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The Gaelic King-lands (ゲーリックキングランド,Gērikkukingurando ) is a now defunct state in Northern Ireland. Formerly a monarchy run by the Ua Néill Clan. It was largely unpopular due to its support of the axis powers during WW2 and suffered from numerous economy sanctions and poor military, economic, and political decisions and a largely incompetent government and military.

It controlled the entire British isles, however The capital remained at belfast till the start of the civil war in which the capital was then moved to London after the Ua Néill Clan fled there. Later the family fled to Micronesia, after Communist and allied troops broke through Gaelic defenses during the siege of London. Princess Irene Ua Néill  was selected to become Queen, after her brother and current heir Prince Thomas Ua Néill II was killed leading Japanese, and Gaelic forces against Soviet-Chinese forces. The government then reorganized into the Constitutional Republic of Ulster in a last ditch effort to combat the People's Republic of Ulster, they managed to hold on until 1956, where poor supplies, poor equipment, and starvation forced the remaining Constitutional Republican Army, air, and naval units surrendered and Queen Irene was killed when a coup occurred.

The war was mentioned when Rory, and Itami visited the People's Armed Forces museum in Belfast, after the Empire surrendered to both the JSDF and the People's Armed Forces of Ulster.


The Gaelic government was an absolute monarchy Kings/Queens has the responsibility for the overall policy of the state and its diplomacy and has the final authority on most matters of state. Princess and Princes, can take the throne, either when the ruler dies or abdicates the throne. King Rory Ua Néill X was largely unpopular due to his policies, such as sending a expeditionary force to assist The Qing Empire against revolutionaries, and deploying another Expeditionary Force to assist the Central Powers during WW1. Both Expedition Force suffered heavy causalities, although the 5th and 12th Gaelic Expeditionary Air Corps did a much better job than the army.

The Gaelic King-Lands show brutality in dealing with several worker strikes and uprisings which further fueled the powered keg. Many including the Axis felt that Rory had become senile, and too paranoid in his old age and he also suffered from PTSD, and other mental health issues. Towards the end of the civil war the government changes into a Constitutional Monarchic Military Junta, Princes Irene was allowed to become queen but most served as a figure head while the military leaders held all the power. Irene did manage to seize power away from the military leaders after the lost of the Gaelic's Africa colonies. Her rule was only short as she was killed during a coup in 1956.



Main article: Gaelic Royal Armed Forces/Constitutional Armed Forces of Ulster

The Gaelic Royal Armed Forces was the unified armed forces of the Gaelic King-lands, it included the Gaelic Royal Army Corps , Gaelic Royal Navy Corps , Gaelic Royal Air Corps, Gaelic Royal Marine Corps, and Gaelic Royal Coastal Corps. Minor corps included the Gaelic Royal Army, Navy, Marine, and Coastal Aviation Corps, Gaelic Royal Light Infantry Corps, Gaelic Royal Defense Corps, Gaelic Royal Signal Corps, Gaelic Royal Medical Corps, and the Gaelic Royal Engineering Corps. Despite having a large army, navy, and air force the military suffered from poor leadership, corruption and a generation gap between more experienced but technological inept officers and generals and younger less experienced but technological minded officers and generals. King Roy Ua Néill X preferred the advice of younger military leaders rather than older more wiser military leaders.

This caused many experience generals, officers and veteran soldiers to desert to Communist and other political partisan and paramilitary forces. Gaelic royal soldiers wear a variant of Stahlhelm helmet known as the Royal T67 series helmet, and use modified German and British weapons. They made use of Panzerkampfwagen II, III, and IV tanks along with Knight, Celtic, and BO-45B tanks. They used various aircraft such as the Mz.Mc-12 fighter, and Po.Ji-20 Naval bomber.

During the later course of WW2 and the Civil War the army was re branded as the Constitutional Armed Forces of Ulster, they retrained and




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