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Gala-Ichigo flavors: Living in a different world (lit. Gala-Strawberry flavors) is a sitcom anime series created by PrettyYandere690. The series contains a lot of skits and absurd adventures along with gender-bent versions of characters that are not in the show.


The story follows a female otaku (fujoshi), who transports with her parents into a village filled with characters from her favorite anime. Most of them are rom-coms, yaoi and supernatural.

List of Gala-Ichigo flavors characters


  1. Zessan Unmei Chu by Galaxy girl Paida ft. Juliane and melancholiaah (Ep 1 - 10)
  2. Sweetie x2 by cillia x ITO (Ep 11 - present)


  1. KICK THE REGRET by B'nemo (Ep 1 - present)

Season 1[]

The 1st season will premiere on April 26th, 2025.

Season 2[]

The 2nd season will premiere on December 24th, 2025

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