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Welcome to Galatopia (ガラトピアに突入 Garatopia ni totsunyū) is the second episode of Galactic Emerald.


As the team arrives in Galatopia, they embark on a quest to find the elusive Miracle Emerald, which is the first artifact that will help them stop the activation of the Galactic Emerald.


Mirei and Kabutaro's adventure begins in the desert, where they get into their spaceship and take off into outer space, passing by different planets and stars. Eventually, they reach the magnificent Galatopia. Kabutaro enlightens his partner about the futuristic nature of the place, its starwaves, and the coexistence of humans and humanoid creatures. Serendipitously, Mirei discovers a golden flower at a crucial moment. The team joyfully engages with the locals and eventually uncovers a castle, which Kabutaro recognizes as his long-lost home.

Meanwhile, within the Zeo Empire castle, Corinne grows weary of planning and creates invincible armored robots, ready to unleash chaos as the first line of attack.

The explorers stop to rest at a speakeasy, where Kabutaro indulges in beer while Mirei savors a glass of non-alcoholic wine. Amused by Kabutaro's tipsiness, Mirei playfully teases him, and Kabutaro comically declares himself an adult. Their banter fills the room with laughter. After their visit to the speakeasy, Kabutaro shares information about the Miracle Emeralds — a set of ancient green jewelry known to the guardians of Galatopia, which might help them prevent the activation of the Galactic Emerald. Inspired, Mirei devises a plan to locate the Miracle Emeralds.

On a stairway, Corinne suddenly appears before them. Mirei and Kabutaro are left with no choice but to fight. However, Corinne summons her battalion of invincible robots, leaving Mirei and Kabutaro momentarily bewildered. Determined, they engage in battle. After a fierce clash, Corinne's boredom overwhelms her, and she retreats.

Finally, in Kabutaro's bedroom, he reminisces about his first mission, prompting Mirei to express her desire to return to Earth.

Main Characters[]


  • Corinne Akatsuki
  • Queen Rani (Cameo Appearance)

Supporting Characters[]

  • Miss Kamiko
  • Mister Koushiro
  • Hoshimi
  • Shiromi (Cameo Appearance)


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