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FA: GA: AS, Episode 7, Change of Mood * Different Mikan!

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows Mikan, in her bed-

Mikan: -leans up, and looks around- Hm? I thought I was in SA Class...

Hotaru: -walks in- You're awake...

Mikan: -waves arms- What happened?!

Hotaru: You fainted in SA Class, but luckily, you were just unconscious for 15 minutes...

Mikan: T_T 2 bad things in a row...

Hotaru: -turns away- Your fault...

Mikan: How is it MY fault?!

Hotaru: -turns back- 'Cause you're careless...-walks out-

Mikan: HEY! You're heartless!

Narumi-sensei: -peeks in- Can I come in?

Mikan: -waves hand- I let Hotaru in here...but...I'm not sure about you...

Narumi-sensei: A bit harsh...

Mikan: Harsh like my life...

Narumi-sensei: Well, bye! -goes back in hall-

Mikan: Hm... -turns on the TV, and it's on the last episode of Shugo Chara Party!, do the Puuchi Puchi part-

Maybe...I can be like Amu...I could have a different personality...that's a GREAT idea! Thank you, Peach-pit!

-5 Minute Commercial Break-

Mikan: personality should I have...Temari's, Miki's, Su's, Dia's, or a girl Yoru? Hm...

Ruka: -peeks in- Hello, what are you doing?

Mikan: No-thing! -closes door on Ruka-

Ruka: Seriously..-scratches head, and walks away-

Mikan: Ok! I might do...Temari! But...I can't wear kimonos so...I'll wear kimonos in my bedroom at night! Ok! Let me get to class tomorrow!

-Screen: Tomorrow-

Mikan: -walks into class, and gently sits down at seat-

Nonoko: What's wrong with Mikan?

Anna: She's awfully calm after she got kidnapped and then fainted...

Sumire: I'll try and get her! -walks up to Mikan- Hey! You little rat!

Mikan: ... -hesitates- GO AWAY, YOU IDIOT! OR I'LL SLICE YOU IN HALF!

Sumire, Nonoko, & Anna: -jaws are open- Uh...

Mikan: -thinks- Maybe not the BEST different character...-sigh- If only I had a real Guardian character...

-Screen: Later in her room-

Mikan: Hm...-is watching episode 17 of Shugo Chara!- I can't use Kukai's character...he's too athletic and he's a boy...I'll try tomorrow...-yawns, lays back on bed, and falls asleep, leaving the TV on-

-Ending plays-

-End of Episode 7-