to be exclusively used left-handed. Pearl uses a silver chrome-plated design and a standard ejection port to expel empty bullet casings away, meaning Pearl is the right-handed gun of the set. Both are meant to be used single handed, and used a hooked trigger guard as opposed to the rounded trigger guard on a standard M1911A1. Both also have customized silencers that fit into the modified barrels that still maintain the increased firing rate and decreased recoil. The customizations were made so that they could be fired with extreme dexterity.
  • Resilience: Resilience is the name of Aiden's katana, meant to be used with Aiden's Iaido and Iaijutsu training he received after applying to an alternate weapons training program for swords. Because of his training, Aiden wields Resilience with extreme precision and discipline, fighting like a true warrior. His fighting style with a katana reflects an aspect of discipline hidden deep within Aiden's conscience. Aiden has labelled this fighting style the "Disciplined Warrior Style" because of the way he fights with the sword.
  • Revolution: Revolution is Aiden's great sword, custom-made and designed to resemble the Lord Knight's canonical great sword. While Resilience embodies Aiden's hidden sense of discipline, Revolution represents Aiden's rebellious nature, also concealed deep within the dark corners of Aiden's consciousnesses. Instead of the disciplined fighting style Resilience has, Revolution uses a more flashy and free-flowing fighting style, fighting without a practiced style and using different moves in free-flowing combat. Speed and power are balanced within Revolution, allowing Aiden to balance out his fighting style between a trillion stabs, or a basic, four-hit combo with the sword. Maybe, Aiden needs to traverse a large gap between him and his enemy; just use high-speed movement to dash towards the Vamp and stab him using the momentum. The Revolution uses a free-flowing style that a sword master would wield to its fullest potential. Aiden names the Revolution's fighting style the "Flowing Champion Style" for its smooth, rushing combat style.
  • Most Likely More TBA


Aiden's history is quite an interesting one. His parents were a relatively wealthy family, living peacefully. At the age of 7, vampires attacked him and his family at his home. Werewolves intervened, killing the vampires that attacked. But, they were too late, Aiden's parent had become blood suckers themselves, and the wolves were forced to kill them as well. The worst part was Aiden had seen everything. His parents had told him to hide, and after everything was done, the wolves who intervened made sure he was safe, and he was taken to a orphanage. The vampires never stopped coming though, they practically ran the city he lived in. So he left the orphanage, fighting to survive off whatever he could, killing vampires with self-made wooden stakes that he always kept. After five years of struggling, Aiden came upon the AVA, the elite vampire-fighting force that stood firm against the vampires. When the AVA saw Aiden's condition, he was immediately taken into the training facilities and given proper nourishment as well as proper training to fight the blood suckers. Even though he was given training, he still uses his own free-styling move sets and techniques to fight with. Facing trauma at such a young age, Aiden fights with absolute brutality against Vampires, but seems to have a soft spot for werewolves due to them being the nocturnal entities that saved him. Fast-forward 5 years later, and Aiden has received his genetic alterations, furthering his lone wolf status among the AVA ranks. After more training, Aiden has adapted to his alterations. Time to kick some Vampire ass.