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Welcome back. This page will explain what the vampires are like in my RP Full Moon.


The Vampires are actually the creations of demons and are technically demons themselves. They first started appearing during the Medieval times but some very old ones date back to roman times. The first vampires were just demon offsprings and were born in Hell. They are part human and the demon side of them is dominant. They need to feast upon human blood in order to keep their human selves alive so they can live. Older vampires needed to eat whole humans instead of just blood as their demon sides are even more dominant and visible.


There are two types of Vampires that both look different. Demon Borns and Human Vampires. Demon Borns look like demons and can vary in size from 6-10 feet tall. They are muscular and have really sharp fangs replacing all their teeth. They look like this: A Human Vampire is a human who was bitten by another Vampire. When the blood of any type of Vampire is injected in a human, the human becomes a vampire. Their eyes change colour to red, yellow, white, black ect. They grow fangs and gain a taste for human blood to stay alive. As their live goes on, their skin gets paler eventually going pale white. The paler a vampire, the more powerful. When a vampire is old or powerful enough, they gain the ability to retract their fangs. After a REALLY long time, a Vampire will look more like a Demon Born and will have to change their diet to whole humans rather than just their blood. A vampire cannot survive on animal blood but it will make them live a little longer than not drinking blood. If a vampire wishes to become more powerful without waiting a long time, drinking a lot of blood will quicken the process. If a human above his twenties is bitten by a vampire, s/he will remain that physical age forever. If the person is under their twenties, they will still age physically until they are of a suitable age such as 20.


Vampires have many powerful abilities that make them superior to humans and one-man-armies. For example, every vampire can live forever without ageing, have super human strength enough to shatter and rip concrete right out the ground, super speed faster than the fastest cars, be immune to all diseases, have a Supernatural power and have a healing factor. An older vampire's powers will upgrade naturally over time.

Demon Born[]

  • All the abilities of Human Vampires increased by 50
  • Sharp claws on feet and hands
  • Human form
  • Immortality
  • Immunity to heat, cold, electricity, poison, pain and fear
  • Flight
  • Heal lost limbs in seconds

Human Vampire[]

  • Super strength
  • Super speed
  • Super hearing
  • Super sight
  • Unlimited stamina
  • Heal fatal injuries in seconds, limbs in minutes
  • Super agility
  • Enhanced reflexes

All Vampires can learn a Supernatural power such as echolocation, mind control, teleportation, magic spells, telekinesis, eternal minion creation (turn beings into slaves), vampire reincarnation and many more.


Every vampire has a weakness. Although stronger ones are more immune to the effects. Demon Borns can only be killed by Werewolves but Human Vampires can be killed by their weaknesses. Here are the weaknesses and their effects:

  • Wooden Stake to the heart- This is one of the deadliest things to do to a vampire. In most cases, this is fatal and can kill them if done properly
  • Bullets- Weak vampires can die by pumping a lot of lead into their lifeless bodies
  • Religious Items- This makes vampires feel sick, items like crucifixes
  • Combating a Werewolf- Because they are natural enemies, Vampires can be killed by a Werewolf's scratch, bite and hits
  • Sunlight- The light rays of the sun will weaken a vampire and can cause irritation and after prolonged exposure, will lower the abilities of one
  • Sound- Certain frequencies of sound waves will stun a vampire. Humans have used this to their advantage while combating them
  • Certain Metals- Very few metals, such as gold or titanium, can leave wounds in a vampire that will take longer to heal. Because of this, humans use bullets with these specific metals while killing Vampires
  • Blood- All Vampires need to eat humans in order to keep their human side alive. A Human Vampire needs to consume one pint of blood a weak, draining a human whole will allow it to store the blood inside them like camels to save for later. Demon Borns need to consume a whole human a month in order to live. If a Vampire does not stick to it's diet, it will grow weaker and by the time it needs it's next feeding, it will die. In short, Humans Vampires will die from starvation in 2 weeks while Demon Borns will die in two months.