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Hello, I am Thecryingwolf3553 and this is an anime I created called Full Moon. It is about our regular world but includes a conflict between Vampires and Werwolves/Lycanthropes. I will solo RP this but if anyone wants to join, they can create an OC for Full Moon and I'll check your OC to see if it meets the standards. You also must have a Skype account so I can contact you easily. The RP will follow the story of the Vampires and the Werewolves survival and also include the human side of the war. In the universe this RP plays out in, the humans are fully aware of the mythical beings that roam at night. They have studied carefully to produce weapons specifically to kill these beings by using their weaknesses to attack. This provides an everlasting struggle for the vampires as it is becoming increasingly difficult to attack humans for the precious blood that flows through our viens. The vampires live in huge villages or towns fully under control by their cold blooded society where they hide from humans and plan to go hunt for humans while keeping the rest safe. One king vampire, usually the strongest or oldest, leads the rest or a group of vampires makes the decisions. Not all vampires around the world are connected and some societies fight against each other to steal blood supplies. The vampires are struggling for survival and some even attack the Werewolves for blood.

Now to the werewolf side. The werewolves live in small or huge packs that look after each other like small colonies. Different wolf societies don't usually communicate and often stay away from other packs and rarely have wars. Each wolf pack has a name and a symbol to represent them. They also have an alfa wolf who leads them. Most wolf societies are friendly to humans and attack vampires to protect them. Dispite this, humans despise the wolves and hunt them down to protect themselves dispite the fact that only a few wolf societies eat human meat. Some wolf packs, while in human form, live among humans and only meet up with their pack mates for "wolf business".

Two additional pages have been made to explain my versions of Vampires and Werewolves. Also a page to explain the Human answer to the beings of the night.

Current Story[]

The current story follows a small wolf clan called the Full Moon Wolves. They are located in New York and are full of Wolves that are very much in control of their transformations. Their neighboring clan is the NightFall Lycans, a deadly werewolf gang that focuses on power and hunt humans in the city to eat. The main character, Ethan Walker, is a high ranking member of the Full Moon Wolves while the leader is Kyle Renner. Ethan is a brown fur wolf with very good control over his powers. He has conflict with the leader of the clan but they both want one thing, the safety of the Full Moon Wolves.